Unique things to do in Toronto

Toronto is a beautiful city of Canada. It is considered as the fourth populated city in North American after Mexico, New York, and Los Angeles. It is the highly multi-cultural city due to the different ethnicity of people. Half of the people living in Toronto are from outside the city. Considering the fact of different ethnic groups, over 140 languages are spoken in this very city.  The city is rich with historical artifacts, parks, gardens, financial centers and the many beautiful skyscrapers. The city has a bit of history of European and British being there. Geographically the city is aligned with beautiful waterfront shoreline of Lake Ontario. The city is very much alive by happening numerous concerts and festivals all around the city every day. Most recently Canada celebrated its 150th birthday that was the ultimate night in the city of Toronto. We have summarized a list of some Unique things to do in Toronto. Let’s check it out.

#1 of 26 Unique things to do in Toronto A visit to Casa Loma

Every major city in the world has its own castle that reminds us the royal significance of its city. Casa Loma has a Gothic Revival structure similar to European medieval structures. It is in the middle of modern Toronto city. It was owned by a Canadian Financier Henry Mill Pellatt back in the day. Henry Mill Pellatt became rich by founding an Electric company and he provided electricity to streets of Toronto. He became wealthier and decided to spent his fortune on building this castle. Unfortunately, he went bankrupted and had to sell all his belongings to the city government. Now, this castle is owned by the city government and much of its original structure is there for the display.

Let’s take a closer look at this video:

#2 of 26 Unique things to do in Toronto – Spend Quality time at Royal Ontario Museum

Toronto has this beautiful natural history and world culture museum. It has different collections of artifacts from Asia, MiddleEast, Europe, Canada and of course from the dinosaur age. This place is well equipped for the entertainment of the whole family.

#3 of 26 Unique things to do in Toronto Have the unique Artsy experience at the Art Gallery of Ontario

For the art lovers, this museum is the paradise of classic and contemporary art. For many years, Europe has had the original masterpieces of many paintings and people could only get to see them there. With the passage of time, as the other world has developed its tastes for the love of art, many American museums have brought up the stuff from European Art institutions. This Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) has now more than 80,000 pieces of classic and contemporary art.

#4 of 26 Unique things to do in Toronto EdgeWalk at the famous CN Tower

CN Tower is a prominent and significant tower in Toronto. It is considered as the tallest structure in Western Hemisphere. It is 1815.4 feet high. Seeing this tower is one thing. There is more fun here than from any other structure in the world because they let you walk on its edge which is awesome and adventurous. They provide special suits, rope, and equipment to do these kinds of stunts. It is also a perfect spot for a selfie. You can have the bird’s eye view of Toronto from up here too.

CN Tower, Unique things to do in Toronto

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#5 of 26 Unique things to do in Toronto –  Enjoy the Game at Rogers Center

Rogers Center is previously known as the SkyDome. This is right next to the CN Tower and it is also an integral part of Toronto skyscraper. It is a large multi-purpose stadium in Downtown, Toronto. It is also the home of Blue Jays that is the Major Baseball League there.

Rogers Center, Unique things to do in Toronto

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#6 of 26 Unique things to do in Toronto Go to Niagara Falls

A trip to Toronto would not be complete without visiting Niagara Falls. This place is beautiful. Approximately 750,000 gallons of water falls in one second. Watching this is so impressive. There is also an opportunity to fly with the helicopter above the Niagara Falls. With this beautiful scenery, You get to be on the World longest international border of United States of America and Canada.

#7 of 26 Unique things to do in Toronto Enjoy at Toronto Zoo

The Toronto Zoo is the biggest zoo in Canada. It has almost 5000 animals. The zoo is divided into seven geographical areas: the Americas, Indo-Malaya, Africa, Eurasia, Australasia, the Canadian Domain, and the Tundra. Animals are kept according to their habitats climate. In 2013, this zoo got a special addition of two giant Pandas from Beijing till 2018. Actually, they are basically loaned to Canada and their rental fee is $1 million per year. But they seem worth it. If you are not interested in Pandas, You can visit the other 5000 animals there.

Toronto Zoo, Unique things to do in Toronto

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#8 of 26 Unique things to do in Toronto Experience illusion at the Vog Vault

It is considered as the illusion room. It is located in the back of Fluevog Show store. it was previously the vault for a bank. Later it was converted into gravity room. This seems a cool place to have a unique experience rather than usual.

The Vog vault, Unique things to do in Toronto

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#9 of 26 Unique things to do in Toronto Relax at the Toronto Botanical Garden

This beautiful garden is located in the Northeast of downtown Toronto.It was previously named as Toronto Civic Garden Center, in 2003 it became the Toronto Botanical Garden. This garden is placed on four acres. Actually, this whole botanical garden is divided into 17 sections. The purpose of this is to educate people about different plants. The Entry Garden and the Woodland Walk are the most prominent sections of this place. The Entry Garden was designed by the Piet Oudolf of the Netherlands which is the combination of ornamental grasses and perennials.

Toronto botanical garden, Unique things to do in Toronto

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#10 of 26 Unique things to do in Toronto Enjoy Bicycle tours with Toronto Greeters

Toronto is considered to be highly multi-cultured and welcoming so there are people who give you the opportunity to be your guide in the city and your greeter too. All you have to do is to find them on the internet and let them know 1 week before you come to Toronto. As people speak over 140 languages there, maybe you will find your own type. So enjoy Toronto on a bicycle with your greeters.

bicycle tour, Unique things to do in Toronto

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#11 of 26 Unique things to do in Toronto Wander in Distillery Historic District of Toronto

This place is located between Parliment Street and Cherry Street. This place is full of entertainment and historic art. There are probably 40 building containing Victorian arts and artifacts. This whole area has art galleries, shops, cafes, restaurants and performance venues. All of these are housed in the former Gooderham and Worts Whiskey Distillery. This place was designated as the National Historic Site of Canada in 1988. People who are looking for classic type culture should absolutely visit this place.

Most of the area can be covered by foot. This is the place where you will learn all about the best pubs in town and local beer and breweries. In Winters, it becomes the best Christmas market.

gooderham & worts, Things to do in Toronto


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#12 of 26 Unique things to do in Toronto  Visit the Toronto Island

Toronto Island is very relaxing and calm place for both the locals and foreigners. It can be a family place or it can be a couples day out. People go there via ferry rides. There is an amusement park for kids named as Centreville. Many water sports like kayaking, swimming, rides are available there. The walking and hiking trails are beautiful there. It is kind of adventure out there. Make sure to take bikes with you otherwise you can rent out some.

Toronto Island, Unique things to do in Toronto

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#13 of 26 Unique things to do in Toronto – Enjoy the Marine life at the Ripley’s Aquarium Of Canada

It is located near the beautiful CN Tower in downtown, Toronto. This Ripley’s Aquarium is one of the largest Aquarium in the World right now. There are approximately 16,000 underwater animals living there. There are 5.7 million liters of water provided to the marine life so they can swim easily. This Aquarium provides dive show after every two hours.

Ripley's Aquarium Of Canada, Unique things to do in Toronto

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This Aquarium also organizes different concerts, shows and awareness programs to educate people and especially kids about marine life.

#14 of 26 Unique things to do in Toronto – Check out the Ontario Science Center

It is located in the Don Mills Road, downtown, Toronto. It is kind of a museum. The exhibits here focus on various fields of science like anatomy, astronomy, and geology. There is also an IMAX theater, rainforest, and a planetarium. In short, it is a great place for kids to hang out.

Ontario Science center, Unique things to do in Toronto

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#15 of 26 Unique things to do in Toronto – Enjoy Shopping at St. Lawrence Market

This market is considered to be 208 years old. It is a place where you can buy any kind of vegetables and fruits. there are many bakeries and stalls where you can eat delicious meals. The vendors, merchants and some of the people have been shopping here for generations. There is a charm in this old market which you can enjoy free of charge. This market is basically divided into three buildings. The South market where you can buy all the stuff related food. The North market is called as the Saturday Farmer’s Market since the start of the 18th century because it is the spot where farmers of Ontario bring their fresh produce. Then the last one is Gallery where art exhibitions are held sometimes.

St. Lawrence market, Unique things to do in Toronto

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On Sundays, the North market is filled with antique dealers who sell their charms for fewer prices.

#16 of 26 Unique things to do in Toronto – Hockey Hall of Fame and Museum

Toronto is a bit of versatile city. If you to the Yonge Street Old City, you will find the Hockey Hall of Fame and Museum. This museum is dedicated to the Ice Hockey. Inside is full of numerous players’ statues, their trophies, and other teams. There is also famous Stanley Cup in here on display.

Hockey hall of fame, Unique things to do in Toronto

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This museum was first located in Kingston but later it moved in here the Former building of Bank of Montreal in Toronto.

#17 of 26 Unique things to do in Toronto – Stroll around the Dundas Square

Every major city in the world has a Square that hosts several fairs and exhibitions with many stalls and colorful environment. The Dundas Square is located along the Yongee Street. This one host many fairs and concerts. there are multiple shops, cafes, and theater to keep you busy for several hours.

Dundas Square, Unique things to do in Toronto

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#18 of 26 Unique things to do in Toronto – Calm yourself with beautiful nature at High Park

High Park is municipal park located in downtown Toronto on Bloor Street West. It is a large park consisted of 400 acres of natural and recreational land. The park has gardens full of plants, a small zoo, several ponds, many walking trails, and picnic areas. The high park is situated on the north of Lake Ontario and its one-third portion is kept as natural to support local oak savannah ecosystem.  It is an awesome green and refreshing space to relax.

High park, Toronto, Unique things to do in Toronto

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#19 of 26 Unique things to do in Toronto – Walk and shop at Kensington Market

This market is a group of many different cultures. It is kind of funky, cool and social spot market where everyone comes. People can find many things here from the tape recorder to modern electric appliances.  It is popular for grocery and inexpensive cloth shopping. This neighborhood’s buildings are covered with graffiti. People can enjoy live music and art while strolling the streets.

kensington market, Unique Things to do in Toronto


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Additionally, on Sundays, this market is total car-free zone. So do shopping and enjoy different cuisines here.

#20 of 26 Unique things to do in Toronto – Visit China Town of Toronto

The China Town in Toronto is the biggest China town in the World. It is also an interesting neighborhood because of its vibrant lifestyle. Prices are cheap here. There are many groups that can help you explore more deeply. There are festivals almost every weekend which you can enjoy free of cost.

China town of Toronto, Unique things to do in Toronto

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#21 of 26 Unique things to do in Toronto – Enjoy the High-end Shopping at Yorkville

Yorkville is the high-end designer shopping spot, from here you can buy all designer stuff. With shopping, you may spot some celebrities doing their own shopping. Popular brands include Tiffany, Burberry, Prada, Gucci, MAC Cosmetics, Hugo Boss, Chanel, Hermes, Louis Vuitton, D&G etc. There are also five-star hotels and restaurants.

yorkville, Unique things to do in Toronto

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#22 of 26 Unique things to do in Toronto – Eat your way around in multi-cultured Toronto

It is said that half of the residents in Toronto are not from here so they bring their culture into Toronto.  There are several different tastes from Italy, Greece, India, China and Thai foods. So take a trip and see what suits your tummy.

Toronto food, Unique things to do in Toronto

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#23 of 26 Unique things to do in Toronto – Explore the Scarborough Bluffs 

This adventurous place is located almost outside of the city but it is worthwhile to check out. There are many hiking trails but the best ones are down along with the rocks. The highest point there is almost 300 ft above the water and it is considered as the Geological wonder of North America. Spend a couple of hours there but be careful as the trails can be really tricky.

exploring, Unique things to do in Toronto

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#24 of 26 Unique things to do in Toronto – Wonder at Bata Shoe Museum

This museum is particularly interesting and cool museum in Toronto as this whole museum displays over 12,500 shoes. Its building is also shaped like an Open Shoe Box. The founder of this Museum Sonja Bata had a craze for shoes from all over the world. At first, she started to collect shoes and placed them in her personal home but soon it got full and her family decided to have this museum where She could share all her beloved shoes on display. All the shoe collection span about 4500 years of footwear fashion. So I suggest why not go in there and check out her collection, maybe we get some ideas for some classic shoes.

Bata shoes museum, Unique things to do in toronto

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#25 of 26 Unique things to do in Toronto – Enjoy the Rollercoaster ride at Canada’s Wonderland

If you want to have ultimate fun with your family then this is the place not to be missed. It has plenty of rides to keep you busy all day long. If you feel too much rushy here you can always go to the Ontario Place which is an IMAX theater built upon water and it is first of its kind. The place is so cool.

roller coaster ride, Unique things to do in toronto

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#26 of 26 Unique things to do in Toronto – Enjoy nightlife at the Entertainment District

Dance out your energy at the entertainment district because there is the ultimate party scene with 3000 people on Saturday night. Check out The Hoxton and Uniun and you will not regret it. Drake hotel is also the best in town.

night, Unique things to do in Toronto

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These are some of the important highlights of the Toronto, make sure to read our other articles regarding Italy, Paris, Rome, and Budapest.