Top 13 Things to do in Singapore

Choosing the best attractions in Singapore was no easy task because this is a city bursting with impressive things to see and do. Almost everyone has seen an image of the city’s symbol, the Merlion. This tiny island state is also a land of contrasts from Chinatown and Little India that includes both gastronomic and shopping hubs in their own right, which represent the incredible ethnic diversity of the country. For nightlife, we have options for you like sip on a Singapore Sling at the lavish Raffles Hotel, or you can head to Clarke Quay which has some of the cities most picturesque eating and drinking spots. We give a list of the things to do in Singapore to make your journey happy and memorable.

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#1 of 13 Things to do in Singapore – Singapore Flyer:

For the World Expo, Chicago built a Ferris wheel in 1893 from which cities around the world learned that tourists really like Ferris wheels especially the huge ones. Following that in 2000, London built its famous Eye. Singapore didn’t wait long before constructing the Flyer, which left behind its British equivalent by almost hundred feet. Opened in 2008, the 42-storey-tall Flyer is billed as Asia’s largest giant observation wheel. The wheel offers visitors 360-degree views of the urban landscape from Marina Bay. The attraction claims to catch a glimpse of neighboring Malaysia or Indonesia from the highest point of the wheel for visitors.

Travelers label it as a must to do because the view from the top of the wheel is simply breathtaking. Visitors claim that the 30-minute ride gives them ample time to take in the great views and capture the memories which they can cherish for the rest of their lives. Also, the pods are air-conditioned making it a great place to enjoy from Singapore’s year-round heat. Although the night rides are more mesmerizing because they give a magnificent view of the city blazing with lights and all. You can purchase tickets online to save time and the first “flight” takes off at 8:30 a.m., and the final one departs at 10 p.m.

singapore flyer - things to do in Singapore

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#2 of 13 Things to do in Singapore – Chinatown:

A nation which is composed of immigrants mostly possesses a number of ethnic enclaves. Chinatown is one of such example. It is divided into five districts and the neighborhood is packed with a variety of things to do and is constantly buzzing with pedestrians passing in and out of its shops, eateries and food stalls. To get souvenirs for your family and friends head over to Pagoda Street for trinkets galore, also consider grabbing a bite at Smith Street or New Bridge Road on the way, the latter of which is known for its barbecued meats. For a night out on the town, venture on over to the Tangong Pagar district which offers loads of bars, pubs, and karaoke lounges. And when you need a break from the hustle and bustle, explore the Telok Ayer district. This area has the largest concentration of ancient mosques and temples in Chinatown. Set out to the Thian Hock Keng Temple for some quiet Zen. And though it’s not associated with Chinese culture, you should stop in front of the Sri Mariamman Temple to admire its colorful, intricate facades.

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#3 of 13 Things to do in Singapore – Marina Bay Sands:

The Marina Bay Sands resort complex includes a hotel, high-end luxury brands, a mall with a canal running through it, also the ArtScience Museum, and the famous Marina Bay Sands Skypark known as the vantage point for taking in the entire city. The Skypark’s deck and infinity pool are found in the ship at hotel top, only for hotel guests. The Skypark gives the glimpse of innovative double helix bridge, the Gardens by the Bay, the port, and the impressive skyline. Being on top of the city, you can grab a snack or a coffee from the rooftop restaurant or pick up some keepsakes from the souvenir stand. You can get a photo of yourself green-screened in front of the massive hotel as it all lit up at night, although the cost is steep 50 Singapore dollars. So it is better to ask a fellow tourist to take a snap of yours. The luxury and elegance of the Marina Bay Sands exemplify Singapore’s taste and designate it as a major international city in Southeast Asia.

Marina Bay Sands - things to do in Singapore

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#4 of 13 Things to do in Singapore – Orchard Road:

Every modern metropolis has its commercial avenue for Singapore, it is the Orchard Road. This electric boulevard buzzes with the whizzing cars, the humming of neon lights and the swiping of credit cards. Orchard Road got its name from the fruits like orchards, nutmeg plantations and pepper farms that dotted the area in the early 19th century. Today this mile long street houses tons of eateries and 47 shopping malls carrying high-end brands, along with popular international retailers like Zara and H&M as well as local shops. The ION Orchard shopping complex is arguably the centerpiece of the street, which lured its visitors by the designer names and stream of fashionable patrons in the mall. If you are tight on the budget but love window shopping then you should visit this place. The Orchard Road also houses art galleries, movie theaters, clubs and various other entertainments. Also, you can reach this shopaholic nirvana via the Orchard MRT station that will place you in the heart of the shopping district.

Orchard Road - Shopping - things to do in Singapore

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#5 of 13 Things to do in Singapore – Gardens by the Bay:

If you’re looking for a taste of nature without the trek, Gardens by the Bay is your urban jungle. The attraction is based in Marina Bay and features a wide of variety of things to do and you can see the amazing mix of Mother Nature with the metropolis. The Supertree Grove, which is the most recognized landmark of the park that features 18 “supertrees” that support the OCBC Skyway, a 419-foot-long aerial walkway that provides the view of both the surrounding gardens, as well as Marina Bay.

In the nearby seashell shaped facilities, visitors can find the highly lauded Flower Dome and Cloud Forest. Also, the Flower Dome is the largest greenhouse in the world and showcases numerous types of plants and flowers grouped by country. You can find a beautiful view of tulips next to replicas of Dutch architecture and Birds of Paradise flowers in the South African Garden. The Cloud Forest which is a crowd favorite features an 114-foot-tall mini mountain that plays host to the world’s tallest indoor waterfall, which gives visitors an amazing view which they can observe via the aerial Cloud Walk or Tree Top Walk. And these are just a few of the activities whereas, in reality, you can have a lot more fun.

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#6 of 13 Things to do in Singapore – Little India and Arab street:

If you want to stay away from the mainland, then Little India is the place for you. This cultural enclave is located a little more than 2 miles northwest of Marina Bay. It features a dense network of streets and shops from where you can find anything from flower garlands to fragrant spices and colorful fabrics. It is better to start by boutiques along Serangoon Road and then venture down the smaller alleyways to discover true treasures. There is also the 24-hour Mustafa Centre which is perfect for grabbing last minute bites as life savers. Also, the open-air Tekka Centre offers sari and goldsmith retailers. If you are in a mood to provide some comfort to your feet, the gorgeous Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple is the perfect option for you, a Hindu place of worship.

In the Arab Quarter, you can visit the historic Sultan Mosque; originally built in 182 even from the outside you can appreciate the distinctive golden domes and craftsmanship of the exterior. If you are not brand conscious then Haji and Bali lanes are especially good spots to shop for something a little more unique and also you can enjoy the beautiful music and food because the streets are full of such places and restaurants.

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#7 of 13 Things to do in Singapore – Singapore Botanic Gardens:

The Singapore Botanic Gardens is the epicenter of this natural, flowering splendor. The gardens attract both casual naturalists and scholarly botanists with its world-renowned botanical library. Aside from hitting the main points of interests, some recommended taking a jog or packing a picnic as an alternative means of soaking up the attraction. However, if you decide to experience the gardens, travelers suggest bringing water because the average temperatures reaching the 80s. So it’s essential you have a bottle to stay hydrated. Also, the garden is home to an array of lush plants and flowers. It is free of cost and open to the public every day of the year from 5 AM to midnight.

Singapore Botanic Gardens - things to do in Singaore

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#8 of 13 Things to do in Singapore – RAFFLES HOTEL:

This colonial building is among one of the last, world grand 19th century hotels. It was built in 1887 and serves as a Singapore landmark for over a century and still continues to live up to its reputation with excellent food and service. The classical architecture is located in Singapore’s Colonial District which is also a home to several other historic sites like Raffles Landing Site, where Sir Stamford Raffles stepped in 1819.

RAFFLES HOTEL - things to do in Singapore

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#9 of 13 Things to do in Singapore – Changi Chapel and Museum:

Singapore was not spared from the horrors of WWII and the Changi Chapel and Museum tells the story of those who suffered under Japanese. The museum displays the letters, photographs, drawings, and personal effects that are testaments to the prisoners, more than 50,000 civilians and soldiers in Changi Prison. The Changi Chapel in the open air courtyard of the museum replicates many of the chapels that were built during WWII. That stands as a monument of honor for those who did not fold under Japanese rule. The must see in the museum is the series of murals recreated from original paintings by Bombardier Stanley Warren. Guests have the option of guided tour or they can go for an audio tour that features accounts of Changi prisoners’ wartime experiences.

Changi Museum - things to do in Singapore

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#10 of 13 Things to do in Singapore – Singapore Zoo:

When you are tired of the urban jungle you can head to an actual jungle known as the Singapore Zoo. The expansive facility is broken into 11 different zones and has 12 exhibits. That provides numerous opportunities to get close and personal with a diverse array of wildlife. You can venture to the Primate Kingdom and get a glimpse into the lives of the 39 species of primate that call that zone their home. Or you can visit the Elephants of Asia exhibit; all five elephants are female hailing from Sri Lanka, Indonesia, and Malaysia. Along with numerous other exhibits, guests can also attend animal shows and they can also go on tours and safaris especially the night safari, or you can even feed some of the animals.

singapore zoo - things to do in Singapore

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#11 of 13 Things to do in Singapore – Asian civilization museum:

For tourists besides visiting the neighborhoods of Little India, Chinatown and Kampong Glam (the Malay district), there is yet one more place.  If you want to preview the enormous diversity of Asian societies in Singapore then head to the one-stop cultural shop of the Asian Civilizations Museum (ACM). The facility offers a broad survey of Pan Asian civilizations, along with China, Southeast Asia, and West Asia. Also, the artwork and 1,300 artifacts are from all corners of the continent. While wandering through the galleries and exhibitions, it will give you the diverse array of relics from religious sculptures to ornate furniture to Chinese ceramics and even from the remnants of the shipwreck. The visitors enjoy perusing the vast museum as well as the diversity of the artwork shown. The Tang Shipwreck exhibit is referred as a must see.

The museum opens for the visitors from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Saturdays through Thursday and 10 a.m. to 9.p.m. on Fridays. The ACM is located in the heart of downtown Singapore right along the river at Cavenagh Bridge. You can reach the museum by getting off at the Raffles Place metro stop.

asian civilization meuseum - things to do in Singapore

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#12 of 13 Things to do in Singapore – Sentosa:

Sentosa is an island resort which provides different fun activities for all ages. If you are interested in family-friendly amusement then head to  Adventure Cove Waterpark, Universal Studios Singapore, and S.E.A. Aquarium. To have some adventure hit up iFly Singapore, Mega Adventure or The Flying Trapeze. If you are in the mood to relax then takes on miles of beaches, including Palawan Beach, the southernmost point of Continental Asia are options for you. You can get to Sentosa by crossing the Sentosa Gateway that connects the resort island to Singapore or you can just take the MRT to the Harbour Front station at the foot of the boardwalk. Once there, you can either walk across the bridge or take a trolley, bus, cable car or tram to the island. Not only that, Sentosa welcomes visitors 24/7.

sentosa - things to do in Singapore

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#13 of 13 Things to do in Singapore – Merlion Park:

On the Marina Bay, Merlion Park hosts one of the Singapore’s most recognizable monuments, the Merlion statue which is the head of a lion with the body and tail of a fish, representing the hybrid creature that spouts water from its mouth and into the bay. This 28 feet tall statue may seem a bit odd to the human eye but in reality, the statue is a nod to Singapore’s history. The head of the Merlion represents Singapura, the city’s first name, meaning ‘lion city’ in Malay. The fish tail and body symbolizes Singapore’s old days as a small fishing town. Although the statue claims all the fame, another notable highlight in the park is the panoramic view of the bay. Especially at night, the Marina Bay Sands resort presents a spectacular view to its visitors. The Park is just a short walk from the Raffles Place MRT and is free for the visitors at any time of the day.

Merlion Park - things to do in Singapore

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