Top 19 Places to Visit in Islamabad

Islamabad is among one of the top beautiful capitals in the world right now including London, Paris according to Islamabad is home to many landmarks, forests, and parks situated around the city. It has scenic beauty, greenery, peace, cleanliness. This city is based upon proper planning and development. The question is what are the top places to visit in Islamabad specifically when you are in town. Here is the list of Top Places to visit in Islamabad and the Tourist Attractions in Islamabad.

Islamabad, the Capital of Pakistan, is situated in the Pothohar Plateau between Rawalpindi District and Margalla Hills to the northeastern part of Pakistan within the federal Islamabad Capital Territory. This city is the political and diplomatic seat of Pakistan and administered by Islamabad Metropolitan Corporation (IMC) and Capital Development Authority (CDA).

#1 of 19 Top Places to Visit in Islamabad – Faisal Mosque

Faisal Mosque, Top Places to Visit in Islamabad

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Faisal Mosque is among the top places to visit in Islamabad and the major tourist attraction. It’s the fourth largest mosque in the world in terms of capacity. It is famous for its contemporary incredible design by Turkish architect Vedat Dalokay.  It has the shape of a Bedouin tent without any typical dome and arches, it is consisted of eight shell-shaped inclined roofs forming a triangular worship hall and surrounded by four 260 feet (79 m) tall minarets that look like missiles. It has the capacity of 300,000 worshippers at a time. All these unconventional things feature the unique Islamic architecture of this mosque. It was named after Saudi King Shah Faisal after his assassination. Also see the mosques in Bahrain,Dubai,  Istanbul and Dhaka.

Former President Zia ul Haq’s Burial is adjacent to Faisal Mosque in Islamabad.

Zia ul Haq's Burial, Top Places to Visit in Islamabad

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In recent times, this mosque is being featured in Wedding’s Photoshoot preferably for nikkah.

faisal_mosque_nikah, Top Places to Visit in Islamabad

This mosque is described as literary references in The Kite Runner book by Khalid Hosseini and featured in some of Michael Muhammad Knight’s work.

#2 of 19 Top Places to Visit in Islamabad – Pakistan Monument

Pakistan Monument, Top Places to Visit in Islamabad

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Pakistan Monument is situated in Islamabad at Shakarpariyan hills. It is considered as the National Monument of Pakistan. The landmark was built as a tribute to the general population who relinquished their lives for the freedom of Pakistan. It speaks about the history, development, and culture of Pakistan and chiefly concentrates on authentic occasions of Pakistan Movement. The wall paintings on the petals of blossom, from design components of Pakistan’s social legacy and notable occasions of Pakistan Movement. It has the shape of a blooming flower.

#3 of 19 Top Places to Visit in Islamabad – Saidpur Village

It takes a few more minutes to reach Saidpur Village from the supermarket. In a peaceful sunny day, it is a picture perfect restored model village with a view of mountains in the capital of Pakistan for family, friends and tourist attraction. It is the blend of traditional and modern lifestyle. This place went through by many civilizations including Gandhara, Greek, Buddhist, Mughal, Ashoka and the colonial periods, now it serves as a picnic spot for both locals and foreigners. It has an art gallery, a temple, old style houses, several restaurants and shops to keep you busy.

view, Top Places to Visit in Islamabad

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It is highly recommended for people interested in history and into the local culture of Pakistan. It’s worth a visit into the list of top places to visit in Islamabad.

#4 of 19 Top Places to Visit in Islamabad – Daman-e-Koh

It is a beautiful scenic spot on the Margalla hills. It is the well-maintained garden and a picnic point. It also has a golf course. It provides a great view of Islamabad city from mountains. For nature lovers, it is a popular site and a peaceful place to visit in Islamabad. You can go there by driving and you can hike up there too.

You can find a lot of monkeys there roaming around. Beware of them as they snatch people’s food sometime or can be annoying too.

Monkeys roaming in Daman e koh, Top Places to Visit in Islamabad Credit:  ShaizaQayyum

#5 of 19 Top Places to Visit in Islamabad – Margalla Hills

Although people will find Lahore and Karachi livelier and full of life but Islamabad has its own adventure and sightseeing beauty along with landscapes such as mountains, forest, and lakes. Margalla hills are a lesser part of Himalayas. There are a rock climbing spots, natural hiking, and trekking trail and tracks up to the top of Pir- Sohawa.

Being in rich in flora and fauna, there is a Margalla Hills National Park set up by CDA. Mammals, birds and reptiles spices are included in this park.

#6 of 19 Top Places to Visit in Islamabad – Monal

If we drive up to or hike up to further from Daman e Koh alongside Margalla hills, we will reach Monal restaurant Pir-Sohawa. This place is centered among mountains and offers great delicious meals of Pakistani cuisine.  This place has a panoramic stunning view of whole Islamabad at twilight.

#7 of 19 Top Places to Visit in Islamabad – Rawal Lake

Rawal lake is a large artificial water reservoir in Islamabad. It has its own beautiful view of the sunset. The ideal timing of one hour before sunset can make you enjoy the stunning view like this.

Sunset in Rawal lake, Tourist Attractions in Islamabad

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It offers paddle boating and motor boating to exploring more around the lake.

boating, Top things to do in Islamabad

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Other than lake’s view and boating adventure, there is a park next to the lake for relaxation and perfect picnic with your family and friends. Park has many rides to keep the kids busy all day long.

Park, Top Places to Visit in Islamabad

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Along with the park and lake, there is a large Birds Aviary which has about 1200 species. It is unique aviary in sub-continent with the natural inhabitant of birds. It is really amusing for visitors.

This place must be on your list of top places to visit in Islamabad.

#8 of 19 Top Places to Visit in Islamabad – Shakkarparian:

Shakkarparian Hills is additionally a wonderful place in Islamabad. It is a most popular place to visit in Islamabad, situated close to zero point. At the Shakarparian Hills, one can see the both urban communities Islamabad and Rawalpindi plainly. Sightseers come to visit this place and plant a tree as a gesture of goodwill between two countries. They trust that the plant fortifies the connection between two nations.

top places to visit in Islamabad

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#9 of 19 Top Places to Visit in Islamabad – Rose and Jasmine Garden

This must-see the point of interest of Islamabad is 20,360 sq. meters of garden, which has 250 unique assortments of roses and also twelve sorts of Jasmines. It is an extremely famous spot for visitors and local people alike to unwind, get outside, and appreciate the exquisite scents. Spring and Autumn blossom shows are masterminded here by the Horticultural Society of Pakistan consistently, and there is additionally a Tourist Camping Site adjacent.

Flowers, Top Places to Visit in Islamabad

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#10 of 19 Top Places to Visit in Islamabad – Centaurus Mall

As of the other unique and special architecture in Islamabad city, Centaurus Mall is also a one in the architectural design beauty. It is a popular destination and tourist attraction for visitors because of the ultimate shopping experience and entertainment. It has a range of different international brands and top notch Pakistani brands too.

Centaurus Mall, Top Places to Visit in Islamabad

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#11 of 19 Top Places to Visit in Islamabad – Jinnah Super Market

After Centaurus Mall’s popularity, Jinnah supermarket is a glamorous high-end place for shopping and it’s the place where everyone hangs out most of their time. It is located at F-7 Markaz. This market is shaped like a Donut, varieties of shops are on the outer circle and inner circle is famous for jewelry shop and Dhaba style cafes.

The Saeed Book Bank and the Haye Cosmetics are famous shops there. You can find anything in this market. A lot of people come here for enjoyment purpose.

jinnah-super-Islamabad, Top Places to Visit in Islamabad

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This market’s name is referenced in Nemrah Ahmed’s famous novel Jannat key Patty.

#12 of 19 Top Places to Visit in Islamabad – Kohsar Market

Kohsar Market is a little market situated in the northeastern subdivision of Sector F-6, Islamabad. It facilitates the locals and foreigners especially the elite class according to their needs and requirement. You can find all imported stuff here as it is near to foreign embassies area.

kohsar-market-islamabad, Top Places to Visit in Islamabad

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It is particularly known for its accumulation of upscale bistros, cafes and European eateries.


Islamabad eateries, Top Places to Visit in Islamabad

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#13 of 19 Top Places to Visit in Islamabad – Game of Throne & Breaking Bad themed Cafés

This city is not considered of foodies place but we call Islamabadis  “Burger Bachy”. So they must have taken these serious and opened burger eateries recently. Hollywood English season’s themed cafes are the new eateries of Islamabad.

Game of Thrones themed King’s Landing Café & Grill and Breaking Bad themed Heisenberg Café are located in Bahria Town. It gives you the perfect feel of being there in Show. As far as taste goes it’s finger licking. Even items there are named on some of their Characters.

These themed cafes are among top places to visit in Islamabad

kings landing, top places to visit in islamabad 

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top places to visit in Islamabad Credit: Anonymous

#14 of 19 Top Places to Visit in Islamabad – Governmental Buildings in Islamabad

The city of Islamabad was founded in 1960 to serve as the new Capital of Pakistan and to replace Karachi as capital. Islamabad territory is divided into eight zones which include administrative zone, diplomatic enclave, commercial district, educational sectors, industrial sectors, residential areas, rural areas and green areas.

top places to visit in islamabad

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All governmental buildings on Constitution Avenue including Presidency Palace, Pakistan Secretariat, Parliament building, Supreme Court of Pakistan have an eye-catching view of their structure. Iconic CPEC tower is yet to be built in Islamabad. Currently, Saudi-Pak tower is the tallest building in the Islamabad skyscraper.

Saudi pak tower, Top Places to Visit in Islamabad

Fountains and colorful lights are all over the city. Main buildings are illuminated on special and national events.

Islamabad currently hosts 87 foreign representations which include 66 embassies, 13 high commissions, 5 consulate generals, and 3 consulates. The city also own headquarters of different international organizations, non-profit organizations, ministries, lobbying groups, and professional association offices.

#15 of 19 Top Places to Visit in Islamabad – Islamabad Zoo

This Islamabad Zoo or Marghazar Zoo is an entertaining place for children. It has the collection of around 600 animals. This would be a good recreational place to visit for kids on weekends.

top places to visit in Islamabad, zoo

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#16 of 19 Top Places to Visit in Islamabad – Pakistan Museum of Natural History

The Pakistan Museum of Natural History is likewise an attractive site for the sightseers to visit. It has displays and exhibitions which show and give data about ecology, geology, and paleontology of Pakistan. It is more attractable for understudy children.

pmnh, Top Places to Visit in Islamabad

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#17 of 19 Top Places to Visit in Islamabad – Driving Experience in Islamabad

Islamabad, Capital of Pakistan has carpeted roads for long drives, bike riding and even for cycling.

As the city is dull at night, people of lighter mood can go for a long drive and you just cannot just get enough of long driving and wondering on road.


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On weekend nights, people of Islamabad hear the sounds of snarling motor engines by the crew’s squad who call themselves Islamabad biker boys. These sounds make the subdued empty roads alive at night.

By day, these squads of about six or so bike lover are clueless individuals from society as they have day-jobs and families simply like every other person. But by night, they enjoy their enthusiasm for heavy bikes and can frequently be seen riding in formation down the recently carpeted Jinnah Avenue.

bikers, top things to do in Islamabad , Pakistan

#18 of 19 Top Places to Visit in Islamabad – Drinking Tip in Islamabad

You cannot find spots for drinking alcohol as it’s the Islamic state and they ban on selling and drinking alcohol. They have some liquor bars but they do not sell to Muslim people and that does not make sense at all. Non-Muslims can have from their hotels which are very expensive due to its rare ability. Islamabad Marriot hotel is one of them and has a proper bar and live music.

alcoholic-drinks, top Things to do in Islamabad

#19 of 19 Top Places to Visit in Islamabad – Megazone Club

Although Islamabad is full of 5 and 7-star hotels/restaurants like Sareena, Marriot and Sheraton etc but sometimes people want to hang out somewhere less sophisticated.  For that, there is this fun club, which plays entertaining music and it does have the dancing option too. You can relax there and dance off without drinks or hit the bowling alley just ahead on site. its previous name was Hot Shots club.

Bowling, Things to do in Islamabad


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