Top 10 Places to Visit in Mumbai

Mumbai is the mega city of India. It was previously known as Bombay until 1995. It is the most populous and largest city in the India with the population of about over 22 million. It consists of seven islands. This city is the commercial, entertainment and financial economic capital center of India along with the biggest port. It is home to many hard working laborers, fishermen, artists, slums, businessmen and multimillionaires gangsters. This city is the home of Bollywood film industry, also a Fashion hub and power financial center of India. The city of Mumbai has been hosting to many headquarters of Indian companies as well as multinationals companies. A lot of people come to Mumbai in search of better jobs and opportunities as this city has better lifestyle opportunities. It is considered as the modern and liberal city in India.

People there speak the Marathi language. Due to modernization and ethnic diversity, some people speak other languages too. Its weather is mostly hot.

There are a lot of history and culture for people to visit. Mumbai is not as old as the other cities of India, so it does not have many historical monuments. Here is the list of top 10 places to visit in Mumbai, when you are in town.

#1 of 10 Top 10 Places to Visit in Mumbai – Gateway of India

It is the most perceived landmark, the Gateway of India. It was built to recognize the visit of King George V and Queen Mary to the city. The approaching Gateway is intended to be the main thing that guests see when moving toward Mumbai by boat. It’s likewise a famous place to begin exploring Mumbai. Nowadays the air around the landmark takes after a bazaar on occasion, with various merchants selling everything from inflatables to Indian tea. At the opposite of this gate, there is the 5 star Taj Palace & Tower Hotel. The hotel itself is a worth visit inside.

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#2 of 10 Top 10 Places to Visit in Mumbai – Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus

This was before known as Victoria Terminus. The development was finished in the year 1897. UNESCO has announced the end as World Heritage Site in the year 2004. The building is a portrayal of the design of different societies including conventional Indian, Victorian and Gothic. Despite the fact that it is an end to the board and gets off trains, you can’t resist wondering about the dazzling engineering of the building. Regardless of whether you mean to be prepared or not, this is an absolute necessity visit site in Mumbai. Others include Gothic looking Prince of Wales Museum in the Kala Ghoda art precinct, Flora Fountain and also, the structures of Horniman Circle in the Fort range. The component of Horniman Circle is its big gardens, which give an appreciated reprieve from the buzzing about of the city. Additionally, have a meander past the noteworthy eighteenth-century homes in Khotachiwadi town.

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#3 of 10 Top 10 Places to Visit in Mumbai – Elephanta Caves

In spite of the fact that they are no place close as great as Maharashtra’s popular Ajanta and Ellora caves, the antiquated shake cut surrenders on Elephanta Island merit going by in case you’re spending a couple days in Mumbai. There are two gatherings – one Buddhist and one Hindu. The gigantic main cave is committed to Lord Shiva, turned into a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1987. It has some impressive artwork and sculptures of their Gods. Arrive by taking a ship from the Gateway of India. On the off chance that you need to wander advance abroad, there are more Buddhist buckles along with Kanheri caves inside Sanjay Gandhi National Park on the northern edges of the city. For Buddhism further read, check out things to do in Thailand.

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#4 of 10 Top 10 Places to Visit in Mumbai – Banganga Tank

Banganga Tank is the most established perpetually possessed place in Mumbai and gives an excellent chance to be submerged ever. However, numerous local people aren’t even acquainted with it. The holy water tank is flanked by a thin road fixed with sanctuaries, homes, and Dharamsala (religious rest houses). Hindus trust that strolling around the tank by walking has monstrous sanitizing benefits. It’s beneficial investing some energy essentially sitting on the means and engrossing day by day life there.

Top 10 Places to Visit in Mumbai

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#5 of 10 Top 10 Places to Visit in Mumbai – Haji Ali Shrine

This Haji Ali Shrine is both a mosque and tomb. It was built in 1431 by rich Muslim merchant and Sufi holy person Pir Haji Ali Shah Bukhari, who was motivated to change the course of his life in the wake of going to Mecca. His body is also buried here in the tomb. Located in the middle of the Arabian sea, Haji Ali is just available amid low tide from a thin, 500-yard long walkway.  It is situated in the heart of central Mumbai; Haji Ali Shrine mirrors the Indian Muslim design. The 85 feet tall structure is situated in 4500 meters range of land. The Shrine is built with marble that matches the marbles utilized as a part of the development of Taj Mahal. The mainstays of the Shrine are creative and the mirror work in the landmark is shocking. The spectacular design of the Haji Ali Shrine pulls in individuals of different religions and convictions. Also, read about Daata Darbar in Lahore, Pakistan.

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#6 of 10 Top 10 Places to Visit in Mumbai – Nehru Planetarium

Nehru Planetarium was built in the year 1977. There is an art gallery which displays inside the planetarium alongside a library, social focus, and eatery. Inside the Nehru Auditorium planetarium, it has a seating arrangement of approximately about 1000 people. The assembly room is the setting for different shows, move exhibitions and plays. The planetarium draws attractions of astronomers and the future space experts alike. Kids love this place as they can draw in themselves in different science-related exercises. Game plans for survey close planetary system, meteoroids give and obscurations are made here. A place worth the visit on the off chance that you are quick to find out about the world you live in.

#7 of 10 Top 10 Places to Visit in Mumbai – Mahalaxmi Dhobi Ghat

This massive outdoors laundry gives a life-changing look into the city. Grimy clothing from all over Mumbai is brought here and meticulously hand washed by the dhobis (washermen) in the apparently unlimited lines of solid troughs. A great many dhobis put hours consistently facing their knees in water loaded with chemicals, physically cleaning and giving a good old fashioned scrubbing to everything of clothing.

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#8 of 10 Top 10 Places to Visit in Mumbai – Dharavi Slum

Mumbai is famous for having Asia’s biggest ghetto slum population, Dharavi. It’s conceivable to go on a voyage through it. In any case, many individuals are hesitant to do as such for good reasons, as they feel its nosey neediness tourism. The genuine the truth is altogether different, however. The visits are truly perceptive and dispel the adversely biased generalizations that individuals have. Dharavi is a clamoring place brimming with little scale industry, and you can even buy from the producers there. Leather items and fabrics are only two well-known things to look for in this small scale industry.

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#9 of 10 Top 10 Places to Visit in Mumbai – Dhabas and Bazar

In Mumbai, as life is too busy, the dhabas make daily 200,000 lunches and deliver these to various offices and buildings within the city. This concept was started in British Raj but it is still on in Mumbai.

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There is this famous Chor Bazar meaning thieves market in the south of this densely populated city. It is famous for antique street shopping.


#10 of 10 Top 10 Places to Visit in Mumbai – Marine Drive

Marine Drive is the heart of Mumbai, toward the finish of a tiring day of touring, get relax with local people on the shorelines of Juhu and Marine Drive, and watch the sunset and nightfall along with the cool breeze. It is 3km long and its suburbs the Arabian Sea forming a bay. This extent is “C” shaped and often called as Queen’s necklace, that links Nariman Point and Babulnath. In case you’re feeling daring, you can have the wonderful snacks offered by the huge number of food stalls and carts. A top snack includes cooked fresh corn, bhel puri, Pani puri and pav bhaji etc. it is also a popular destination for romantic couples.

If you have the time, you can enjoy various tourist attractions in Mumbai including famous museums and historical buildings, theme parks, and many beautiful temples. You can go visit the nearest hill stations from Mumbai to enjoy the nature too. In case, you don’t have much time then go for these recommended places.

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