Things to do in Venice (Top 25)

Venice is a unique city built on water more likely Stockholm. This city consists of 118 islands in the river of Po and Piave, separated by the canals and linked by the plenty of bridges. It goes by many names as  “La Dominante,” “Serenissima,” “Queen of the Adriatic,” ” the City of Water,” “City of Masks,” “City of Bridges,” “The Floating City,” and “City of Canals. Venice is the image of astute government and flexibility. The lagoon was its lone protection. There were no castle watches with the exception of the Arsenal laborers and no parade ground aside from the ocean. Amid hundreds of years of feudalism and savageness, Venice symbolized democracy system and human progress. What amazes about Venice, now as previously, is its noteworthy building structure. A city assembled totally on water. For a considerable length of time, the Venetians gradually and persistently demanded to recoup even the littlest piece of land from the water.  From the very begin, constructing the city was a genuine designing marvel due not exclusively to the expertise and knowledge of its developers additionally to the way of the place itself. Now it is home to a unique harbor, a wealth of artistic and architectural wonders. For a quick guide, we have compiled a list of Top 25 Things to do in Venice.

#1 of 25 Things to do in Venice – Take a trip down the Grand Canal

The best way to visit in the Grand Canal is via Vaporetto or gondoliers which are Venice’s special waterbuses. Considered to be the main street of Venice, the 2-mile-long Grand Canal is one of the city’s most popular and highly photographed tourist attractions.  The canal may no longer be crowded with cargo boats, but it is still the main access of Venice. A little imagination is needed to understand its historical importance. A few miles in the canal trip from the railway station to San Marco delivers a wonderful introduction to the city. Telling you more about the way Venice was and now. Every notable family had to have a palazzo here, and this was not just for reasons of social pretension. The palazzi are indisputably superb but they were first and foremost solid commercial originalities, and their designs are as practical as they are noticeable.

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#2 of 25 Things to do in Venice – Basilica of St Mary of Health

Basilica di Santa Maria Della Salute, nearby to the Accademia Bridge, was founded after the deadly plague knockout Venice in 1630. This incredible white church often called simply ‘Salute’, is one of the most beautiful and distinguishable landmarks of Venice. If you strive for peace and calmness, step into the church and regard the works of Titian and Tintoretto embellishing the interior.

The Basilica of St Mary of Health,, Things to do in Venice

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#3 of 25 Things to do in Venice – See St. Mark’s Square When it’s Empty

St. Mark’s Square, or Piazza San Marco, is believed by many people to be the heart of Venice. Standing in the middle of this spectacular piazza San Marco is an experience in itself without any doubt. Napoleon mentioned to it as the ‘drawing room of Europe’ which is totally appropriate today as, at times, it seems that much of Europe’s population is crowded into this great square. But it’s St Mark’s basilica (Basilica di San Marco), often seen as the living demonstration of Venice’s links with Byzantium. The lavishly ornamented Doge’s Palace was once Venice’s government official and political center. The Torre dell’Orologio is a clock tower built between 1496 and 1506. All these magnificent landmarks are not just the square’s important sites to visit but some of the city’s main tourist attractions. The best times to visit St. Mark’s Square are early morning and late evening before the tourists and locals arrive or after they’ve left. Possibly by that time, one can view the whole square with its full glory. Venice isn’t a nightlife town, so it doesn’t take long for the square to be emptied of much of the crowd.

#4 of 25 Things to do in Venice – Visit the Doge’s Palace and Bridge of sighs

Right next to St. Mark’s Basilica, the Doge’s Palace is possibly the second most important “attraction” in Venice. This magnificent Gothic palace was the Doge’s official residence from the 9th century. It was the important seat of the Venetian Republic’s government.  This was also prisons for approximately seven centuries. The Doge’s Rooms are on the 1st floor, but it’s the extravagantly decorated 2nd-floor compartments that are the real best part. These conclude in the resonant Sala del Maggior Consiglio (Grand Council Hall) which is home to the Doge’s throne and a 22m-by-7m Paradise the largest oil painting in the world by Tintoretto’s son Domenico. Not open for public tours but included on private tours which are a walk across the Bridge of Sighs to the dark cells of the Prigioni – the prisons from which Casanova made his famous escape. Everything from execution orders to the dealings of Venetian leaders was conceded out here. A web of secret passages and hidden doors exposes a definitely mysterious past.

#5 of 25 Things to do in Venice – Visit St. Mark’s Basilica

This decorative church sits on the popular piazza by the same name. The church was built in honor of Saint Mark, whose remains were stolen from their home in Alexandria, Egypt. Later hidden in containers of pork by a couple devious Venetians, committed on bringing him to rest in Venice.  Constructed from many different styles of architecture, today its lavishness shines from nearly every corner. It’s big onion-shaped domes and multi-colored marble pillars, and the interior is floor-to-ceiling mosaics.At the church’s center, you can see a statue of St. Mark along with Venice’s symbol: a lion with wings. 

#6 of 25 Things to do in Venice – Tour the Torre dell’Orologio

The Clock Tower is located at St. Marks Square in Venice. It is an early Renaissance Structure which develops on the north side of the Piazza San Marco. It is on the pathway to the Merceria. It includes a Big tower, which contains the clock, and lower structures on each side. It appends the eastern end of the Procuratie Vecchie.

Clock_tower_Piazza_San_Marco, Things to do in Venice

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#7 of 25 Things to do in Venice – Teatro La Fenice 

The Teatro La Fenice is one of Italy’s most famous classic opera houses. It is the one who has fought his way from two big fires throughout the course of its lifetime. Locals and tourists both put sarcasm at its name which means Theater of the Phoenix, and how it has corresponds with its unfortunate history: like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, La Fenice has lived his life.

 Teatro La Fenice, Things to do in Venice

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#8 of 25 Things to do in Venice – Visit the Ca’ d’Oro

It is also known as the ‘Golden House’, this marvelous palace on the Grand Canal is a Gothic architecture magnum opus with a beautifully ornamented floral front. At this moment it is an art museum that houses Renaissance sculptures, additionally as paintings by Titian and Guardi. Don’t miss the chance to view the Grand Canal from the balconies of this palace. The view is spectacular.

Ca' d'Oro , Things to do in Venice

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#9 of 25 Things to do in Venice – Have a look at Palazzo Rezzonico

Similarly, as Ca’ d’Oro lets your knowledge into the life of the late Middle Ages, Palazzo Rezzonico gives a splendid picture of life here in the Baroque and Rococo periods, in the eighteenth century. Composed and started by Venice’s lord of Baroque engineering, Baldassare Longhena, the castle was finished almost 100 years after the fact in 1750 by Giorgio Massari. The furniture and collections finish the photo painted by the building, including its inside design of silk divider covers, rich complete points of interest, and Flemish tapestries. The outfit gathering highlights the significance of silk generation in Venice. The exhibition hall particulars are the significance of extravagance products, primarily attire, and mold.

#10 of 25 Things to do in Venice – Visit the Gallerie dell’Accademia

Called “Accademia” for short, this gallery on the Grand Canal has the most critical and complete gathering of fifteenth eighteenth-century Venetian painting in nearness. A great part of the accumulation was assembled from religious communities and holy places that were shut and from the clearing of castles of respectable families, now showed in the previous Monastery of Santa Maria Della Carità. A portion of the exhibitions, for example, the first, which contains Venetian Gothic Painting, have luxuriously engraved and cover with gold fifteenth-century roofs. Works are masterminded sequentially, so you can follow the advancement of styles as well as can look at the works of counterparts.

#11 of 25 Things to do in Venice – Scuola Grande di San Rocco

This rousing white marble building was built in the vicinity of 1515 and 1560 to house a magnanimous society dedicated to San Rocco. Not long after its fruition, the immense sixteenth-century Venetian craftsman Tintoretto won the opposition to paint a focal board for the roof of the Sala dell’Albergo by entering the building and putting his work of art in its anticipated place before the judging. He later enhanced its dividers and roofs with an entire cycle of sketches, which are thought to be the craftsman’s perfect work of art in an advanced age.

#12 of 25 Things to do in Venice – Go to Santa Maria Gloriosa Dei Frari

This Gothic church was begun by the Franciscans around 1340 and closed with the finish of the veneer, inside, and two sanctuaries amidst the fifteenth century. Its remarkable fourteenth-century campanile is the second most astounding in the city. While the inside is with regards to the basic plain style of Franciscan chapels, it contains thriving of aesthetic diamonds.

Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari, Things to do in Venice

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#13 of 25 Things to do in Venice – Santa Maria Dei Miracoli

After the vast dignity of St. Mark’s and the elevated span of Frari, little Santa Maria Dei Miracoli is like a fresh draft, a masterpiece of Early Renaissance architecture by Pietro Lombardo. This charm of light mosaic marble was built from 1481 to 1489 to preserve a phenomenal picture of the Virgin. Unlike Venice’s other churches whose fronts are embroidered with architectural additions and sculptures, Lombardo used painstakingly matched colored marble to construct subtle patterns of rosettes, circles, octagons, and crosses on the front.This is likewise Venetians’ most loved place to get hitched, as its inside is a standout amongst the most wonderful in the city.

#14 of 25 Things to do in Venice – Visit Peggy Guggenheim Collection

The Peggy Guggenheim Collection is among the most critical historical centers in Italy for the European and American specialty of the twentieth century. It is situated in Peggy Guggenheim’s previous home, Palazzo Venier Dei Leoni, on the Grand Canal in Venice. The exhibition hall presents Peggy Guggenheim’s own accumulation, gems from the Hannelore B. also, Rudolph B. Schulhof Collection, the Nasher Sculpture Garden, and in addition brief displays. The Peggy Guggenheim Collection is claimed and worked by the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation, New York, which additionally works the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum.

#15 of 25 Things to do in Venice – Check out the Famous Juliet’s casa

This house had a place with the “Dal Cappello” or “Cappelletti” family. The building, going back to the thirteenth and revamped in the most recent century, highlights the gallery where Romeo guaranteed his dearest Juliet unceasing adoration in Shakespeare’s celebrated tragedy. Young couples are still extremely moved by the privilege of this house and unmarried individuals touch Juliet’s statue (a sort of good fortunes custom) in the expectation of finding the affection for their life.

casa giulietta. Things to do in Venice

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#16 of 25 Things to do in Venice – Visit the Jewish Ghetto

The Venetian Ghetto was the range of Venice in which Jews were constrained to live under the Venetian Republic.The Venetian Ghetto (by chance, the primary ghetto) was organized on 29 March 1516, however political limitations on Jewish rights and habitations existed before that date. In 1797 the French armed force of Italy, instructed by the 28-year-old General Napoleon Bonaparte, vanquished Venice, disintegrated the Venetian republic, and finished the ghetto’s division from the city. In the nineteenth century, the ghetto was renamed the Contrada dell’unione.

#17 of 25 Things to do in Venice – The Arsenal and the Museum of Naval History

The Arsenal is the shipyard of the Venetian Republic. It was the major and requesting dock on the planet until the finish of the seventeenth century. From its establishing in 1104, it was consistently is said that it utilized around 16,000 works. Firmly secured to safeguard the mystery generation strategies that empowered it to manufacture the ship in a solitary day, the Arsenal was available by one land and one ocean approach as it were. Its passageway is a Renaissance-style triumphant curve secured by lions acquired from Greece the seventeenth century.

the Arsenal, Things to do in Venice

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Next to the shipyard is the Museum of Naval History which was previously a naval academy. Now converted into the contemporary art museum of ships. It displays impressive treasure brought back from the many maritime combats of the Republic, along with captivating collections that contain votive paintings made on wood panels as a compliment for rescues at sea. These charming pictures are interesting for their depiction of sea life in the period when Venice was a sea power.

Facciata Museo Storico Navale, Things to do in Venice

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#18 of 25 Things to do in Venice – Have a walk on Rialto Bridge 

Numerous centuries ago, if you desired to cross the Grand Canal, the Rialto Bridge was the only way. Now there are other bridges like the Accademia Bridge. The bridge’s current personification is the creation of Antonio da Ponte, whose name translates to “Anthony of the Bridge”. It is built totally of marble after collapsing multiple times from former wooden designs. Projected to fail by critics, the bridge still stands and is considered an architectural wonder.

Rialto-Bridge, Things to do in Venice

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#19 of 25 Things to do in Venice – Tour to Murano and Burano

A trip to Venice wouldn’t be complete without leaping aboard a Vaporetto for the ride across the lagoon to Murano, home of Venice’s remarkable glass labor force. They were sent here in the 13th century in anticipation of decreasing the risk of fire from one of the glass furnaces extensive through Venice’s tightly compressed center. Or so they say. Actually, it was to keep the secrets of glassblowing a Venetian monopoly. The canal sides today are wrinkled by glass outlets and studios, showing everything from low-priced imported jewelry to exquisite works of art. Inside the 17th-century Palazzo Giustinian is the Glass Museum, with one of the prime and most important collections of Venetian glass from ancient times.

Burano, on the other hand, is a fishing village of brightly painted houses, known traditionally for its lace making. The Scuola de Merletti (lace school) and its small museum will help you differentiate the real thing from the cheap imports.

#20 of 25 Things to do in Venice – Visit the Torcello Island

It’s a short trip from Burano. It’s the ideal destination if you’re in the mood for less construction arrangement and more about nature. Most of Torcello area is a nature reserve, and while you can’t actually go hiking out in the fields, you can certainly get away from the tourist crowds and enjoy the peaceful view. There are approximately 20 people who still live on the island, and there’s only one super expensive hotel, although there are a few places to eat. The main sight is a 7th-century church on the island with more exceptional mosaics.

torcello-, Things to do in Venice

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#21 of 25 Things to do in Venice – Go to Isola di San Giorgio Maggiore

Apart from the hustle bustle of the main Venice city, the island of San Giorgio has the vital views in Venice.The tower at San Giorgio Maggiore has the most clearing post over the city.For instance, looking out over the Doges Palace and the Grand Canal. The landmark church, planned in 1555 by Andrea Palladio is a must-see thing to do. There is a lift that takes you up to the top of the bell tower that has the impressive panoramic views of the Grand Canal and St. Marks. The church’s monastery and gardens belong to the Cini Foundation. There is a spectacular installation of gold pillars at the Vaporetto stop by German architect Heinz Mack.

L’île de San Giorgio Maggiore au soleil couchant (Venise), Things to do in Venice

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#22 of 25 Things to do in Venice – Eat seafood you’ve Never Seen Before

We know that the people of Venice love to sip Red and White wine but the lagoon city of Venice has a long and superb cooking tradition based on fresh seafood. A squirming, glittering variety of sea creatures swims from the shops of the Rialto and Chioggia markets into local kitchens. So try to have a lunch at the open air restaurants with the watery view of Venice. Venice is definitely the place to try these marine jumbles.

seafood at venice, Things to do in Venice

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#23 of 25 Things to do in Venice – Cool down with a delicious gelato

Most Venetians agree that a portion of the city’s best gelato is served in Boutique del Gelato, a little outlet on occupied salizzada San Lio. There are always big lines of customers. So eat fresh gelato.

gelato, Things to do in Venice

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#24 of 25 Things to do in Venice – Wear a mask and join the Carnevale

Carnevale is the world’s largest and most famed masked party has occurred since the Middle Ages, but it came into its own in the 18th century. Visitors came across the world to be a part of this.  Venetians, on the other hand, establish private masked and costumed celebrations or meet in smaller squares.

venice carnival, Things to do in Venice

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#25 of 25 Things to do in Venice – Visit the old Casino Venier

Although Venice is not quite famous in night time parties and fun but it used to have casinos. In the 18th century, at the time of Giacomo Casanova, there was over 100 casino spread across Venice. One of the most wonderful can still be visited as it is now the sites of French cultural center L’Alliance Francaise. Casino Venier dates back to 1750 and dwells in the first floor of an ordinary building over the narrow Barateri Canal. As you walk up the ancient staircase the marble-floored Casino is a riot of wealthy frats, wall paintings, and Murano mirrors. today, it is occasionally used as a venue for art exhibitions.

Casino-Venier.Things to do in Venice

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Venice jazz club has become the new hot spot for most of the tourists searching for party and entertainment.

venice-jazz-club, Things to do in Venice

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