Things to do in Vancouver

Vancouver is a coastal city in British Columbia, Canada. It is considered the largest metropolitan area in Western Canada and third largest in whole Canada. Vancouver is a very popular city in the province of British Columbia. It has the population of 2.6 billion as of 2016. Th city is densely populated followed by New York, Sans Francisco, and Mexico in the North America region. Considered as the Beta global city, Vancouver is widely diverse in ethnicity and language. Vancouver city has been named among top five cities in terms of quality of life and livability. Many other related authorities have nominated Vancouver city in the list of well-living cities in the whole world for the five consecutive years. This city has been hosting various international events and conferences since long. This includes most notably the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup, 2010 Winter Olympics, and Paralympics among others.

Vancouver has the third largest seaport named as Port Metro Vancouver in America. It is the busiest and most diversified port in North America and holds major trades to East Asia, Europe, and Eastern Canada. Vancouver city has some best film production studios spread all over the city which makes it a renown town for the largest film production centers in North America. Exposure to filmmaking has got this city the name of Hollywood North. Its biggest industry is forestry, second is considered tourism.

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Apart from all of the above, Vancouver has got really beautiful coastal mountains, forests, beaches around Pacific ocean, and an urban natural city which attracts thousands of people only for tourism annually. The whole city can be divided into three main parts, the Eastside Vancouver, the Westside, and the City center areas. every one of these parts has got their own attractions and points of interest. In this article, we have tried to give you a detailed look at this beautiful city of Vancouver, its points of interest and the best Things to do in Vancouver. Let’s check out them.

#1 of 29 Things to do in Vancouver – Visit the Different Parks of Vancouver

Vancouver has a great natural beauty and this city is filled with many great green spaces and Canada has a beautiful fall weather in which you can witness vibrant colors in the whole Vancouver. There are many parks in Vancouver who represent the shades of yellow lily, red, orange plant leaves and a lively vibe from September to early November.

Stanley Park

The Stanley Park is considered as the Vancouver’s main tourist destinations and a must thing to do. It is recognized as the Vancouver’s first park and the best urban park in the whole world. It has the area of 1000 ACRES and attracts more than 8 million people annually. It is located on the peninsula at the northwestern edge of downtown Vancouver.  This beautiful Park has lovely beaches, long dirt trails, pool, rides, kid & family spots, and an aquarium which is considered as the longest in whole Canada. It also features beautiful coastal areas, ever-blooming gardens which contain thousands of kinds of flowers, cedar trees, hemlock, and fir. This lovely park has been a green space and a perfect getaway from city’s busy life for 130 years now.

stanley park, Things to do in Vancouver

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Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden

This garden has been named as the World’s Top City Garden by National Geographic. This place is a masterpiece. It is said that it was built in 1986 by fifty three master craftsmen from China.  They say, 950 crates of traditional material was used in its construction.  It was constructed using 14th-century methods, no glue, screws or power tools were used in its construction. This Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden is considered as the first classical Chinese Garden in whole Canada. It is open all year round.  The garden includes a collection of 150-year old miniature trees,  jade green pond, koi fish, and tai hu rock imported from China among other things. The Garden offers free guided tours and traditional Chinese tea along with the access to Eight Treasures Shop. It is family friendly and wheelchair accessible to everyone.

Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden, Things to do in Vancouver

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Queen Elizabeth Park

Queen Elizabeth Park is one of the notable parks in Vancouver. It is located on the city’s top in central Vancouver. This park has the area of 130 acres and features many evergreen trees. In the Fall season, the tree leaves changes their color into red, orange hues. The scenery of these colorful leaves with the whole area being calm and quiet is what makes this place a haven for visitors.

queen elizabeth park, Things to do in Vancouver

University of British Columbia

The campus of this university is filled with leaf and a great place for leaf peeping. It is located at the western end of the Vancouver. UBC botanical garden and old trees contribute to the beauty of this place.

#2 of 29 Things to do in Vancouver – Visit the Lovely Beaches of Vancouver

Vancouver city is all surrounded by beautiful beaches and coastal line. You can literary find any place for yourself.  Which way to the beach? Well, in this city you can find one everywhere you turn. Although it is not like Rio De Janeiro but you will find the long sandy coastal line where people are busy in reading books, playing volleyball, and stretching their legs along with their pets. Some of the common beaches are mentioned here.

Kitsilano Beach

If Vancouver is called as the Hollywood North then this Kitsilano Beach has the status of Venice beach in Vancouver.  It is commonly known as Kits Beach in Vancouver. It attracts every kind of people. Here they have a grassy area, tennis court, and volleyballs courts. There is this big Kits Pool where everyone can do swimming and other water activities. They say it has the size of 3 times Olympic pool.

Kitsilano Beach, Things to do in Vancouver

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Jericho Beach

In a perfect weather, there is no place well enough then this Jericho Beach. This one is popular for a family picnic, fishing expedition, long sailing, windsurfing, and kayaking.

jericho beach, Things to do in Vancouver

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Spanish Banks

These shores were discovered by Spanish explorers in 1792, so the British named it after them. It is known as the least crowded beach in Vancouver. So, in case anyone wants some privacy and quiet place then this place is perfect. This one is also great for skim-boarding.

spanish banks, Things to do in Vancouver

Other beaches include English Bay, Sunset beach, Locarno beach, second beach, third beach and Trout Lake beach.

#3 of 29 Things to do in Vancouver – Explore British Columbia Wine

British Columbia has been known for its stellar wines in Vancouver. Due to complex liquor regulations, only a small portion of BC wine leaves the area. When you are in Vancouver, must go to this wine country of Okanagan valley and taste the best wines here. They make their wines through a complex method.

wine tasting, Things to do in Vancouver

#4 of 29 Things to do in Vancouver – Enjoy Skiing

In Vancouver city, there are many downhill and cross country spots for skiing. Major destinations for skiing include Grouse Moutain,  Cypress Mountain, and Mount Seymour. Another important ski resort is Whistler and Blackcomb. It is famous for heli-skiing. People from all over the city come to these locations with ski equipment to enjoy the whole day.

ski, Things to do in Vancouver

#5 of 29 Things to do in Vancouver – Enjoy Snowboarding

People also come to above locations for snowboarding and snowshoe. These places are known for winter sports and activities.

snowboarding, Things to do in Vancouver

#6 of 29 Things to do in Vancouver – Camping

Camping is one of the many things to do in Vancouver. Locals and many tourists try floating water homes on Granville Island, some try camping on the banks of the sea. Camping here gives people serious nature adventure goals. Breathe in fresh air, sleep under the star, enjoy BBQs, enjoy water sports anytime you want, and enjoy being in nature. RV park and various campgrounds offer multiple activity packages.

camoing, Things to do in Vancouver

#7 of 29 Things to do in Vancouver – Try Landsea Tours & Adventures

Landsea Tours & Adventures are specialized adventures from the authorities there. They provide half-day or full-day sightseeing tours around Vancouver, Whistler, Victoria, Vancouver’s North Shore and Sea-to-Sky corridor. They will provide you coaches who will guide you with many related pieces of information all the way. All tours are different and personalized.

#8 of 29 Things to do in Vancouver – Boating and Fishing

While camping in the various spots, you can really go for boating and fishing in the areas of Granville Island, Coal Harbour, and Horseshoe Bay. They have skilled staff here to teach you how to do fishing and where fishes are biting at the moment.

boating, Things to do in Vancouver

#9 of 29 Things to do in Vancouver – Try Golf in Vancouver

The Golf courses are very beautiful in Vancouver. Every course has a different but attractive scenery.  You can enjoy Golf here.

golf, Things to do in Vancouver

#10 of 29 Things to do in Vancouver – Hiking  and Rock Climbing Around Vancouver

Vancouver’s landscape gives you many opportunities to go hiking, rock climbing and explore the nature on foot. Surrounded by many rainforests and mountains, you will have options for hiking and rock climbing options in Vancouver’s Seawall, Stawamus Chief, and Grouse Grind.

#11 of 29 Things to do in Vancouver – See the Wild Whale Adventure

In Vancouver, it is said that thousands of whales migrate through these water every year from March to November. So the Granville Island has become a popular sport for watching these whales. There are several other marine species like humpback whales, minke whales, gray whales, sea lions,  brown pelicans, Pacific loons, harlequin ducks,  and bald eagles but the Orca whales are the mainstream here.  There are many tour operators in this area who will provide you with nearby cruise tour and many more services. Make sure to bring your camera and binoculars here.

whales watching, Things to do in Vancouver

#12 of 29 Things to do in Vancouver – Try Adventure Group

There is this Adventure Group in Whistler, in which you can experience a number of activities. These activities include water rafting, jet boating, biking, ziplines tours, Treetop adventures, and snowmobiling in the many waterways and Alpine landscape of Vancouver. The guides will be with your the whole time.

#13 of 29 Things to do in Vancouver – Visit Rogers Arena

Rogers Arena has a symbolic significance for Vancouver. It has hosted the Ice hockey in Winter Olympics 2010 and attracts 16.5 million visitors annually. The whole Arena is a full sport and entertainment facility. Whole Vancouver comes to see the international matched here.

#14 of 29 Things to do in Vancouver – Do Birds Watching

#17 of 29 Things to do in Vancouver – Visit the Burnaby Village Museum

People can really go back to the 1920s time period while they stroll around in the streets of Burnaby village. Everything seems so real that it feels like you just traveled back in old times. Explore the whole village museum and enjoy being in the old era. An important attraction is a vintage C.W Parker Carousel on which everyone takes a ride.

#18 of 29 Things to do in Vancouver – Go Entertain yourself with many Theatres

Vancouver is full of many literary and performance Art societies. If you are interested in literature, you won’t be bored here at this place has many options for you. Famous societies or clubs are given below:

Chan Centre for the Performing Arts

It is an award-winning center for performing arts. It is dynamic and offers so many great musicals performances, including classic opera to artistic jazz, theatre and many live events round the year.

Chan Centre for the Performing Arts, Things to do in Vancouver

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Coastal Jazz & Blues Society

It is considered as the biggest music and art representation in the whole British Columbia.  It does include 300 concerts, 35 venues, and 1,800 artists in the TD Vancouver International Jazz Festival.  It is Vancouver’s signature festival to start the summer. The best part of this festival is that they invite international and local artists from all over the world. They have diverse genres including jazz,  hip-hop, funk, Latin,  soul, fusion, and world music. They perform live at many venues big and small, indoor and outdoor throughout the city. Plenty of people attend these concert and shows every year.

Scotiabank Dance Centre

It was established in 1986 as a resource center for the BC dance in British Columbia. Today, this Dance center has been involved in many activities related to dance including public events, promote BC dance, and provide resources for the dance profession.

Broadway Across Canada

Broadway Across Canada presents the best touring of Broadway plays, musicals, family productions, theater, and many other live events in association with Broadway Across America in Vancouver.

#19 of 29 Things to do in Vancouver – Attend a Concert at Commodore Ballroom

This is a premium level concert hall in Vancouver. It is World-famous because of its great lighting, best sound, awesome dance floors, and catering. The whole place is laced with state of the art technology equipment. It is also close by to all the major hotels and restaurants in the downtown area. If we say that this place is entertaining and keeping the nightlife awake for the past 75 years then it won’t be wrong.

#20 of 29 Things to do in Vancouver – Ride in Sea to Sky Gondola

The Sea to Sky Gondola is located 45 min far from the downtown, Vancouver.  A 10-minute gondola ride will take you up to a truly magical place in the sky with some of the most beautiful views you will ever see. You will see the different beautiful scenery along the way and finally, you will reach the Summit Lodge. It is a popular spot for perfect photos. Take selfies and other photos of this place. This place also offers the walking and hiking trails. You can go walk on Suspension bridge to have the ultimate panoramic views of the area. After a lot of adventure, you can enjoy a meal here. There are many cafes, bistros and dining options available on reasonable rates. This place is like a small town of everything. You can find yoga classes, bars, live music, cafes and many more things at this altitude.  Watch the sunset from here and then come back via gondola ride. The Gondola ride is open for all year.

gonodola ride, Things to do in Vancouver

#21 of 29 Things to do in Vancouver – Visit the Museum of Vancouver

The Museum of Vancouver is situated in a very beautiful Vanier Park. There are also other museums located along with this one including the H.R. MacMilland Space Centre and Vancouver Maritime Museum. All the history of Vancouver lies here in this place. Museum has many displays of the old era going through changes with time. The visit to this museum is worth your time.

#22 of 29 Things to do in Vancouver – Wonder at the Vancouver Aquarium

Vancouver’s Aquarium has more than 50,000 marine creatures in it. It is a must place to see while you are in Vancouver. The Aquarium is full of fierce sharks, dolphins, mesmerizing jellyfish, sea lions, penguins, and sea otters in the Amazon Gallery of this Aquarium.  Also, discover the unique aquatic creatures who live in the British Columbian waters.

aquarium, Things to do in Vancouver

You will also learn many facts about ocean pollution, numerous changes in water and their effects on aquatic creatures.

#23 of 29 Things to do in Vancouver – Check the Grouse Mountain, The Peak of Vancouver

Want to see the majestic peak of British Columbia? An aerial tram will take you to the Grouse Mountain. It is 4100 feet high from ground level and considered the peak of Vancouver. This place has many options for dining and wine in the open air environment. It is also a famous hangout point for locals. It offers multiple ranges of activities here including ski, skating, snow sports, Skyride etc.

Grouse Mountain, Things to do in Vancouver

#24 of 29 Things to do in Vancouver – Cliff Walking at the Capilano Suspension Bridge Park

This beautiful bridge is surrounded by breathtaking beauty and wonders. It represents BC’s history and culture along with nature’s thrilling atmosphere. People come here for cliff walking and treetops adventure which is not so easy here. But this place is so beautiful to miss.

British Columbia Cliffwalk Capilano Vancouver, Things to do in Vancouver

#25 of 29 Things to do in Vancouver – Visit the Aisin-Gioro Fine Art Gallery Ltd

The Aisin Gioro Fine Art Gallery is located in Vancouver, Canada. It is operated by a descendant of the Chinese Qing Dynasty royal family. The director of this Fine Arts Gallery is artist Cecilia Aisin-Gioro (Hengqin Aisin-Gioro). The gallery has a museum-style and it is one of its kind in the world right now as this one is operated by a descendant of the royal family. It actually sells their own family’s artwork.   Every piece here has its own history or a background story.

 #26 of 29 Things to do in Vancouver – Release your Anger at the Shooting Range

Are you feeling angry at somebody or just having a bad day? Release your frustration and anger at the British Columbia’s finest indoor shooting range. This is highly developed shooting range in the whole Vancouver and all the staff is very professional. The professionals and staff take care of the surroundings and ensure your safety first. Under the guidance, you can experience the best, fun, memorable, and safe experience of shooting range. The fun experience will allow you to stay further and fill your appetite with a thrilling experience.

shooting range, Things to do in Vancouver

#27 of 29 Things to do in Vancouver – Have dinner at One Under

One Under is a dining spot located in the Financial District. It opens at 12 pm until midnight. It provides a wonderful experience of dining along with entertainment in Vancouver.  It has a beautifully decorated golf course, well-crafted cocktail bars, meeting rooms, party lounge, comfortable setting, and a chef-inspired delicious menu of your own choice.  There is something that attracts people to this place.

#28 of 29 Things to do in Vancouver – Try Shopping in Big Malls of Vancouver

Vancouver has many big malls and shopping spot for locals and tourists. In case you are looking for a souvenir or looking to shop for winter closet, you will have many options for branded retail stores to local shops. This city is filled with shops that you will get tired of shopping. So, shop until you drop at the famous malls in the Vancouver. These are mentioned here:

McArthurGlen Designer Outlet Vancouver Airport

This is a big mall outlet in Richmond, British Columbia. It is close to Vancouver International Airport and has almost everything in it a man can need. It is considered as the leading retailer mall in Vancouver with more than 6o retailer stores in it. If you don’t want to buy anything just roam into the Mall to have an idea of this place.

shopping, things to do in Vancouver

604 Art & Sneaker Gallery

This renowned brand sells artist-designed sneaker shoes for a limited time. Their motto says that shoes can be shoes, or they can be a storytelling piece of art. So in case you have extra money lying around, spent them on these designer sneakers as they can be a really expensive deal.

Aberdeen Centre

This Place has all things like Shop, Dine, Play, and Experience. The modern standard lifestyle can be experienced here. This place is huge and a one-stop shop for everything. It has over 150 retail stores which are adjusted in 3-storey building. You can find any Asian, European, Mexican, American thing at this Aberdeen Center.

#29 of 29 Things to do in Vancouver – Enjoy the Nightlife & Casinos in Vancouver

Vancouver’s nightlife is very exciting and thrilling. You have control of fun in your own hands here.You can have many options here like spent time in an Irish bar or at a nightclub.  You’ll find the city’s live music almost everywhere. They can be different in terms of jazz, rock, and roll, classical 80’s songs. If you get lucky, you will be winning at the tables too. Some  of the popular nightclubs and casinos are:


Drai’s has reinvented nightlife in the city Vancouver by launching a first-ever Poolside Lounge. Visitors can enjoy yummy cocktails along with light food here in the daytime. On the other hand, this place is a part paradise at night with lavishly designed space and attractive lighting. People can enjoy the live performances here too.

BC Kitchen

The British Columbia Kitchen has the status of a classic bar with comfort food options. It offers a sophisticated and modern vibe to all the people. Its menu includes pizza, burgers, Mexican food and a long range of regional, local and international wines and other drinks.

The Bimini Public House

A popular pub is located in this city. It is named after the Bimini Islands in the Bahamas. This pub always seems busy with hippie locals. It was built in 1974.

 The Blackbird Public House & Oyster Bar

This is the newest addition to the Donnelly Group.This one is located in the Financial district and opens at 11 am.  It brings out a new look and the growing list of Public House locations in Vancouver. It was designed by Craig Stanghetta at Ste. Marie.

Butcher & Bullock

It is an old pub who has been here for more than 20 years. This has been a popular hangout point for many people regarding the business. It has the setting of dark brown furniture and aged black & white photos. This place has many old artifacts too. Other popular bars include Woodwards, Clough Club, and The Charles bar.

nightlife, Things to do in Vancouver

These are some of the best things to do in Vancouver, make sure to check out our other articles of Toronto, Mont Tremblant, and Banff.