Things to do in Thailand

Thailand is the main tourist area in South East Asia, and people easily know the reason of traveling there due to its natural beauty. It is best known for its amazing shorelines, its stunning templates and the present day urban sprawl that is Bangkok, it is a nation where getting exhausted is simply impossible. From the minute you venture off the plane to the time you abandon you will be encompassed by a portion of the friendliest, practical and honest to goodness individuals that you could need to meet. It’s anything but difficult to perceive any reason why Thailand is frequently called the ‘Land of Smiles’. The issue for any guest to Thailand is narrowing down your rundown of things to do list; there are countless attractions and hot spots, that’s why we put the beautiful attractions and things to do in Thailand on the list.

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# 1 of 20 Things to do in Thailand – Visit the Grand Palace (Bangkok, Thailand):

Set in the heart of Bangkok this is most likely the most popular attraction in there. For a long time, the palace was home to the lord, his court, and the whole administration of Thailand and also the Royal Mint with a zone of 218,400 square meters. There is such a great amount to see and do, you won’t be disappointed. In 1782 tremendous dividers were worked around the royal residence and workplaces to make it the fascination that it is seen today, please note that it is necessary that a dress code is set up at the royal residence so you should dress in appropriate clothing otherwise your entry will be refuse. The visit to this Grand Palace in Bangkok is one of the best things to do in Thailand.

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# 2 of 20 Things to do in Thailand – Elephant Trekking at Mahawangchang:

In the event that you will see elephants in Thailand then it is not out of the question that you see them in their regular habitat, arranged around a four-hour drive from Bangkok this camp won’t let you down. At Mahawangchang Elephant Camp you get the chance to swim in the river with the elephants whilst your tourist guide takes lots of photographs on their camera for you. Riding bareback on the elephants while they are playing in the river is a truly amazing experience that no one should miss it. The most important thing about this place is that the photographs that the guide take are free, in the event that if you have an SD card bring it with you and they will cheerfully take the photos for you to keep it as a memory are one of the most beautiful things to do in Thailand.

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# 3 of 20 Things to do in Thailand – Have a Thai Massage in Thailand:

Thai massages are famous around all over the world; the style of massage is very lovely because it stretches your body and additionally dealing with your bodies pressure points. The entire experience will leave you feeling refreshed and balanced. Each residential area and city are ensured to have many massage parlors and the costs are extremely shabby contrasted with what you would pay back home but still, this massage will take by everyone who visits there because it is must present in their list of things to do in Thailand.

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# 4 of 20 Things to do in Thailand – Visit the Damnoen Saduak Floating Market:

There are a several floating markets in Thailand yet this one is the greatest and most acclaimed, it is huge! There are boats wherever going all over the trenches offering a wide range of nourishments and natural products like food and fruits. A visit to this market will give you a real insight into how things were numerous years ago. For the individuals who love to take photographs, the limited canals and little wooden stilt houses are certain to give you endless open doors. The market is arranged around 100km outside of Bangkok however it is definitely justified even worth the traveling time in there.


# 5 of 20 Things to do in Thailand – Spend an Evening in Nana Plaza:

No trip to Bangkok could be complete without traveling to Nana, the primary street that goes through Bangkok is called Sukhumvit road and when you get to Soi 4 you have come to a place where you would prefer not to miss. Nana Plaza is rumored to be the biggest sex complex in the world, brimming with gogo bars and enchanting young ladies you are ensured to have a fascinating night. Sit down at any of different bars in the Plaza and simply sit back and watch the young ladies apply their trade to many visiting tourists.

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# 6 of 20 Things to do in Thailand – Climb the Sathorn Unique Tower:

This is placed in the heart of Bangkok is a humongous abounded skyscraper is known as the ‘Sathorn Unique’ it was being built during the late nineties but the building was never finished due to the global financial disaster. This is not an official vacation spot but rather a little installment to the security protects at the base will guarantee you are permitted get to. Not one for the faint-hearted the 49 stories give a troublesome climb yet one that offers probably the most stunning perspectives of Bangkok from the top. Thai people’s trust the tower to be spooky and as you climb up you might know the reason why to climb this tower because it will give you the best scene of Bangkok and everyone love to do it that’s why it’s must present their list of things to do in Thailand.


# 7 of 20 Things to do in Thailand – Take a trip to Koh Phi Phi (Krabi, Thailand):

Shooting to fame after the Leonardo DiCaprio great ‘The Beach‘ and in addition showing up in James Bond. Koh Phi is a staggering island arranged in the region of Krabi, this island is an absolute necessity visit on any excursion to Thailand. In the wake of going to this staggeringly lovely island, no beach will ever feel as wonderful. The island has no streets so you should do a considerable lot of strolling yet with everything occurring between the two fundamental shorelines you will never be a long way from the hive of activity that’s lots of people love to visit this beach.

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# 8 of 20 Things to do in Thailand – Drive Like a Local:

Traveling by bike is immensely prevalent, a larger part of local people do it and about the greater part of the tourists. It is an amazing experience that you that you will not want to miss out on any chance. Now and again it can seem like there are no laws on the road other than it is every man or women for themselves. It can be awful lots of fun weaving all through the movement while you explore top places that you could never wander by walking. Simply recollect to keep your minds about you at all times and to expect the unexpected things in Thailand.

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# 9 of 20 Things to do in Thailand – Eat Street Food in Thailand:

Thailand is home to a wide range of sorts of street foods and every street in every city will have different stalls selling their goods. From Pad Thai to Som Tam papaya plate of mixed greens or simply called papaya salad to barbecued meats it is all accessible at any time of the day. Thai’s once in a while cook at home as the cost of eating out is so low contrasted with cooking at home when taking a gander at a food stall to eat at a good choice is to follow the local people to see where they are eating. Thailand is famous for their street food that is why people love to do this thing in their life and must mention in their list of things to do in Thailand.

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# 10 of 20 Things to do in Thailand – Have a Water Fight during Songkran:

Songkran is the conventional Thai New Year, it is celebrated every year in April over the whole nation and keeps running from the thirteenth to the fifteenth, water is traditionally sprinkled all through the festival as it is believed it will wash away your bad lucks and sins. Nowadays things have changed a little and enormous water battles tend to break out conveying whole urban areas to a halt, with numerous organizations shutting for the whole span. Any place you are in the country during this time of the year get ready for a soaking as there is no getting away from the party so that you can enjoy your time and make lots of good memories in Thailand.

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# 11 of 20 Things to do in Thailand – Visit Khao Yai National Park:

Khao Yai National Park was the primary national stop to be set up in Thailand and is the third largest in the nation. Covering a territory of 2,168 square kilometers it is a huge site to visit. The recreation center of the park contains rain forests and also grasslands which all indicate an extensive number of animals you can see. There are an expected 200 types of species of birds in the park and also elephants, bears, deer’s, macaques and gibbons. There are a few waterfalls in the park which are definitely justified even despite a visit also are easily accessible by car this is one of the good things to do in Thailand.

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# 12 of 20 Things to do in Thailand – Take a Trip to Wat Arun in Thailand:

Thailand is home to more than 31,000 Buddhist templates, this specific temple called Wat Arun is named after Aruna, the God of Dawn. The s temple sits on the banks of the Chao Phraya River and is a standout amongst the most stunning destinations you can see. The tower is 79 meters tall and has been covered in brilliant color porcelain and ceramic tiles making for an exciting sight. When you went to the entrance of the temple you will see a couple of mythical giants that are said to guard the temple so that you can comfortably enjoy your visit of this beautiful temple.

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# 13 of 20 Things to do in Thailand – Visit Chiang Mai Night Bazaar:

During the day of the Chang Klan Road is just an ordinary street in Chiang Mai, the best about this Bazaar is that it is always full of travelers, guest houses, shops, and Tuk Tuk drivers, yet during the evening a change happens. From nightfall until midnight several slow down holders line the 1km extent of the street and transform the region into a shopper’s paradise. Everything is available to be purchased including different designer products for the most part mainly fake, you are required to barter with the street sellers for whatever you purchase which all adds to the enjoyment of the Bazaar. It doesn’t make a difference what the climate resembles or what day of the year you pick the market will always be open for their loved ones is one of the special things to do in Thailand.

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# 14 of 20 Things to do in Thailand – Go to a Full Moon Party in Koh Phangan:

Legend has it that a gathering of vacationers acknowledged one day that the most delightful perspective of the full moon was from the beach of Koh Phangan so they chose to hold a gathering. From that day on it turned into a foundation. Today up to 20,000 revelers go to the beach of Koh Phangan to celebrate every full moon with a gathering. The gatherings are a riot of color, music and constant drinking that appears to keep going forever. When you have to enjoy a reprieve from the dancing you can take a rest in one of the surrounding bars or go for a swim in the warm Gulf of Thailand.

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# 15 of 20 Things to do in Thailand – Fun visit at Phang Nga Bay in Phuket:

While going by Phuket you should visit Phang Nga Bay, the inlet houses in the district of 40 little islands that come straight out of the quiet ocean. There are such a variety of hollows, mangroves, and lagoons to visit while you are here that you will never have enough time to see everything. The ocean around there is peaceful and the narrows by its regular plan is shielded from a large number of the components during the storm season significance there is never a bad time to go. An ideal approach to see as much as you can is to run with a local Thai tourist guide who will be able to point out the things you do not want to miss in there things to do in Thailand.

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# 16 of 20 Things to do in Thailand – Go to Doi Suthep in Thailand:

Situated 12km outside of Chiang Mai, Doi Suthep is a mountain that stands at more than 5400 feet. The reason is that a many great people go to Doi Suthep is to see two things, right firstly the view over all of Chiang Mai which is stunning and worth the trip on its own, additionally to visit Wat Phra That Doi Suthep which is a temple going back to the thirteenth century. At the temple, there is a large white elephant shrine which has an entire story about it which you can find out about while at the temple. There are many steps to jump on the mountain and also the chance to take a tram, hope to spend an entire day on the mountain looking at the different things to see or things to do in Thailand.

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# 17 of 20 Things to do in Thailand – Visit Railay Beach in Krabi:

Railay beach is arranged in the south of Thailand in Krabi, it is not available by going to the mainland as the enormous limestone cliffs cut it off from society. The best way to arrive is to get a boat. The dazzling beach will unwind you like no other; there is not a single car here as there are no streets to drive on so it will simply be you, your visitors, lovely white sand, and the other relaxed tourists. In the event that you are into shake climbing, this is the place to be with a portion of the best educators in Thailand carrying out their specialty here. Your nighttimes can be spent in the peaceful shoreline bars getting a charge out of a couple of romantic drinks while watching the sunset. On the off chance that you are searching for a gathering this is not the place to come but if you want to spend a lovely time with your loved one then this is the right place to come is one of the romantic things to do in Thailand.

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# 18 of 20 Things to do in Thailand – Take a Trip to the City of Ayutthaya:

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Ayutthaya should be on your Thailand schedule. Initially, the capital of Thailand the city was established in 1350 when King U Thong moved to the city to get away from an outbreak of smallpox. Be that as it may, in 1767 the Burmese armed force walked on the city and destroyed about all aspects of it. The kingdom is broken down and was never the same again. The ruins of the city are preserved in the historical park and are positively justified regardless of a visit when in the country.

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# 19 of 20 Things to do in Thailand – Drink from a Coconut in Thailand:

All over Thailand, you will run over coconut sellers, remaining by the side of the street with their basic stalls, chopping board, and cleaver cutting tool. For only a couple baht you can arrange one and look as they cut deep into the flesh at the highest point of the coconut and removed a piece in the state of a square. A straw has included the square now the lid is replaced and you are prepared to drink the cool milk inside. Totally heavenly on a bubbling hot day, fewer things will quench your thirst as much as this. When you have finished drinking the milk in the event that you have a spoon you can scrape out the internal parts to enjoy the white flesh part that remains is also a most energetic thing to eat during hot weather that is why people enjoy this drink and must mention it into their things to do in Thailand list.

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# 20 of 20 Things to do in Thailand – Visit Erawan Falls in Thailand:

Arranged inside the Erawan National Park the Erawan Falls are a gathering of seven waterfalls the drop from the top waterfall to the last one is more than 1500m each having its own particular distinctive character. The water plunges over limestone cliffs and into lovely plunge pools, this has led to the landscape being sculpted by the water and it is genuinely wonderful. You can spend an entire day in the park trekking starting with one waterfall then onto the next, stopping there to take a swim in the pools where the water gathers to cool you is the best things to do in Thailand.

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