Things to do in Spain (Top 29) 

Spain, previously known as Hispania, as a country is so easy and yet so difficult to describe because of its diversity. It was previously a Muslim country, later became as Roman Catholic Christian country. It is located in Southwestern Europe, bordering the Mediterranean Sea, North Atlantic Ocean, and Pyrenees Mountains. It is the only country in Europe which shares the border with any African country. Spain shares its border with Morocco. Its climate is somehow hot and more moderate on coastlines. Temperature seems partly cloudy and cold in winters. It is a dynamic country full of historic art, adventure, world top notch parties, quality food, finest wines and Mediterranean beaches and much more. People speak Castillo Spanish language there. In this article, we are going to tell you the top 29 Things to do in Spain.

#1 of 29 Things to do in Spain – Visit La Sagrada Família and Gaudi Sites – Barcelona

At first, we are going to tell you the places to visit while you are in Spain. Antoni Gaudi took the architectural grace known as Art Nouveau a stage more distant, even, some have contended, into irrationality. The whimsical and silly structures he made in Barcelona have moved toward becoming milestones, the mark attractions of this Catalan city. Preeminent is The Sagrada Família church, formally the Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Família or the Holy Family Church of the Atonement. One of Europe’s most unpredictable places of worship, it is likewise incomplete. As you look down from its tower you can see the work in improvement beneath which is expected to be completed in 2026.

You may look futile for supreme straight lines in Gaudi’s Casa Milà, his last and most renowned common work. It takes after a bit of model more than a practical building. Make sure to climb to its rooftop – the stacks are said to have roused the picture of Darth Vader from Star Wars. Parc Güell sits above the city on a slope, the perspectives and patio nurseries encircled by fantastical animals like lizards, fish, an octopus and outlines in brilliant ceramic chard mosaics. A whimsical towered house close to the passageway is to a great extent shrouded in hued ceramic production. Dissimilar to most structures in the world, Gaudi’s allure even to kids and to grown-ups who couldn’t care less a thing about design, for one basic reason that it looks funny.

#2 of 29 Things to do in Spain – Tour The Alhambra and Generalife Gardens – Granada

Regardless of the amount, you have perused or what number of pictures you have seen of Granada’s Alhambra royal residences, this Moorish delight castle will even now blow your mind. The Nasrid tradition’s regal castle is the imaginative highlight of Spain’s Islamic period. When Al-Andalus as they called Andalucía, spoke to the exemplification of culture and human progress in Europe’s Middle Ages.

The Alhambra complex incorporates a few structures, towers, walls, gardens, and a mosque, yet it’s the unpredictable stone carvings, the fragile ornamentations, the superb tile-lined roofs, the smooth curves, and peaceful yards of the Nasrid castle that will frequent your fantasies. All things considered, the connecting castle worked for the Emperor Charles V, even in its incomplete state is the finest case of High Renaissance engineering in Spain. What’s more, Generalife’s terraced gardens offer a quiet reprieve from the loftiness and stunning perspectives back at whatever is left of the Alhambra.

#3 of 29 Things to do in Spain – Check out Mezquita Cathedral de Cordoba 

Once the main mosque of western Islam and still known as the Mezquita, Cordoba’s mosque is one of the biggest on the planet and the finest accomplishment of Moorish architecture work in Spain. Regardless of later adjustments that cut out its middle to construct a Catholic basilica at its heart, the Great Mosque positions with the Alhambra in Granada as one of the two most amazing cases of Islamic art and architectural engineering in western Europe.

#4 of 29 Things to do in Spain – Get lost in The Prado and Paseo del Artes, Madrid

The Prado alone positions with the world’s top art historical centers for the wealth of its accumulations. Be that as it may, include the Reina Sofia National Art Museum, the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum, and the CaixaForum, up and down Madrid’s mile-long, tree-shaded lane, and you have what might be the world’s most noteworthy convergence of invaluable artistic treasures. It’s no big surprise this is known as El Paseo del Arte – Boulevard of the Arts.

#5 of 29 Things to do in Spain – Catch the glimpse of San Lorenzo de El Escorial

San Lorenzo de El Escorial is around 45 kilometers northwest of Madrid. It was the late spring home of Spain’s rulers. in 1563, work was started there on an immense complex, which would incorporate a religious community, church, regal castle, resting place, library, and exhibition hall, all imagined as a landmark to Philip II and his rule. The outcome is an amazing gathering of attractions, worked around 16 courtyards, its rooms, and structures associated by 16 kilometers of hallways. At its center is the church, the highlight of which is Herrera’s 30 meter-high retablo, made of jasper and red marble and drew nearer by a flight of 17 stages.

Alongside the vaulted and frescoed roofs by Tibaldi in the rooms of the lower shelter, highlights of the religious community are the Panteón de los Reyes (the Baroque entombment vault of the Spanish lords) and the library, an amazing room additionally enhanced by Tibaldi frescoes. In the royal residence, make certain to see the Bourbon Suite, where the state condos of Charles IV are enriched with uncommon furniture and 338 woven artworks. Past are the workmanship filled private flats of Philip II. The Picture Gallery beneath has a huge gathering of fine artworks, including works by Hieronymus Bosch, Albrecht Dürer, Titian, Tintoretto, Veronese, Velázquez, and El Greco.

#6 of 29 Things to do in Spain – Visit Seville Cathedral and Alcazar

La Giralda tower, Seville Cathedral, and the Alcazar join to frame a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The tower is a minaret, a “perfect work of art of Almohad engineering,” as indicated by UNESCO. The house of God has more inside space than St. Peter’s in Rome and a 37-meter fundamental sacred place of cut statues totally canvassed in gold. The momentous tomb of Christopher Columbus is held overhead by a quartet of overwhelming figures. La Giralda, the symbol of Seville, started life as a minaret then turned into the mosque and what was left of this city’s Great Mosque has been devastated to manufacture the church building.

The Alcazar, on the contrary, was started by the Moors in 712 and preceded after the Christian re-success by King Pedro in the 1300s in the elaborate neo-Moorish style called Mudejar. The rooms and salons are amazing, and the patio nurseries a delight to walk around, shaded by fragrant orange and lemon trees. Connecting on the east is Santa Cruz, the previous Judaria (Jewish Quarter), an area of whitewashed homes, iron balconies, and blossom-filled patios.

#7 of 29 Things to do in Spain – Santiago de Compostela Cathedral

The grand church of Santiago (St. James) was found as a house and to respect the remainders of the saints. It has been the objective of pioneers since the Middle Ages, the zenith of their finishing the extremely popular Camino de Santiago. One of the remarkable landmarks of Early Romanesque engineering, the church building was worked in the vicinity of 1060 and 1211. although the Baroque changes of the outside in the sixteenth to eighteenth hundreds of years, the inside is still in the purest Early Romanesque style. You’ll see both of these periods at play as you enter the west front, through one of Spain’s most great church exteriors. Venture inside to confront the Pórtico de la Gloria, some portion of the old west front now hidden by the eighteenth-century veneer. This triple entryway is one of the biggest and most superb accumulations of the Romanesque model on the planet.

#8 of 29 Things to do in Spain – Get more artistic at Toledo’s Old City

Moorish, Gothic, and Renaissance artistic style blend and mix into a city that El Greco caught in one of his most well-known works of art. High on a rock slope and encompassed on three sides by the profound canyon of the Tagus River, it exhibits a dazzling profile; moving toward it from underneath is a remarkable sight. The design of the town, with its unpredictable example of limited avenues and various obscured rear ways, mirrors its Moorish past and the engineering of the Christian time frame is spoken to by the various houses of worship, religious circles, and hospices. This makes the old city a sort of outside historical center representing the historical backdrop of Spain, and it has been recorded by UNESCO as a major aspect of humanity’s social legacy. The Gothic house of prayer is magnificent, it’s inside luxuriously enriched, and the two synagogues in the air old Judaria are lavish in the Moorish style. While in that quarter, make sure to see the congregation of San Tome for its El Greco artful culmination.

#9 of 29 Things to do in Spain – Visit The White Towns of Andalucía

Balanced like spots of white icing on the precarious precipices of southern Andalucía, the White Towns are not quite recently wonderful; they talk about this present area’s long and captivating history. West of Gibraltar, mountains rise straight from the ocean and among them shrouds these White Towns, each on its peak. Most awesome is Arcos de la Frontera, whose court next to the Gothic church closes vertiginously in a 137-meter precipice, managing sees over a valley of olive, orange, and almond plantations. Its labyrinth of winding cobbled roads leads past bistros and art shops pitching stoneware production and ceramics to a Moorish mansion.

A sum of 19 of these towns of little white houses is in the territory around the Grazalema Nature Reserve. Grazalema and Zahara de la Sierra are two others worth seeing. A decent base in the locale is Jerez de la Frontera, home of flamenco and Andalucian pure blood. Also, Check out the old town of Istanbul Turkey.

#10 of 29 Things to do in Spain – See Flamenco during Feria de Abril

It’s enthusiastic. It’s uninhibited. It’s quite Spanish. ­Flamenco is the ­amalgamation of music, move, singing and finger snapping, and its best ­experienced amid Feria de Abril in Seville. Not two weeks after the city is covered in Easter penance, it wakes up in a festival of indulgence. Chill yourself off with a glass of sherry. At the point when the gathering winds down, make a beeline for Triana, one of the hotbeds in which the move was conceived.

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#11 of 29 Things to do in Spain – See the mountain El Teide – Tenerife

The most noteworthy top in Spain, this antiquated yet at the same time troubling well of lava is likewise one of Europe’s top common marvels. The Pico de Teide and the Caldera de las Cañadas are the huge volcanic hole, together with a frame the Parque Nacional del Teide, at the focal point of the island of Tenerife. An ideal approach to take them all in is by taking off above in a hot air balloon ride. You’ll get the chance to look into the pot of the huge, a glass of pink cava to hand.

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#12 of 29 Things to do in Spain – Visit the Birthplace of Picasso

Art lovers will be so happy and over the moon for the great Art in Spain as the country which gave birth to numerous fine artists like Gaudi, Miro, Dali, Tapies, and Pablo Ruiz Picasso. Museo Casa Natal is the house where the 20th century’s greatest artist was born and raised. It is situated in Plaza de la Merced, Malaga and can be visited on daily basis between 09:30 and 20:00. It also hosts the Picasso Foundation which comprises of a museum gallery of family memories, a library and a research center. The research center is devoted to the study of Picasso’s personal and work life. It is highly recommended for art lovers.

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#13 of 29 Things to do in Spain – Stroll around Plaza Mayor – Madrid

The excruciating beat of Spain’s lively capital city, Plaza Mayor has had a vital impact in Madrid life since the sixteenth century. Philip II granted the errand of outlining it to his most loved planner Juan de Herrera, the manufacturer of the Escorial. It has filled in as the phase for formal occasions like the declaration of another lord, the glorification of saints, the overwhelming of traitors – and open diversion, for example, chivalric competitions and bullfights. The bistros connecting onto it can be reached on foot, and the eateries shaded under its arcades are Madrid’s parlor, prominent meeting places for Madrileños and voyagers alike.

#14 of 29 Things to do in Spain – Visit Aqueduct of Segovia

This 800 meters long artificial roman conduit is located here for more than 2000 years. A visit to this place will guarantee for some great photos but it will take a few hours. Although after visiting this place you will still have plenty of time to go back and raid the famous tapas bars.

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#15 of 29 Things to do in Spain – Walk around La Rambla – Barcelona

Walking around La Rambla on an evening, you may presume that each and every one of Barcelona’s tenants was there with you. It’s certainly the place to be after work on a summer eve or on weekend. This tree-lined road cuts a green line. It is not a straight one, through the downtown area, extending northwest from the Columbus Memorial close to the port. The area to the Plaça de Catalunya is fixed with plane trees. It is a wide person on foot zone flanked by a tight street on each side. Alongside its bloom and winged creature markets, La Rambla has the various book and daily paper remains, and also eateries and bistros with outside tables. Road artists, musicians, living statues, and off the cuff entertainers all add to its energetic environment.

#16 of 29 Things to do in Spain – Go to the Guggenheim in Bilbao

The gallery itself is a lot of a bit of artwork as the work it contains. The contorting mass of metal, glass, and limestone glimmers on the River Nervión and is home to a comprehensive accumulation of contemporary art. Inside the plain, white walls you can remain before works by Mark Rothko, Andy Warhol, and Jeff Koons. Be that as it may, Bilbao isn’t only for artistic significant to others.

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#17 of 29 Things to do in Spain – Walk the World’s Scariest Pathway

Consistently, talented climbers and daredevil from around the globe come to test their adrenaline surge confines in the small Spanish town of El Chorro in the north-west of Malaga, where lies what a great many people call the “world’s scariest pathway”.

Introduced in 1921 by King Alfonso XIII, the one broad Caminito del Rey (King’s Little Pathway) runs 100 m over the Gaitanes Gorge.

Caminito del Rey, Things to do in Spain

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#18 of 29 Things to do in Spain – Visit Dinópolis in Aragon

Do you watch Jurassic Park Movies and dream of a world where it could be a reality? All things considered, visit Dinópolis, squint a bit, and you’ll be as close as you can get. It’s one of the biggest fossil science galleries on the planet, where you can stroll among the dinosaurs, see uncommon skeletons and keep an eye on the scientists in the genuine research center.

#19 of 29 Things to do in Spain – Visit the Only European Desert

Arranged in the region of Almeria and limited by the mountains of Sierra Nevada, Sierra de los Filabres, and Sierra de Alhamilla, the Desierto de Tabernas is one of Spain’s most staggering sights and the main genuine semi-leave in Europe. Portrayed by a hyper-bone-dry atmosphere and emotional lunar scenes, the Tabernas Desert has been utilized as a background for renowned western films, for example, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, or A Fistful of Dollars, to give some examples.

These days, the abandon plays host to Mini-Hollywood, a territory committed to an assortment of American Wild West attractions, including a few old western towns and the 30-hectare Oasis Theme Park, with its extensive zoo, brilliant prickly plant garden, pools, and eateries.

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#20 of 29 Things to do in Spain – Relax by the Mediterranean Beaches

Spain is genuinely honored with the staggering Mediterranean Sea on 3 sides and with the ocean and the drift comes to the stunning and wonderful Mediterranean shorelines. Spain has very nearly 3,000 recorded shorelines, the most in all of Europe. The shorelines are untouched by human presence and even today, exist in all their greatness. They are perfect, the water is all shades of blue and green and sand is white. It is absolutely a heaven. The resorts on the shorelines are less expensive in Spain than anyplace else in Europe and you can unwind on the shorelines, absorbing the sun. Dream life is standing by here.

#21 of 29 Things to do in Spain – Snowboard in the Sierra Nevada

Are you prepared to swap the sun lounger and Ignite for something somewhat more activity stuffed? Indeed, pack your thermals and ski jeans and make a beeline for the Sierra Nevada for some high-octane snowboarding. The best news is that you don’t need to give up the sun totally. Join with a trip to the Costa del Sol and you’ll defeat both universes.

ice skating, Things to do in Spain

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#22 of 29 Things to do in Spain – Go Camp Nou, Barcelona

You do not have to be a football fan to appreciate the Camp Nou Barcelona’s football stadium. It is the time to see your favorite and stellar football players like Cristiano, Messi, Suárez and Neymar roam around Camp Nou. Join crowds of FC Barcelona or Real Madrid supporters for a match at the team’s home ground and just remember which team you’re cheering for. You can tour the stadium, too, and The Camp Nou Experience is the most awesome experience.

#23 of 29 Things to do in Spain – Eat at the world’s Best & Old restaurant

Spain is home to very tasty food. So Put down the tortilla and push aside the paella. It’s a great chance you had the best supper on the planet. Girona’s El Celler de Can Roca has topped the World’s 50 Best Restaurants twice now, in 2013 and 2015. If you have Good fortunes of scoring a reservation, your most obvious opportunity is to drift over here the minute you came in. rest you can wait until the availability is released.

El Celler de Can Roca, Things to do in Spain Credit: Anonymous

#24 of 29 Things to do in Spain – Party in the World’s Biggest Nightclub

It does not shock anyone that Ibiza, the Island that never sleeps, plays host to the world’s greatest dance club. As expressed by the Guinness Book of Records, Privilege takes the position of royalty as the biggest place to party on Earth. Established in the 70’s as a bar and open swimming pool close to the town of San Rafael, the club has a limit of 10,000 individuals and is particularly renowned for its lavish vaudeville parties, gymnastic shows, dangerous climate, and the remarkable inhabitant and visitor DJs.

lbiza, Things to do in Spain

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#25 of 29 Things to do in Spain – Experience the Real tapas

Tapas has turned into a prevalent side interest and eating choice everywhere throughout the world, and numerous celebrated culinary specialists have hoisted these little, delectable segments to high skill, there’s no other nation on Earth that can match Spain’s tapas culture.

For a genuinely true ordeal go to Madrid or Granada, where the free tapas convention is kept alive in concealed tascas that have kept up their character as the years progressed. The genuine Spanish tapeo is substantially more than just sustenance. It’s a lifestyle, a national interest that includes eating, drinking, and associating in a well-disposed and simple air.

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#26 of 29 Things to do in Spain – Get the ultimate Alcohol and Drinks

Spain has dependably been referred to all through the world as a nation that considers its beverages important. A mug of beer each evening, a glass of wine each night, some sherry when you are sick of different wines and obviously, their celebrated sangria for when the summer gets terrible. Their way of life joins the liquor, beverages, and having a good time in it thus everybody in Spain is extremely cool with it. Spain is the third biggest maker of wine on the planet. Sangria, which is basically, wine with a few organic products in it. It is extremely refreshing on a hot summer day and their lagers are now known around the world. The Spaniards have a passion for wine. It is hardly considered as an alcohol. Wine is always accompanied with olives there.

Sherry-Aragona, Things to do in Spain

There is also another fact that Spaniards take proper daily naps between 1 pm to 5 pm.

#27 of 29 Things to do in Spain – Drink a Bharma Beer in the World’s First Lost Themed Bar

Must have watched the American TV show”Lost”, Bharma welcomes the fanatics of the mind-blowing arrangement with “Dark Smoke” sandwiches, Bharma Initiative mix brew, and bits of a destruction of Oceanic Flight 815 holding tight the walls. Arranged in Barcelona, this cool themed bar loaded with Lost memorabilia is a unique trial.

lost theme cafe. Things to do in Spain

#28 of 29 Things to do in Spain – Enjoy La Tomatina Festival

Spain is a place that is known for some celebrations. however, La Tomatina is a standout amongst the most famous and fun celebrations of Spain. La Tomatina is a celebration that is praised each year in Bunyol, Valencia in Spain. It is 60 minutes in length tomato nourishment battle in the city of Bunyol. It happens on the last Wednesday of August consistently. The tomatoes utilized here are of substandard quality. There are rules for this festival too.

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#29 of 29 Things to do in Spain – Watch Corrida De Toros (Bullfighting)

A game Spain is exceptionally renowned for is Bullfighting. It is a traditional Spanish practice game where bulls are brought into a ring and fight against a matador. In the Spanish style bull-fight, three matadors fight two bulls each out of six bulls. According to the Spanish Tradition, there are three stages/levels of a Spanish bull fight- Tercio de varas (lances third), tercio de banderillas (banderillas third) and tercio the Muerte (death third). The Bullfighting season remains from March to October in Spain. However this bullfighting has been going on in Spain since many ages, it is now under great pressure because of the excessive animal cruelty. The bulls suffer injuries and face a slow death as a result of this game. Still, it is the one special thing that Spain is known for all over the world and people from all over the world especially come to see this adventure.

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