Things to do in Richmond, Canada

Richmond is the fourth largest beautiful coastal city in the province of British Columbia, Canada. Richmond basically consists of small islands and believed to be at the mouth of Fraser River where it meets the Pacific Ocean. Biggest Island is Lulu Island here. Other biggest island is Sea Island is the location of Vancouver International Airport. It was the previous site of the long track speed skating events during the 2010 Winter Olympics. Richmond city is also covering the 15 other nearby small Island and Islets to the south and north. Richmond also has long alluvial soil for agricultural purpose. It is said that it was the first place where European farmed in the 19th century. It is just 25 minutes north of the US border and almost the same distance in the south to Vancouver’s downtown area. 218,307 people live in the Richmond city as of 2017 census. Richmond is a culturally diverse and geographically unique city with a balance of urban, suburban family, and rural areas.

Richmond is a dynamic, multi-ethnic community. It is a part of the Vancouver’s metro area and has about 60 % of the immigrant population which is highest in the whole Canada. Most of the population growth here are Asian immigrants. So clearly this city has much influence of Asian culture on everything. This beautiful city has stunning views of mountains, many waterfronts, and an up-standard urban living. This city is lively and has a unique significance to history. The first ever McDonald’s in Canada was opened in this very city of Richmond in 1967. Let’s check out the best Things to do in Richmond in this article.

#1 of 20 Things to do in Richmond, Canada – Wander into the Many Parks of Richmond, BC

Some people might not know this but Richmond, BC is sometimes referred to as the Garden City and the reason behind is the city’s more than 100 parks. Strange! The city has long beautiful green spaces throughout the city. It also has many waterways, beaches, and farmland. All of this makes it a garden-like city. Let’s check out some of the famous parks in Richmond, BC.

Minoru Park

It is located in the heart of downtown Richmond.  Minoru Park represents a beautiful oasis. There are many walking routes that roam around the park’s waterfalls, ponds, floral displays and the assortment of trees. One of the tourist attractions of the park is Minoru Chapel, which was one of the first churches here, built in 1891. The other highlights of this park include the Minoru Aquatic Centre, Minoru Arenas, the Cultural Centre, Richmond Library, Latrace baseball diamond, and the Clement Track.

Minoru Park, Things to do in Richmond, Canada

Credit: Ruth Hartnup

Garry Point Park

The Garry Point Park is just a short walk from Steveston’s center. This one is considered as the best places in Richmond to watch the sunrise and sunset. The whole park has grassy areas for family picnics. One highlight of this place is a Japanese-styled memorial Kuno GardenPeople can also try walk or kite flying activities in this park. The park has beautiful views of the Gulf Islands and Fraser River. The park provides spectacular views of the South Arm of the Fraser River and the Gulf Islands.

Iona Beach Regional Park

This beautiful Iona Beach Regional Park is located in the north-west area of Vancouver International Airport.  The park has unmarked trails along with the beach, trails are also sandy. There you can see many species of birds. It is a good place for couples to hang out there.

Terra Nova Rural Park

Terra Nova is another beautiful park in Richmond. this park is enriched with the natural setting and has stunning views of Fraser River, Pacific Ocean, and the nearby mountains. There are many activities to do for you. You can go for picnic or bird watching. This place also has a Terra Nova Adventure Play Environment in which you can experience many nature-related activities.

McDonald Beach Park

McDonald Beach Park is near Vancouver International Airport. McDonald Beach is the best park for your evening stroll. You can bring your dogs to this park and they can have a good time here in open spaces. This place has wooded trails for walking and a perfect setting for a picnic. you can even see the planes landing and taking off from the Vancouver International Airport.

Garden City Community Park

This Park has an Arboretum which is considered as the highlight of this park. This Arboretum has more than 100 species of trees that were collected from Pacific Rim and then planted here in a large area. This park also features a playground for kids. Age of 5 to 16 years kids can play here only.

Richmond Nature Park

Richmond Nature Park in British Columbia is also a beautiful park. The park has Nature’s House in which they produce honey and also exhibit some nature. It also has a gift shop. It has considerably long trails of walking. every trail is filled with natural wonders as you can see plants, trees, flowers, and different species of birds.Birds can be different in summer and winters.

Richmond nature park, Things to do in Richmond, Canada

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#2 of 20 Things to do in Richmond, Canada – Visit the Golden Village in Richmond, BC

The Golden Village is considered as the heart of Asian cultural life in Richmond, British Columbia. It offers some of the world’s best and most true Asian dining experience which is full of delicious foods. Cantonese, Northern Chinese, Szechuan, Thai, Korean, Vietnamese, and Malaysian cuisines are just the highlights of this place. You can get the famous Japanese tapas, fried chicken karaage, broth-filled xiao long bao soup dumplings, congee. Taiwanese noodles, plump with pork, a bowl of simple ramen, roti canai, and all sorts of Asian BBQs are available here. You will have the fresh seafood here.

Every road is filled with restaurants in the whole area of Golden village but the popular spot is Food Street also known as the Alexandra Road. You can find the unlimited variety of international cuisine reveals the City’s diverse ethnic mix and cultural heritage along with a wide selection of traditional family restaurants.

Yaohan food court, golden village, Things to do in Richmond, Canada

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#3 of 20 Things to do in Richmond, Canada – Try the Asian Influenced Shopping Experience at the Golden Village

The shopping experience at the Golden Village is different than the usual shopping. Golden Village has hundreds of shop in its four blocks and every one of them has an Asian influence. Best shopping destination would be largest Aberdeen Centre, Parker Place Mall, and Yaohan Centre. The latest fashion accessories, home accessories, Canadian products, herbs, and imported goods from the all four corners of the earth can all be found in this Richmond shopping district.

#4 of 20 Things to do in Richmond, Canada – Check out the Museums & Galleries in Richmond, BC

Richmond has a rich history. There are many places to see including, museums, Art galleries, and a cultural center. You can go to the Minoru Park and find the Cultural Center. This cultural Center host both Richmond Museum and the Richmond Art Gallery. The admission and car parking is free for locals. You can explore this city’s history through many exhibitions displayed within the museum. The Art gallery has many contemporary art pieces including, national, international and regional.

#5 of Things to do in Richmond, Canada – Visit the National Historic Sites in Steveston

Steveston used to be a small fishing village but now this is one of the important historic sites in Richmond. It has four important Museums.

Steveston fishing village, Things to do in Richmond, Canada

Credit: Arnold C 

The Steveston Museum

This was a Bank at first in the red, white, and creamy shade which was built in 1905. Now it has become the Steveston Museum and exhibits the history of Richmond. This building also serves as the Visitor Centre for Tourism Richmond and post office.

The Steveston Museum, Things to do in Richmond, Canada

Credit: Arnold C

Gulf of Georgia Cannery National Historic Site

The Gulf of Georgia Cannery was known as the leading producer of canned salmon in British Columbia. Now, it serves as the National Historic Site and a popular museum in Richmond. This museum represents the history of the West Coast fishing industry in BC, Canada through well interactive displays and interesting guided tours.

cannery national historic site, Things to do in Richmond, Canada

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Britannia Shipyards National Historic Museum

Britannia Shipyards National Historic Site is near to the Gulf of Georgia. This place shows the life of workers back in the day when Steveston fishing industries were active probably a century ago.

Britannia Shipyards National Historic Museum, Things to do in Richmond, Canada

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London Heritage Farm

Experience the century-old farming life at London Heritage Farm in Steveston. There are heritage gardens where you can pick fresh jams and tea in an afternoon. There is a museum here too. This place is a popular wedding spot too.

Steveston Salmon Festival is a signature popular event that held annually on Canada Day. This event includes a huge barbecued salmon sale in front of the Steveston Community Centre along with the parade. Local officials usually attend this festival as to hand out Canadian flags or a part of a parade.

Another Richmond Maritime Festival is also been happening here since 2004 at the Britannia Shipyard, National Historic Site annually. This is considered as the family event in the community where people enjoy an entertainment night with maritime heritage’s display and demonstration.

#6 of 20 Things to do in Richmond, Canada – See the Public Art in Richmond, BC

The public art program of City of Richmond’s uplift the beauty of public areas. There are more than 50 public art pieces that are located around the city’s public places. Some of the popular art pieces include these listed below:

Steveston Fisherman’s Memorial

This memorial is for fishermen who were lost at sea. It comprises of a tall net needle with a bronze mural of fish boats and sea life placed at Garry Point Park.

Steveston Fisherman’s Memorial, Things to do in Richmond, Canada

Credit: Wikipedia

Minoru Horse

It is a sculpture of the racehorse named Minoru, who won the 1909 Epsom Derby and was owned by King Edward VII. It’s placed at Minoru Park which was the former site of the Minoru Race Track.

Minoru Horse, Things to do in Richmond, Canada

Credit: Wikipedia

Water Sky Garden

It is consist of a zigzag bridge in red color, a water garden, and two very large net sculptures. This art piece is located outside of the Richmond Olympic Oval.

water sky garden, Things to do in Richmond, Canada

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Sei is a polished copper and silver sculpture representing a whale breaking out of the water. This one is located in the piazza of McArthurGlen Designer Outlet Vancouver Airport.

Dog Party

This Art piece represents a group of quirky steel figures of dogs which replicate the scenario of the off-leash dog area in the park east of the intersection of No. 3 Road & Dyke Road.

Some of the important pieces of Art are on display at the Vancouver International Airport. This includes The Spirit of Haida Gwaii: The Jade Canoe by Bill Reid and the Clayoquot Welcome Figures by Joe David.

#7 of 20 Things to do in Richmond, Canada – Check out the Theatre & Performing Arts in Richmond, BC

The creative spirit prospers among the people of Richmond, Canada. You can find many creative artist people in Richmond, Canada. They could be stand-up comedians, opera singers, musical or play actors and producers, the things is you will not be bored in this department for sure.  Some of the best theatres are:

Gateway Theatre  

The Gateway Theatre is a live performance venue located at the beautiful Minoru Park. This place is known for comedies, musicals, and dramas both classic and new. It is considered as the best theatre in the local community and has won standing ovations since 1984.

River Rock Casino Resort  

This one has been so famous that people from all around the world come here to play. River Rock Casino Resort has slot machines and table games and an amazing art venue to host the theatre performances. There are high-limit VIP rooms for special guests. The River Rock Casino Resort is located near the Canada Line Bridgeport Station in British Columbia.

River Rock Casino Resort,Things to do in Richmond, Canada

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Music in Minoru Chapel 

The Minoru Chapel was a church which was restored in 1891. Now it offers a unique art experience of world-class opera. This chapel also presents the mixes of Chinese and European classic operas.

#8 of 20Things to do in Richmond, Canada – See the Buddist Temple

Remember, when we said that Richmond has the high influence of Asia? Richmond has the second largest Buddhist temple in North America. It has a stunning architecture with ornamental fountains, gold statues, and lush green gardens. This temple somehow resembles the Beijing’s Forbidden City’s complex. This place has very calm vibes and considered as the sacred place of worship among the Asian community.

Buddist Temple, Things to do in Richmond, Canada

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#9 of 20 Things to do in Richmond, Canada – Visit the Richmond Olympic Oval

The Richmond Olympic Oval is a multi-sports arena located at the British Columbia, Richmond. This was built for 2010 Winter Olympics by CannonDesigns. It was opened on 12 December 2008 and the construction cost was estimated $178 million. It has now two ice hockey rinks, speed staking rink, running tracks, a rowing tank, climbing wall which can be used for man sports including indoor soccer, volleyball, basketball, and table tennis.

Outside this arena is Water Sky Garden. It is a basically sculptural environment which was designed by artist Janet Echelman. This garden has a complex but attractive design which includes a wetland pond, pedestrian bridges, fountains, and net sculptures.

Richmond Olympic Oval, Things to do in Richmond, Canada

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#10 of 20 Things to do in Richmond, Canada – Visit the Film and Television Locations in Richmond

Richmond, British Columbia has been very popular for featuring its locations for many films and Television production. It is time to visit at least few locations of your favorite TV shows. The Steveston village has been used as the Storybrooke in TV series Once Upon a Time.  It was previously used in many movies and TV series too including The 6th Day, Blade II, The X-Files, Smallville, Fial Destination, and Scary Movie series. Many other locations including Vancouver International Airport, Fantasy Gardens, WorkSafeBC building, and Aerospace Technology Campus of BCIT were used in many TV series and Films.

#11 of 20 Things to do in Richmond, Canada – Try Escape Room Games in Richmond, BC

If you are looking for an interesting game then you should really try your luck in Richmond’s indoor escape rooms. These rooms have the themed setting of an escape room. There will puzzles and games for you to solve and you will get a few challenges one by one to escape from this scenario. If you solve it then you can escape. It is a small group activity so you bring more partners to the game too. You can experience this game at the Xcape and Exit Canada.

#12 of 20 Things to do in Richmond, Canada – Try Archery Tag

This game is a mixture of basic archery, dodgeball, and paintball but you will use foam-tipped arrows in this game. You can play it at 6Pack Indoor Beach.It is very interesting game for everyone.   

archery tag, Things to do in Richmond, Canada

#13 of 20 Things to do in Richmond, Canada – Try Biking in Richmond, BC

Just like the whole Canada, Richmond offers great trails for bike rides. The city has over 80 kilometers (50 miles) of designated cycle lanes all over the city. These trails will take you to the city’s natural attractions and urban areas. These cycling trails are surely safe for any level of bikers at any age because of flat landscapes of Richmond.

biking, Things to do in Richmond, Canada

#14 of 20 Things to do in Richmond, Canada – Try Fishing in Richmond, BC

You will have the opportunity to try real fishing in Richmond, British Columbia. The waterways are filled with many fishes so there are many agencies who will provide the equipment of fishing and crab traps. You should probably go to the Gulf Island for the Ultimate experience.

#15 of 20 Things to do in Richmond, Canada – Try Geocaching in Richmond, BC

If you are a fan of treasure hunting activities then you should try geocaching in Richmond, BC. In this treasure hunt, you will have to use a smartphone or a GPS device. There are more than 30 hidden geocaches in Richmond throughout the whole city.  This activity is both for kids and adults. Families can also join.

geocaching, Things to do in Richmond, Canada

#16 of 20 Things to do in Richmond, Canada – Enjoy Water Sports

Since Richmond has many waterways so there are multiple spots for fishing, swimming, canoeing, rafting, boating, and kayaking in Richmond.

#17 of 20 Things to do in Richmond, Canada – Ride in Seaplanes

Avail the opportunity of riding in small seaplanes here in Richmond, British Columbia.

#18 of 20 Things to so in Richmond, Canada – Spas & Healing Meditation in Richmond, BC

Richmond, BC is a very concerned city in terms of proper health and fitness that is why the people who live in Richmond are healthiest and living long lives. Richmond has the life expectancy of 83.4 years which is considered higher even in Canada. While you are in Richmond, it is mandatory for you to visit the Spas and healing institutes here.


You can find the best Spas in Richmond City. these Spas are award-winning and world-renown for their services. Most of the Spas here are influenced by Asian Meditation techniques so you can try, Chinese pressure point massage, Thai massage, Shiatsu massage, and herbal body treatment in Golden village. The spas in Golden village are simple and small but every one gives friendly service. The Spas are also affordable for everyone here.

The Spa VERSANTÉ offers the luxurious treatment in the Richmond. It is one of a kind and It is located on Lansdowne Road.


Richmond, BC has many meditation options all around the city. In Richmond, Bodhi Meditation Center offers free classes and welcome everybody regardless of their beliefs. You can check their website for an updated information.

#19 of 20 Things to do in Richmond, Canada – Night Life at Richmond, BC

Richmond has a vibrant nightlife. You won’t experience the nightlife scene like this anywhere else. Richmond is home to many movie theatres, local trendy cocktails bars, hipsters lounges, and sports bars.  Apart from these, the whole area has many entertainment venues for everyone. You can spend whole night awake eating, drinking, and be playing.

#20 of 20 Things to do in Richmond, Canada- Enjoy the Asian Summer Nightmarkets in Richmond, BC

Richmond, British Columbia gives a distinctive “Far East meets West Coast” experience in which the Asian culture gets along with the charms and activities of Canada’s West Coast. In summer weekends, a popular and very crowded Richmond Night Market has held annually in Richmond. People can buy clothes, Toys, cell phones, and food. Everything is available with live entertainment.

A lot of people in Richmond, BC gather at the two-night markets on weekends. These markets are known as the illumination summer markets in which you can eat, drink, shop, enjoy live music and socialize just like a festival. These markets are held open air under the stars and held only o weekends, Fridays, Saturday, and Sundays.

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