Top 17 Things to do in Nepal

Nepal is a small country but offers you numerous things to experience in there. No matter if you are a scared pilgrim or a quest-lover, no worry at all if you are going with your family or simply spending gap year alone, you will always discover something stunning in this country because it is one of the best tourist countries that’s why people do a lots of things to do in Nepal during their travel.

Situated between the great Himalaya Mountains and the intriguing Indian jungles, Nepal is a land where things like yaks, sasquatches, mountain peaks and hidden monasteries have to appear to be seemingly normal. Ever since the country opened its borders to foreigners, it emerged as a captivating goal for explorers and trekkers of numerous types, many daring to the well-known Everest Base Camp. It’s rugged trails demonstrated unparalleled trekking openings while the interest of climbing Mount Everest was all that could possibly be needed to draw in mountain climbers from everywhere throughout the world.

Throughout the years, Nepal has likewise figured out how to design itself into a famous travel goal. Its rich regular excellence, noteworthy attractions, and immense social legacy have turned out to be the ideal blend of the ancient and the modern, slow-paced ways of life and frantic city life. No big surprise then that Nepal is included high on the rundown of travel trends for 2016 and beyond. Here we recommend you the Best 17 things to do in Nepal. Include your most loved your Nepal tour plan.

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#1 of 17 Things to do in Nepal – Trekking in Nepal:

Regardless of whether you are a tenderfoot or an experienced trekker Nepal is the place that is known for trekking and mountain climbing, offering a portion of the best trekking routes in the world. The 4 days Poonhill trek is one of the better short treks in Nepal; the Everest Base Camp trek is an incredible trek if having 12 days accessible; while the Everest Base Camp – 3 Passes trek or the Manaslu trek are a portion of the best enterprise treks in Nepal, taking you on supreme trekking routes in the midst of flawless nature. In case you’re into climbing yet need encounter we suggest Island Peak or Mera Peak. Both peaks achieve +6,000 meters and can be summated by peoples with no earlier mountaineering background, yet encouraging a testing experience and memory of a lifetime are one of the best things to do in Nepal.

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#2 of 17 Things to do in Nepal – Scenic Flight over the Himalayas:

Trekking in the enormous Himalayas may not be something that everybody is cool with. In any case, it doesn’t mean that you must miss the opportunity for meeting the most majestic peaks on the planet. A Himalayan all-encompassing mountain flight visit is the ideal way for getting a charge out of unparalleled eye-level views of those grand mountain peaks and watch the true Himalayan beauty unfold right in front of your eyes, including Mount Everest. Probably the most well-known peaks that can be seen through an all panoramic flight incorporate Mt. Gosaithan, Mt. Makalu, Mt. Gauri-Shanker, Mt. Dorje Lhakpa, Mt. Pumori and the Grand Daddy of all of them which is Mount Everest.

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#3 of 17 Things to do in Nepal – Visit Chitwan National Park in Nepal:

Chitwan National Park, the primary national park in Nepal, is thought to be another must-see goal in Nepal. More than 500 species of migratory birds call the park of their home, as do Bengal tigers, one-horned rhinos, and Asian elephants. It covers just about 332 square. miles and should be your most obvious opportunity with regards to seeing creatures, for example, tigers, bears, crocodiles, rhinos and, elephants while in Nepal. The most well-known bird sightings include kingfishers, heaven flycatchers, egrets and Brahmin ducks. The perfect approach to explore the Chitwan National Park is to go for a three-day trip and stay for 2 evenings at one of the hotels in the Chitwan. This additionally allows you to explore a typical Tharu village while in Nepal. This is one of the best things to do in Nepal and everyone love to experience it at least once in their lifetime.

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#4 of 17 Things to do in Nepal – ExploringPokhara in Nepal:

Pokhara, basically a lakeside town, draws in travelers, nature lovers and thrill seekers with its fabulous natural beauty, a variety of angling opportunities, mountain biking, energizing treks, for example, Poonhill, Annapurna Circuit and Annapurna Base Camp going to the peace pagoda, sunbathing and paragliding. It is one of those goals that you certainly wish to visit for the second time in your life. Drifting and strolling around the lakeside in Pokhara is certainly two of the top things to do in Nepal Pokhara.

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#5 of 17 Things to do in Nepal – Mountain Biking in Kathmandu Valley in Nepal:

Kathmandu won’t be one of those urban areas that offer bike-friendly locales to its visitors, yet there is no lack of biking opportunities once you head towards the east or the rim routes. One of the best and most difficult biking trips can be found in Shivapuri National Park. The earth streets that begin off at the Budhanikantha entrance are scarcely at any point used, and the testing patches in the middle of basically make riding all the all the more energizing. Those searching for easier options can explore the Bungamati, Godavari and Chapagaun streets, known for their quiet serene beauty and easy trails. Another prevalent option is Dhulikel, the beginning stage of the circuit which prompts the town of Panauti and the Namobuddha stupa. You might need to explore the Dakshinkali street biking alternative also. The area puts together an uphill ride with beautiful cultural attractions all around are one of the energizing things to do in Nepal and you can also experience tree adventures in there.

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#6 of 17 Things to do in Nepal – Kathmandu Sightseeing tour in Nepal:

The perfect way to explore Kathmandu is to have your own particular guide and lead a genuine Kathmandu sightseeing tour. Each and every turn over the valley introduces you with complex carvings, delightful pagodas, and humongous stone images. The zone is abounding with temples and places of worship and is by all accounts a living history museum. Therefore, it winds up noticeably difficult to comprehend what to explore and what to leave, given your interests and time limitations. A guide helps you pick the correct destinations and furthermore gives non-stop amusement the form of history and local folklore. A portion of the must-see attractions in Kathmandu Valley includes Pashupatinath Temple, Durbar Square, Swayambhunath Stupa, Boudhanath Stupa, and the Temple of Kumari these are coming to the list of best things to do in Nepal and best places to visit.

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#7 of 17 Things to do in Nepal – Mount Everest Helicopter Tour in Nepal:

In the event that an all-encompassing flight around the Himalayas doesn’t sound energizing, a helicopter visit crosswise over Mount Everest certainly will. This visit gives you a chance to get very close with the absolute most traditional Himalayan culture and admire majestic peaks, for example, Mt. Ama Dablam, Mt. Cho Oyu, and Mt. Pumori at the same time. The base camp of Kala Patthar is popular for its 360-degree panoramic views of captivating mountains from ground level are one of nature loving things to do in Nepal and everyone dies to see the beauty of Mount Everest.

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#8 of 17 Things to do in Nepal – Visit the Bardia National Park:

Bardia National Park is the biggest wild range in Terai. It boasts of beautiful wildlife and is thought to be what the Chit wan was around 17 years prior before it ended up plainly popularized because of tourism. The park covers around 968 SQ. km. of grasslands and Sal forests and is well known as one of the greatest extends of tiger living habitats in Asia. Aside from tigers, you can likewise look at 17 changed types of warm-blooded animals, for example, one-horned elephants and rhinos, Gangetic dolphins, crocodiles and more than 250 types of flying creatures, for example, the Bengal floricans and thesaurus cranes are one of the best things to see and do in Nepal.

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#9 of 17 Things to do in Nepal – Pashupatinath Temple in Nepal:

The Pashupatinath Temple was built a path back in the year 1696 on the banks of the Bagmati River. It is currently known to the most critical Hindu temple in Nepal. The temple was outlined in a great pagoda style, with an overlaid rooftop, four silver-plated doors, and delightfully carved rafters. Non-Hindus are not permitted inside the temple premises, but rather a look at Lord Shiva’s bull, Nandi, can be seen from the western passage. Regardless of the possibility that you are not permitted to enter the temple, its exteriors and surrounding ranges are surely worth investigating. Viewing the brokers and clerics approach their day by day schedules is thought to be an involvement in itself. Another intriguing marvel regardless of a few people may think that it’s awkward, is that the Pashupatinath Temple is likewise where the vast majority from the Kathmandu Valley are burned after they pass away. Interestingly with numerous Western countries, Nepal’s funerals are open – an altogether different convention yet in any case likewise outstanding. A visit to the Pashupatinath temple high is high on your list of things to do in Nepal.

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#10 of 17 Things to do in Nepal – Two Fun Day’s River rafting on the Bhote Koshi River:

The Bhote Koshi River offers one of the best and most energizing kayaking and boating enterprises in all of Asia. It is renowned for offering a portion of the best short waterfalls trips on the planet, and a two-day boating bundle is a perfect approach to understanding why individuals over the world yearn for the adrenaline rush that rafting has to offer there are come to their wish list of things to do in Nepal.

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#11 of 17 Things to do in Nepal – Trip to Patan in Nepal:

Patan, the second biggest town in the valley, is isolated from Kathmandu by the Bagmati River despite the fact that Kathmandu and Patan have especially integrated nowadays these days. What makes Patan so exceptional is that its history dates the distance back to the year 250 BC when the sides of the antiquated town were set apart by stupas. It is likewise home to a more prominent centralization of temples when compared with Bhaktapur or Kathmandu and dependably gives energizing structural marvels worth finding. A portion of the top attractions in Patan includes the Golden Temple and the Kumbeshwar Temple. Know however that a significant part of the ancient temples was laid down by the current seismic tremor in Nepal on April 25th, 2015.Don’t pass up a great opportunity for the Patan Museum that is housed in the Malla imperial royal residence. The historical center is home to more than 200 copper or plated statues of Hindu or Buddhist deities. The main highlights of the historical center are its yard including a red-block façade, wood carvings, a golden window and a golden door and the twelfth century seated Buddha.

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#12 of 17 Things to do in Nepal – Four Day trip to Kayaking Clinique down the Seti River in Nepal:

The Four Day Kayaking Clinique down the Seti River is thought to be the perfect approach to learning white water kayaking while at the same time explores the breathtaking natural beauty and riverside and scenery in the meantime. This visit begins at the Phewa Lake in Pokhara and carries on for three days along the Lower Seti River, before finally ending close near the Chitwan National Park. The Seti River kayaking visit is ideal for kayakers hoping to catch up on their kayaking abilities before challenging the more dominant and difficult Himalayan Rivers are one of the best things to do in Nepal.

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#13 of 17 Things to do in Nepal – Taste Diverse Cuisines in Nepal:

Kathmandu offers feasting encounters that range from the exotica of five-star menus to the roadside bistro encounter. Best of all, an assortment of worldwide cooking styles are offered inside strolling separation or a short drive to world-class restaurants and the price range does not consume a hole in the pocket. Chinese, India, Thai, Japanese, Korean, Mexican and Continental you’ll see them all here. Guests can likewise appreciate the real taste of indigenous cooking styles in the ethnic atmosphere of Nepali restaurants. Food joints and restaurants in the nooks and corners of Thamel are particularly famous among western guests. Many restaurants of Kathmandu and Pokhara offer the traditional song and dance performances by local artists. The tasty King’s Curd of Bhaktapur praised as the best street food in Nepal won’t be found anywhere else and people all around the world come there just because of their food and must come to their list of things to do in Nepal.

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#14 of 17 Things to do in Nepal – Experience Nepalese Meditation, Ayurveda, and Yoga:

There are many particular Ayurveda facilities, yoga classes, and meditation centers in Kathmandu, Lumbini and other traveler urban areas in Nepal, which will help you accomplish the different measurements of health-physical, spiritual, sensorial and mental, are one of the loving things to do in Nepal.

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#15 of 17 Things to do in Nepal – A Visit to Namche Bazaar in Nepal:

Namche is a residential area in Everest locale at the height of 3440 meters. Namche is the portal to Everest Expedition and Everest Base Camp Trek. In the event that you are not a trekker or a mountain climber, you should experience Everest locale by heading out to Namche. Namche is two days stroll from Tenzing-Hillary Airport, in Lukla.

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#16 of 17 Things to do in Nepal – Take part in Nepali Festivals:

If your visit to Nepal corresponds with any of the hundreds of celebrations in Nepal, try to become a part of the celebration and you will definitely enjoy their festival because you never experience such type of thing in your life before so visit Nepal and must attempt their celebrations at least once in your whole life. Many people travel Nepal only to become a part of their Festivals and this thing is to play an important role in their list of things to do in Nepal.

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#17 of 17 Things to do in Nepal – Sightseeing at Gokyo Lakes in Nepal:

With amazingly peaceful lakes and exceptional perspectives of Mt Everest, treks of the Gokyo Lakes are really huge. At the leader of the Dudh Kosi Valley, the Gokyo Lakes district offers an enticing contrasting option to the more notorious trails of Mt Everest. With more opportunity to adapt and a more peaceful, out of the way trail, the Gokyo Lakes climb is seemingly a standout amongst the most engaging alternatives for the enterprise trekker. Absorb the breathtaking views of Mt Everest and trail around stunning lakes, overlooked from the fabulous panoramas on the wonderful snow capped campsites. This trek through the Sherpa heartland is not to be missed in Nepal.

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