Things to do in Mont Tremblant

Mont Tremblant which translate in French as trembling mountain is beautiful city located in the Laurentian Mountains of Quebec province, Canada. Mont Tremblant is a part of the Laurentian mountain range and it is situated 130 kilometers northwest of Montreal and 140 kilometers northeast of Ottawa. Mont Tremblant city is greatly famous for its wonderful ski resort, the Mont-Tremblant Ski Resort and a race track called as Circuit Mont-Tremblant. The whole village area is surrounded by lush green forests, mountains, lakes which makes it a great place to do outdoor activities like hiking, fishing, cycling, playing golf or hockey, canoeing, and zip lines. There are not much of historic sites but due to its attractive natural beauty, this place is filled with local tourists and foreign tourists in summer and winter.

Mont Tremblant, Things to do in Mont Tremblant

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The Whole Mont Tremblant is basically divided into two parts. The ancient village area is now changed into the Resort which is some kilometers far from the foot of the mountain while the other half of Mont Tremblant includes the Mont Tremblant National Park, Domaine de la Forêt, a private area of Domaine Nansen, luxurious homes areas of Le Domaine du Géant and Domaine du Diable, and a new residential area of Versant Soleil. This place is open for exploration and offers many things to do. Let’s have a look at the best Things to do in Mont Tremblant.

#1 of 40 Things to do in Mont Tremblant – Skiing at the Famous Mont Tremblant Ski Resort

This place is especially known for the skiing sport. The resort has almost 654 acres terrain with 465 acres of artificial snow coverage where at a time 27,230 skiers can do skiing.  The skiing authorities here have installed a massive system of 1037 snow guns which produce snow continuously from November to April to the ski terrain snowy all winter along with 14 express ski lifts. In short, this is competitive with the European Ski Resorts.

You don’t have to be a pro to do skiing here as this place offers numerous options for beginners, intermediary and skilled people. You will be provided with instructors and the right equipment to do the skiing if you are beginners. They also provide airplane and chairlift tours for those who are not interested in doing skiing but want to see the skiing track.

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This place is an international renown ski destination and has won many awards so, it does not come cheap especially if you are going in the winter season. but there are other spots available for skiing in the surroundings of Domaine de la Forêt. It has access to ski trails but there won’t be any fancy services like the Mont Tremblant Ski Resort.

#2 of 40 Things to do in Mont Tremblant – Climb the Highest Peak in the Laurentians

Winter activities here in Mon Tremblant include the climbing at the highest peak in the Laurentians. The area is designated and trails are marked by the authorities. You can climb up with your skis too.

#3 of 40 Things to do in Mont Tremblant – Go on Riding Bicycles

The Mont Tremblant has many trails for bicycles of all level. Beautiful forests and breathtaking scenery keep the trails more interesting for them. You can try ridings in both winter and summer season. You can order your mountain bike at the base of the resort and go on finding the new trail challenge.

Bicycles, Things to do in Mont Tremblant

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#4 of 40 Things to do in Mont Tremblant – Explore the Alpine Area with Multiple Options

Since this place is all about natural beauty and outdoor activities, we suggest you try the Alpine tour of this place. You can choose any transport option you want including Dune buggy 4×4. This dune buggy 4×4 rides on snow but you will feel like a normal ride in a car.

#5 of 40 Things to do in Mont Tremblant – Try Snowmobiles Here

When you find so much snow here, you obviously wanna ride the snowmobiles here. These snowmobiles are safe to use and you can rent them from here easily.

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#6 of 40 Things to do in Mont Tremblant – Visit the Mont Tremblant via Gondolas

Since there is a lot of water and ice, visiting Mont Tremblant via gondolas in the clear cold is very peaceful and tranquilizing. Check out the Gondolas rides in Venice, Italy.

#7 of 40 Things to do in Mont Tremblant – Zip Trek Ecotours

Another style of visiting the Mont Tremblant is Ziptrek Ecotours. There are five zip lines and everything is safe so you can explore and enjoy this in a totally different way.

ziptrek ecotours, Things to do in Mont Tremblant

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#8 of 40 Things to do in Mont Tremblant – Have a Panoramic View of Mont Tremblant via Chairlift

For those, who are not doing ski, snowmobiling, and traveling in gondolas we suggest you to sit in a chairlift along with your partner and have a unique experience of panoramic views of Mont Tremblant.

chairlift, Things to do in Mont Tremblant

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#9 of 40 Things to do in Mont Tremblant – Helicopter Ride and Lakeside Romantic Evening Dinners

They Also provide a flying tour of the helicopter which gives you a whole new mesmerizing look at the region with information and complete guide. The pilots are so nice here. They will be very friendly and point out major attractions in the area and many estates owned by celebrities like hockey star Mario Lemieux and Michael Douglas. It will be a 10 to 20-minute flights but they will offer you the sceneries of the Diable River and the pedestrian Village, Lake Quimet, St-Jovite village, Gray Rockers, Iroquois falls and plenty other places. This is probably the best thing to do in Mont Tremblant.

Helicopter ride, Things to do in Mont Tremblant

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They also let you book a private helicopter ride and can take your anywhere near the lake for a beautiful romantic date. The helicopters are newly equipped and the feeling of being alone with your partner in the air is just awesome.  I would say must try this because it seems very special.

#10 of 40 Things to do in Mont Tremblant – Hiking in Mont Tremblant

Although hiking in winter season seems strenuous but here it means enjoying the beautiful snow. Discover the beauty of this great Laurentians mountain range via 11 trails ranging from 1 km to 11 km for hikers. There are three main places for winter hiking. Hikers can walk along the D1 Trail in Le P’Tit Train du Nord’s Linear Park, which crosses from the Laurentian Mountains to Mont-Tremblant. Secondly, we have Domaine Saint-Bernard’s ecotourism center’s two-kilometer trail to the lake, which is perfect for winter couple walks. Finally, there are over six kilometers of hiking and walking trails that lead to idyllic lakes and to the slopes in Quebec’s first national park, Parc Du Mont-Tremblant. Hikers of all levels can try this. Go through the Mont Tremblant’s  waterfalls, lakes, and streams, the trails here will offer open and shaded areas and will give you the opportunity to look at spectacular views at every turn along with very innocent deers on your way.

hiking, Things to do in Mont Tremblant

#11 of 40 Things to do in Mont Tremblant – Go to Parc de Mont Tremblant

It is one beautiful natural park which allows people to experience the stunning beauty of this place on foot. It is the first largest natural park in Quebec, Canada. The whole parks cover many lakes, waterfalls, forests, streams, mountains, wildlife animals, and beautiful landscapes. It has numerous options for fun including Camping in huts, Hiking, Canoe-camping & rental etc.

Parc de Mont Tremblant

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#12 of 40 Things to do in Mont Tremblant – Visit of Bison Reserve

Another opportunity of experiencing a unique moment is the visit of Bison Reserve. This is the largest terrestrial mammal in North-America. This species is threatened with extinction so there is your chance to participate in their preservation. All you got to do is attend a call of the guide and then feed them during a 15-minute tenure.

#13 of 40 Things to do in Mont Tremblant – Casino De Monte-Tremblant

This gleaming casino is rising because of its outclass architectural decor, entertainment, and friendly setting. It is located in the heart of Versant Soleil. It is housed in an alpine-style building. It offers the magnificent view of the mountains.  It is accessible through gondola ride. The casino is open for 7 days throughout the week but the tables open at 1 pm on Monday to Friday but for Saturdays and Sundays at noon. They have 500 slot machines, one restaurant, 2 great bars, and a stage where you can see performances on weekly basis. Altitude Seafood Bar and Grill is very famous food point here, especially for Sunday brunch.  The excitement here is worthy of your visit.

#14 of 40 Things to do in Mont Tremblant – Join the Race at Club de Course à Pied Magasin de la Plac

Many people from around including beginners, intermediates, and expert level are invited to join Tremblant’s own road running club which goes by the name of Club de Course à Pied Magasin de la Place. The members of the Club do practice runs on area roads at noon, every Tuesdays and Thursdays. Each running practice outside includes a 3- to a 6-km practice run on roads near the resort and a useful piece of advice.

#15 of 40 Things to do in Mont Tremblant – Join Trail Running at Club de Course en Sentier Salomon

Another Club de Course en Sentier Salomon is a trail running club. They have the same criteria for running trails as the above but they do run on Wednesdays and Fridays around the mountain.

trail running, Things to do in Mont Tremblant

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#16 of 40 Things to do in Mont Tremblant – Do Cross-Country Skiing

You are provided with more than 110 km of cross-country trails in 65 kilometers of fresh powder here. This is for both beginners and experts to discover the surrounding nature on their own in this city.

cross-country-skiing- Things to do in Mont Tremblant

#17 of 40 Things to do in Mont Tremblant – Watch the DogSledding at Mont Tremblant

Dogsledding is not a common thing but a very unique and lively experience at the Mont Tremblant. Bring your family with your and watch the dogsledding. You can also take one of our dogsledding carts with you to roam around the Mont Tremblant valley, mountains or river. This will be a memorable experience.

DogSledding, Things to do in Mont Tremblant

#18 of 40 Things to do in Mont Tremblant – Horse-drawn Sleigh Rides

Nearby Mont Tremblant Ski Resort, you can find Horse-drawn Sleigh Rides. They have been doing this since 90’s and will take you to snowfields through forests. you will be entertained with hot chocolate, local music and stories.

Horse-drawn Sleigh ride, Things to do in Mont Tremblant

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#19 of 40 Things to do in Mont Tremblant – Have Fun at AkroPark

The Akropark has a fixed module structure which is 30 feet long, 20 feet high and 15 feet large. In this structure,  kids and adults are the participants and they can move from one platform to another by using means of 6 different types of suspended bridges and games. That includes two different log bridges, monkey bridge, stability beam suspended ropes, and fishnet. This is a perfect place to bring your kids and have fun trying these activities with them. This one is not allowed for small children. It is only for 17 years and above that age.

#20 of 40 Things to do in Mont Tremblant – Call a Bird of Prey

If you have a love for birds then this might be an interesting opportunity for you. With the help of a falconer, you can call a bird of prey on your gloved hand. This is your chance to take a selfie with the bird of prey.

Call a bird of prey, Things to do in Mont Tremblant

#21 of 40 Things to do in Mont Tremblant – Enjoy Picnic at the Beach of Lake Tremblant

If you visit in summer then please do enjoy the stunning views of Lake Tremblant. It is surrounded by mountains and forests. The water is clear and calm. There are multiple activities that are waiting for you at the sandy beach of Lake Tremblant.

Tennis and volleyball are common sports here. You will see the many tennis and volleyball courts here.

volleyball, Things to do in Mont Tremblant

Kayaking, canoeing, swimming, and sup paddle boarding is allowed under supervised lifeguards around the lake.

Kayaking, Things to do in Mont Tremblant

You can also take a cruise ride on Le Grand Manitou II while listening to the local ancient stories.

Cruise Boat, Things to do in Mont Tremblant

Fishing here gives you an unforgettable experience.

Other options for beach chairs, umbrellas, restrooms, showers, bar, snack bar, boat rentals, and boutique are available too. This is a perfect place for couples to hang out and have fun but it is also a family picnic spot.

#22 of 40 Things to do in Mont Tremblant – Try Golf at Mont Tremblant

If you are visiting in summer season then you should really enjoy the golf in the surrounding areas of Mont Tremblant. The Golf courses in Domaine du Diable area and Le Géant area are magnificent achievements of great architectures. This whole golf course is filled with lush green plateaus, beautiful scenic beauty and playing here is like a dream come true. This is like a unique experience of golf which you will never have anywhere else. So, just keep your focus on the ball as there is already plenty of distractions by nature. You will get the golf equipment from these golf courses on the rental basis. They also have a school where they teach people to play golf.

Golf, Things to do in Mont Tremblant

If you don’t feel like playing golf on these golf courses, you should try mini- golf at the south side of the mountain.

#23 of 40 Things to do in Mont Tremblant – Have Fun at The Aquaclub La Source

It is a family-friendly spa and gym complex located the center of the pedestrian village. This place is full of activities. You will also have special spa arrangements here. You can’t miss the blue outdoor whirlpool and many indoor hot tubs. Other related items like a towel, shampoo, a hairdryer, soap will be available here. Fitness center has all the equipment along with the access to the locker. There are also options for dining and parties receptions. different packages are available for families, couples, and for single folks.

Aquaclub La Source,Things to do in Mont Tremblant

#24 of 40 Things to do in Mont Tremblant – Try Bungee Jump

Enjoy your adrenaline rush of bungee jumping in the Tremblant without any risk. the spots are beautiful and seeing the people enjoy many sports you would wanna enjoy too.

bungee jumping, Things to do in Mont Tremblant

#25 of 40 Things to do in Mont Tremblant – Horse Riding

Horse Riding in the snow-covered fields is also available here for kids and adults both.

horse riding, Things to do in Mont Tremblant

#26 of 40 Things to do in Mont Tremblant – Ice Climbing

Since this place is a paradise for winter activities, try ice climbing here in freezing temperature.

Ice climbing, Things to do in Mont Tremblant

#27 of 40 Things to do in Mont Tremblant – Go to Ice Fishing Expedition

You may have done a regular fishing so many times in your life but the Ice Fishing expedition here will be among the unforgettable memories. Authorities staff will give you the guide to drill several holes in the ice and pick some fishes from the frozen waters.

Ice fishing, Things to do in Mont Tremblant

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#28 of 40 Things to do in Mont Tremblant – Enjoy Ice Skating

Snow parks in Mont Tremblant attract many people to involve in the activities of Ice skating, Snowboarding, Sliding, snow tubing, and skiing. Just grab your equipment kit and enjoy for yourself.

ice-skating, Things to do in Mont Tremblant

#29 of 40 Things to do in Mont Tremblant – Rock Climbing

The alpine setting of this area will give a perfect opportunity for rock climbing here. You will be provided with the basic guide of rock climbing too.

rock climbing,Things to do in Mont Tremblant

#30 of 40 Things to do in Mont Tremblant – Sliding on Snow

For some mountainside fun that doesn’t involve skis or snowboards, try slide tubing. Aventures Neige is considered as the best spot in Mont-Tremblant which offers eight different slides and two mechanical to enjoy. Mont Tremblant Ski Resort also offers sliding evenings as a family-friendly event at the foot of the mountain every night. The best part is that its free for those who are staying at the village.

sliding on snow, Things to do in Mont Tremblant

#31 of 40 Things to do in Mont Tremblant – Try Karting

You can have kart training with the Enduro-Kart in Mont Tremblant. It is an ideal way to learn the basics of circuit driving. These Karts are powered by four-stroke 9.5 HP engines and can reach over 90 km/h. Awesome right!

karting, Things to do in Mont Tremblant

#32 of 40 Things to do in Mont Tremblant – Skyline Luge in Mont Tremblant

There you will have an opportunity of Skyline Luge. Enjoy as much as want with these gravity adventure rides in the alpine areas.

#33 of 40 Things to do in Mont Tremblant – PaintBall

You can do paintballing here too. There are fifteen different scenarios that include The Bus, The Fort , and The Sniper. All of these provide a variety of matches and continuous action. You can enjoy the thrill of paintball target shooting in a fun and safe environment for many hours long. It starts with first easy targets in short range then tough targets of different shapes and distances. Participants can do a speed competition here to learn more precision and skills.

paintball, Things to do in Mont Tremblant

#34 of 40 Things to do in Mont Tremblant – Rafting

It is an exciting summer activity in Mont Tremblant. There are many spots available for solo and families upon Rouge River. It is one of the most popular activities of Quebec’s people that you can experience in the whitewater rafting rivers in North America.

#35 of 40 Things to do in Mont Tremblant – Rent a Romantic Treehouse

Forests offer many tree adventure games for everyone there. There are many Treehouses available for rent. You can book one for yourself and spend a night in the wild forest in a classic style.

Tree adventures, Things to do in Mont Tremblant

#36 of 40 Things to do in Mont Tremblant – Fly Board

With many other water sports, you can try Flyboarding in Mont Tremblant in summers. There are many certified professionals to help you with that.

flyboard, Things to do in Mont Tremblant

#37 of 40 Things to do in Mont Tremblant – Tonga Lumina

Tonga Lumina is an adventure which is new sensory experience in the forest. It is produced by Moment Factory. In this adventure, there is a 1.5 km walk in the search of the long-lost giant is included. The path will be illuminated and it goes through the natural trails through wood, stream bridges etc.

#38 of 40 Things to do in Mont Tremblant – Relax at Scandinavian Spa

Who does not love a good massage or a good spa experience? Everyone loves it. When you are all tired of full-day activities then its time to relax at Scandinave Spa. It’s located beside the Diable River. They have specialized in hydrotherapy in which you soak in a hot tub and then into freezing cold tub all surrounded by nature but it is a Scandinavian tradition.There are many different relaxation areas including fire pits with big comfy chairs or shaded beds. The spa offers several massage treatments and packages for all types of people. One thing is guaranteed that you will get the full relaxation and reinvigoration experience.

spa, Things to do in Mont Tremblant

#39 of 40 Things to do in Mont Tremblant – Eat

Mont-Tremblant has plenty of places to eat in the little village at the base of the mountain. Just roam around the pedestrian village and you will find many restaurants, bars, and nightclubs. You can find everything here. Notable Eating places are listed below:

  • Le Bernardin
  • Trattoria Di Lago
  • Brûlerie Saint-Denis
  • Crème de la Crème
  • Yamada
  • Ô-wok
  • Le Shack
  • Le Chalet du Smoked Meat
  • Aux Truffes
  • L’Avalanche
  • Les Artiste
  • Fat Mardi’s
  • La Savoie
  • Pizzatéria
  • Bullseye Bar & Steak House
  • Resto-bar Casey’s
  • Sugar Shack is another spot here where you can have anything with the taste of maple syrup. Also, buy some souvenirs from this shop.

food, Things to do in Mont Tremblant

Popular Bars

Le Diable: This one is a popular local microbrewery which has half a dozen of their own brews. Every brew tastes so good along with its the presentation. On a plus side, they serve portions of ribs and sausages. Come here and you won’t be disappointed.

beer, Things to do in Mont Tremblant

Le P’tit Caribou: This one is great for dancing and mingling all night. Have a great party here.

#40 of 40 Things to do in Mont Tremblant – Shopping at The Pedestrian Village

When you need a break from all the activities in cold, just go to the Mont-Tremblant’s European-style village also known as The Pedestrian and do some shopping. There are many retail outlets, including boutiques and larger chain stores. Ludivine is a popular women’s clothing store featuring German and Italian designers. You can find many high-end winter clothing and sports types of equipment here. Note that shopping here can be very expensive.

shopping, Things to do in Mont Tremblant