Things to do in Karachi

Karachi is Pakistan’s most populous city and the capital of Sindh province. It is also considered as the sixth most populous city in the world according to the Wikipedia. Karachi is situated on the Arabian Sea and serves the two main and busiest seaports in Pakistan, Port bin Qasim and Port of Karachi. It has Pakistan’s largest and busiest Jinnah International Airport too. The airport is named after the founder of Pakistan Muhammad Ali Jinnah who was born in Karachi. The Karachi city was found in 1729 as a small village named Kolachi. The village got a drastic change after the arrival of renowned British East India Company in the mid of 19th century. They developed the city by doing some major reforms like establishing an extensive railway network and making the major seaport here. Following the independence of Pakistan in 1947, hundreds of refugees have come into this city from India, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, and Myanmar. Now, Karachi is home to 14.9 million people including immigrants and refugees according to the 2017 Census of Pakistan.

Karachi is considered as the most secular, liberal, and diverse city of Pakistan. It was known as the “City of Lights” because of its vibrant nightlife. Now, it is home to Pakistan’s film and drama industry. Karachi is the industrial and financial hub of Pakistan which generates up to 20 % of Pakistan’s Total GDP. Karachi has an arid climate which gets moderated by sea breezes. There are many reasons to love Karachi, let’s have a look at best Things to do in Karachi.

#1 of 33 Things to do in Karachi – Enjoy Picnic at French Beach in Karachi

In Pakistan, Karachi is pretty much popular for its handful of beaches. One of the beautiful beaches is French beach. It is located in between the other famous beaches Hawks Bay and Paradise Point and much cleaner than the other two. It is surrounded by beautiful rocks and cliffs which create a perfect enjoyable beautiful scenery for the people. The boundary is actually dotted with many huts there. These beach huts are available for rent and people can enjoy a picnic or their night parties here on the beach. See our post on World’s Most Beautiful Beaches too.

French Beach, Things to do in Karachi

#2 of 33 Things to do in Karachi – Have a Glimpse of Karachi’s Skyscrapers 

Habib Bank Plaza was the tallest building in Karachi and normally used as a landmark for about 4 decades in Pakistan. Now the tallest building is the Bahria Icon Tower in Karachi. It has 62 storeys and it was inaugurated in 2016. Bahria Icon Tower is followed by the Orchid, Ocean Towers, and MCB Tower.

bahria icon tower, Things to do in Karachi


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#3 of 33 Things to do in Karachi – Visit Bahria Town Karachi and See Asia’s Largest Dancing Fountain

Since the visit of Jeremy Mclellan in Pakistan in 2017, his snaps in Bahria Town Lahore have made some people see the positive architectural side of Pakistan. Well, Bahria Town Karachi is much bigger and beautiful than Lahore.  There is Asia’s largest dancing fountain which was inaugurated in April 2017.  This super beautiful fountain is designed by renowned architecture designers who have designed France’s Futuro Scope, Singapore’s Santoza Fountain, Shanghai’s Disney Land Park, Fountain and Dubai Canal. Its specification includes more than 250 fountain jets installed in this fountains along with 180 height-jets and two water scanners.  Also, there are  350 LED lighting projections, laser, and flamethrowers in the fountain.

#4 of 33 Things to do in Karachi – Visit the Iconic Masjid e Tooba

Tooba Mosque or Masjid e Tooba is the religious sight in Karachi and it is famous for its beautiful single dome architecture. It is a popular tourist attraction in Karachi. It is fully constructed with white marble and has no central pillar. It is rated as the 18th biggest mosques in the world with the capacity of 5000 people at once. It is located in DHA Karachi.

Masjid e Tooba, Things to do in Karachi

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#5 of 33 Things to do in Karachi – Visit the Mausoleum of Quaid-e-Azam

The Mausoleum of Quaid-e-Azam is considered as one of the most important sights in Karachi. Quaid-e-Azam is an honorary name of the founder of Pakistan Muhammad Ali Jinnah. He was a great Muslim politician of Pakistan. This mausoleum was built in his honor here in Karachi. Karachi was his birthplace and it was the Capital of Pakistan during his time. The mausoleum is a white tomb building. The mausoleum is guarded at all times. The ceremonial changing of the guards here is a very exceptional experience to watch on Founder’s day or any other historic day.

Tomb of Quaid e azam, Things to do in Karachi

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#6 of 33 Things to do in Karachi – Tour of Mohatta Palace

This is a beautiful historical Palace that was built in 1927 by Shiv Chandraratan Mohatta on the posh seaside area of Clifton, Karachi. Mr. Mohatta was a businessman from modern-day Rajasthan, India and he made this palace as his summer house.  It is a piece of art as Mohatta built this palace by using the pink Jodhpur stone along with yellow from Gizri in the tradition of stone palaces in Rajasthan. He lived here for two decades then moved to India following the independence of Pakistan.

Mohatta Palace, Things to do in Karachi

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This Palace now serves as a small museum and has many sculptures from the British rule time period.

#7 of 33 Things to do in Karachi – Stroll at Frere Hall

It is a Victorian Gothic Style architecture building which dates back to 1800, probably when this area was under the British rule.The building has a state of the art classic look. The surrounding area is furnished with beautiful gardens and grounds. You can have pictures of this historic building and stroll in the gardens and ground.

Frere Hall, Things to do in Karachi

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#8 of 33 Things to do in Karachi – Camel Ride & Bugghy Rides at Clifton Beach

Although this beach is overcrowded on weekends and usually a rushy place to spend your evening time the camel ride, horse ride, and bugghy rides on a beach are such experiences that you don’t want to miss. So, come here and enjoy on the beach with a lot many local food stalls of Gol gappay and good corn.

camel at clifton beach, Things to do in Karachi

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#9 of 33 Things to do in Karachi – Breakfast at Sea-view McDonald’s

Since Karachi has an ocean edge and people love to eat good food, the sea view McDonald’s is their favorite place. We suggest you have breakfast at the sea view McDonald’s because of its beautiful location, lush green grounds, gushing sound of the nearby sea, cool breeze, and of course the beautiful sunrise by the sea. Try this and let us know your experience here.

seaview McDonald's, Things to do in Karachi

#10 of 33 Things to do in Karachi – Go for Crazy Shopping at Dolmen Mall, Clifton

Dolmen Mall in Clifton is a famous point of interest among the majority of people there including celebrities. It has international standard shops and food court. With the best food quality, shopping range, and entertainment experience all available under one roof, this place is highly recommended for everyone.

Dolmen mall clifton, Things to do in Karachi

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#11 of 33 Things to do in Karachi – A Memorable Dinner at Do-Darya

If we talk about the ultimate best place in Karachi then probably it is Do-Darya. It’s not only the food that is great here but the whole open air, seaside sitting while gazing at water experience is what gives us the best enjoyable moments. It is situated on the main Sea view road and the restaurants are actually built on the water. This Place is filled with many restaurants with their amazing delicious food options and outdoor setting.  This place is famous for memorable dinners.

do darya, Things to do in Karachi

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#12 of 33 Things to do in Karachi – Have Fun Riding in Rickshaw or Super Sawari Tour

If you are from a developed country then this might be your biggest adventure and one of best things to do in Karachi otherwise just a regular ride. Hop in a rickshaw and have a great time. Rickshaw drivers are mostly nice here but always follow precautions and know your destination by doing some research. Just look like that you know where you are going and don’t wear too expensive cloth. Try to look average and accompany with any brown local you know.

Another option is to ride in Super Sawari. Super Sawari is basically a city tour bus painted with the original truck art of Pakistan and it’s awesome.

super sawari tour, Things to do in Karachi

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#13 of 33 Things to do in Karachi – Tour the Pakistan Air Force Museum

Pakistan is known for best Pilot is the world and the Pakistani nation love their heroes. The Pakistan Air Force Museum is equipped with Military and Air Force history for anyone who is interested. This museum dedicates the tribute to all Pakistani war heroes here throughout many of the exhibits. There is also the number of old fighter planes and other antique jets displayed to get the maximum attention. Some of the spare parts of aircrafts are also on display to show the actual mechanism of a flying airplane. This place is equally good for kids and adults.

PAF museum, Things to do in Karachi

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#14 of 33 Things to do in Karachi – Teen Talwar Monument

Three Swords or Teen Talwar is a monument near Clifton Karachi. Former president of Pakistan Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto approved this monument to represent his political Pakistan Peoples Party’s electoral symbol of a sword. The initial idea was to show three swords in the PPP’s electoral colors (black, green and red). Later this concept was changed to white marble.

Teen Talwar Monument, Things To do in Karachi

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#15 of 33 Things to do in Karachi – Visit the Museum of State Bank Pakistan

Museum of State Bank Pakistan represents the history of state bank through the years. Here, you can find old currencies, stamps, coins, and an art gallery. It is Pakistan’s first Money Museum. This Museum consists of seven main Galleries

(1) History of State Bank of Pakistan (2) Currency Gallery I & II (3) Coins Gallery – I & II (4) SBP Governors (5) Stamp Gallery (6) Art Gallery

museum of state bank of Pakistan, Things to do in Karachi

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#16 of 33 Things to do in Karachi – A Day Trip to the Dream World Resort

This Dream World Resort is one of a kind resort in Karachi. It is located in Gushan-e-Maymar and a great place to hang out with family. It is for members only as they have revised their status but you can go in with a member as a guest if you like. It is a perfect getaway for the weekend as it offers multiple options for activities for both adults and kids including swimming, sailing, crazy thrilling water slides, bowling, go-carts etc.

dream world resort, things to do in karachi

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#17 of 33 Things to do in Karachi – Spend an Evening at Port Grand

People of Karachi are a big foodie just like most of the country. Another beautiful place that is set up to serve a variety of continental food along with the view is Port Grand. It is a kind of food street. If you want to eat any continental food, this is the place you should go as they serve Italian, Chinese, Thai, Desi, desserts and much more. Sunset from here is a beautiful thing to witness while you are in Karachi.

Port Grand, Things to do in Karachi

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#18 of 33 Things to do in Karachi – Visit the National Museum of Pakistan

It is considered the biggest museum of Pakistan. It was established in 1950. It has 11 galleries including the famous Quran Gallery which has more than 300 copies of Quran.  Among these, there are around 52 rare manuscripts that are on display in Quran Gallery. Also, Some 70,000 publications and more than 58000 collections of coins can be seen in this museum.

National_Museum_of_Pakistan,Things to do in Karachi

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#19 of 33 Things to do in Karachi – Visit Empress Market

This market has a historical significance that dates back to 1884 to 1889 when this market was constructed under the British rule. It was named to commemorate Queen Victoria, the Empress of India.This market is located at Saddar Town Karachi. This market has everything you need in your life.

empress market, Things to do in Karachi

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#20 of 33 Things to do in Karachi – Boat Sailing at the Marina Club

Marina Club is located in the Defence Phase 8, south of the Karachi. The experience here is worth your while. The shores here are very calm and relaxing other than the citywide noise and rush. just hp on the deck and feel the amazing vibes. You can rent a speedboat and go for sailing for the more thrilling experience if you want to.

DHA, Marina Club, Things to do in Karachi

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#21 of 33 Things to do in Karachi – Enjoy Picnic at the Sunway Lagoon WaterPark

This beautiful water park is located on the National Highway and a perfect place to hang out for a picnic. Although this place is nowhere near the Sunway Lagoon in Malaysia but it is pretty much great for local charm. This Sunway Lagoon Waterpark is not exclusive for members only. Due to reasonable price and location, it is crowded on weekends so check out this place on Fridays and Saturdays.

sunwaylagoonwaterpark, Things to do in Karachi

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#22 of 33 Things to do in Karachi – Wonder at Chaukhandi Tomb

Since burial above the ground is mostly associated with Egypt this may come as a surprise to you but you can find just such a place near Karachi. The tombs slabs were carefully crafted in intricate patterns, different colors, and in different drawings. It is said that these were constructed from 15th to 18th century. According to common myths there, this graveyard is haunted and not recommended to visit at night. Also, the drawings and patterns on these tombs are well seen in broad daylight.

Chaukhandi-Tomb-Things to do in Karachi

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#23 of 33 Things to do in Karachi – Visit Aladin or Sindbad Amusement Park with your Family

These are the best amusement parks in Karachi. The places are mostly crowded with locals because of their range of games. These are not closer to Disney but serves the need for locals. Aladin has a waterpark too.  Most of the time, kids have the whole area noisy but these are good places for kids to have some gaming experience.

Aladdin Park, Things to do in Karachi

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#24 of 33 Things to do in Karachi – Go for Long Drives and Racing

Although many people think that Karachi is not safe for such activities but the posh areas of Karachi are safe and have plenty of carpet roads to ride your racing motorbikes. there are some roads near Seaview and superhighway  These roads are also great for long drives.

racing, Things to do in Karachi

#25 of 33 Things to do in Karachi – Attend Events or Concerts

Karachi is like Mumbai, a hub of Pakistan’s fashion, drama, music, and film industry so, there is always an event or musical concert is happening in Karachi. Just use the right Facebook pages and information or have friends who know regarding all events and enjoy them.

musical concerts, Things to do in Karachi

#26 of 33 Things to do in Karachi – Catch the Dolphin Shows

Pakistan Maritime Museum in Karachi is a great place for kids as they have displayed amazing naval stuff. They even let you try some of their submarines which are very interesting for kids. Another attraction here is the dolphin shows that have the recent addition.

Dolphin Show in Karachi Pakistan

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#27 of 33 Things to do in Karachi – Go to Karachi Zoo

Karachi Zoo was known as the Mahatma Gandhi Garden but became an attractive zoo. It is the largest zoo in Pakistan. The zoo includes a Natural History Museum, Reptile house, Elephant house, White Loins, an Aquarium, Mughal gardens, and a veterinary hospital.

zoo, Things to do in Karachi

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#28 of 33 Things to do in Karachi – Have a Short Visit to Safari Park Karachi

Safari Park Karachi is one of the oldest park located in Gulshan e Iqbal Karachi. This park is an attractive place because of natural greenery and cleanliness. It has the attractions of swan lake, elephant enclave, chairlift, and a theme park. A theme park is a famous place of entertainment for children.

Safari park, Things to do in Karachi

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#29 of 33 Things to do in Karachi – Go for Ultimate Aqua Adventure

There is this site Aqua Adventure near Clifton and there is fantastic beach experience for the whole family. there is clear water and you can see fishes in the water. you can do diving and some water sports here. Boats are available for sailing with life jackets.

aqua adventure in Karachi

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#30 of 33 Things to do in Karachi – Eating “Karahi” at Highway Restaurants

Talk about the local and fun side of the Karachi, there are many restaurants on the highway which offers great local cuisine. The sitting area there includes a ‘charpai’ on which people sit and enjoy served Karahi which by the way a unique experience in Karachi. Food items include different kinds of local Karahi, kebabs, tikka, student biryani, naan, nihari etc.

dinner at highway, Things to do in Karachi

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#31 of 33 Things to do in Karachi – Have Crazy Fun at Arena Club

The Arena Club in Karachi is a sophisticated place for the whole family where they can spend time playing different games like billiard, Bowling, X live games, shooting, rock climbing, ice skating, Arcade games and gym etc. There are different game portion available for kids too. The club is full of different varieties of foods. A place where you can find recreation and enjoyment from all across the Karachi. It is located in the center of Karachi at main Karsaz.

Arena club, Things to do in Karachi

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#32 of 33 Things to do in Karachi – See Saint Patrick’s Cathedral

Saint Patrick’s Cathedral is a historical and biggest church in Pakistan. It is located on Shahrah e Iraq, near to Empress market, Saddar Town. This church has a Gothic Revival architecture and it is been functioning well through the ups and downs with time.

St Patricks Church, Things to do in Karachi

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#33 of 33 Things to do in Karachi – Visit the Wazir Mansion

Wazir Mansion is the birthplace and a family home of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah in Kharadar, Karachi. It was built in between  1860 – 1870 now serves as a three-story Museum, library, and a government archive.

wazir mansion, Things to do in Karachi

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These are just a few of the Things to do in Karachi but this city is quite big and I am sure it has non-stop fun options all around the city.