Buffalo, a city in New York

If you are a traveler and an enthusiastic adventurer and a true admirer of nature then Buffalo, New York is the ideal place to visit. Buffalo is the best combination of nature and man-made beauty. There are certainly a number of Things to do in Buffalo, New York. However, the activities might change with respect to the people’s choice and their nature of interests. In order to know about the fun things in Buffalo read the description below.

View of Buffalo, New York - Things to do in Buffalo, New York
View of Buffalo, New York

#1 of 12 Things to do in Buffalo New York – View the Niagara Falls

Almost everyone in this world is familiar with the famous Niagara Falls. In recent years, Buffalo has become the main point of tourism as a lot people become aware of the natural beauty of the Niagara Falls. The beauty of this border is that it forms a natural border line between Canada and USA. Niagara falls is the natural water fall. It is a common fact that the volume of Niagara Falls is very loud that you can’t even hear what the other person is saying standing next to you. The sightseeing is very eye catching and one can witness the nature’s beauty in it.

#2 of 12 Things to do in Buffalo New York – Search for Hotels in Buffalo NY

New York is one of the busiest city in USA. It is the center of attraction for a lot of people both locals and tourists. One other site of attraction is Buffalo. The place id famous for its five star well-renowned hotels. Around almost every corner of the city you will find a number of hotels waiting for your check-in. These hotels are neither too cheap nor too much expensive. However, it is totally up-to you that which hotel you would like to chose. Following are the lists of hotels with their estimated prices in Pakistani Currency. The rates of these hotels might vary when you contact them personally.

Hotel namePrice
Hayatt Regency BuffaloPKR 18, 197
Best Western – On the AvenuePKR 17, 879
Curtiss HotelPKR 28, 193
Buffalo Mariot HarborcenterPKR 24, 219
Hotels in Buffalo NY
Hotels in Buffalo NY

#3 of 12 Things to do in Buffalo New York – Shopping at Buffalo Outlet mall

There are a number of outlets and malls in Buffalo. One of the most prominent feature of Buffalo is its mall. There are a number of world class outlets in Buffalo. If you are a traveler and likes to buy the things of the places you visit, then you must visit Buffalo Outlet malls. New York is famous for its clothing brands and outlets. It is also famous for its food chains and mouth watering food items. Not every city in the States have a lot of street food items. New York is neither a very expensive city nor a very cheap one. It is a reasonable city for tourists and travelers to spend their leisure and free time.

Let’s look at the list of following famous and well-known Buffalo malls:

1. Galleria Mall, Buffalo

Walden Galleria or sometimes known as Galleria Mall is the huge and one of the biggest malls in Buffalo, New York. You will find the premier destinations of shopping, dining and entertainment in Buffalo Niagara. The mall is located on the suburbs of Buffalo in Cheektowaga. The mall shines bright like a diamond during night. There are colors everywhere and almost half of the time during the month, there are events organized on a large scale. If you are interested for the Best Thing to do in Buffalo then this is the traveler’s top choice. From entertainment to dish n dine all of your favorite brands are available under one mall.

Shopping at Buffalo Outlet mall
Shopping at Buffalo Outlet mall

2. Fashion outlets Niagara Falls, USA

If you are interested in buying products of every range then you must pay a visit to Fashion outlets Niagara Falls. This fashion outlet is one the closest one to Niagara Falls. So, if you come to see the Waterfall and want to grab some stuff or buy somethings and want to have a fine dining place then this outlet is the best for you. Fashion outlet offers sales on specific products. There are a number of deals on clothing and foot wears. There are also a number of fast food chains inside the mall. When you get tired of constant shopping then eating is the must do part of the activity. There, you will find a number of food items of your choice. Fashion in particularly is the basic sales of this outlet.

3. Delaware Consumer Square Buffalo

Unlike Time Square in New York, Delaware Consumer Square in Buffalo is a place not much populated. The place is not much famous among the travelers or tourists. However, this mall is a bit inexpensive than the other malls or fashion outlets in Buffalo.

#4 of 12 Things to do in Buffalo New York – Enjoy Buffalo weather, the best time of the year

Travelers and tourists are all conscious about the weather conditions of any place. If the weather is too hot then it will be extremely difficult for the travelers to adjust in hot summer days. Similarly, if the weather is too cold then people will not be able to get proper fun from the waterfall as it will be extremely cold for them. Therefore, people must have to know the perfect time to travel for Buffalo. According to a research, the suitable time for the travelers is between June and August.

Although this time of the year is the peak time of a lot of visitors and tourists, it is still the best time. Let the sun shines on you and be the get the perfect picturesque of the falling Niagara. As compared to winter, when the waterfall will be frozen and the temperature will be extremely killing, you will not enjoy the perfect scenes of the nature. Rather there is a possibility that you might catch cold.

Do Jet boating in Niagara

Jet boating is speed driving in the Niagara Waterfalls. This is extremely joyful and adventurous. Those who love boating but want to do speed boating will love this adventurous sport. This is a safe sport. You can do individual jet skiing if you are an expert. You will be charged per hour or minutes. Similarly if you are in a group then there are special jet boats that will let you sit and have a round trip of the Niagara Falls. These boats are however driven by experts and you might need to pay according to the rounds or hours.

Jet boating in Niagara
Jet boating in Niagara

#5 of 12 Things to do in Buffalo New York – Calm your nerves in Watkins Glen State Park

Nature showers its beauty in Watkins Glen State Park. The state park is one of Buffalo’s most attractive place to visit. This close to nature park contains waterfall and a number of boating activities. This park is one of the famous Finger Lakes States Park. The stream descends 400 feet past 200-foot cliffs. It consequently generates 19 water flows in its way. The pool is very large, almost the size of Olympic sized pool. Campers and visitors come and enjoy swimming in the park. The park is neat, clean and clear from pollution. After a specific point, vehicles are not allowed within the premises of the park. In 2015, the park was among the reader’s choice best park to spend summer time in.

Watkins Glen State Park
Watkins Glen State Park

#6 of 12 Things to do in Buffalo New York – Visit the famous Albright-Knox Art Gallery

Visit the world-famous Albright-Knox Art Gallery in Buffalo, New York. New York is well-known for its Art culture and Art galleries. Art is the piece of drawing or writing that attracts the people towards it. People with deep thoughts and intuitive skills find meaning in the paintings. Artists and painters show their paintings and artistic skills in the Art galleries. Albright Knox Art Gallery contains mesmerizing paintings that will amaze you. If you are an art lover then you must pay a visit to the gallery. Albright Knox Art Gallery has specific entrance as well as registration fees for children, young and adults. The art gallery also has some specific timings for opening and closing. It is a huge art gallery and a number of people visit the gallery from far off places.

Albright-Knox Art Gallery
Albright-Knox Art Gallery

#7 of 12 Things to do in Buffalo New York – Witness the beauty of Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens

If you are a sucker for nature then you must pay a visit in Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens. These botanical gardens are one of the world’s famous gardens. Especially in the time of Spring and starting of summer, the garden is blossomed with flowers of every color and scent. A lot of people visit the garden to witness the Spring flower exhibition or Spring festival. In this colorful occasion the garden is usually packed with people from all around Buffalo New York. The garden is open throughout winter and summer. However, the timings are from 10:00 am to 4:30 pm from Monday till Sunday.

Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens
Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens

#8 of 12 Things to do in Buffalo New York – Relax your mind and soul in Delaware Park

Garden is something to see the nature and praise it. However park is a bit different from the garden. In the park you can even do picnic or spend your leisure time in chasing birds and wind. You will feel a cool breeze of relaxation in the park. Delaware Park in Buffalo, New York is yet another park that provides you relaxation of mind and soul. If you have planned a visit with your family or friends then I will suggest you to visit this park. Other than that Delaware park provides you benefits of horse riding, swimming and a number of other outdoor activities. It is a place to play various indoor games as well. If you are a music lover then this park will arrange musical festivals for you. In short it is a proper package of entertainment and refreshment.

Delaware Park
Delaware Park

#9 of 12 Things to do in Buffalo New York – Eat at Food Truck Tuesdays

Unlike other countries USA is not famous for its street food. However, people sometimes arrange Food on their Trucks and these are known as Food Truck Tuesdays. These Food Trucks are however not present throughout the summer or winter. In Buffalo, only on Tuesdays people arrange the Food Trucks in the open yard. A lot of people come and eat the delicious unique foods from the Food Trucks.

Food Truck Tuesdays
Food Truck Tuesdays

#10 of 12 Things to do in Buffalo New York – Tour de Maid of the Mist

Niagara Falls is the tourist’s main attraction place in Buffalo. There are a variety of things that a person can do in Niagara. There are certainly a number of view points in Niagara Falls. As Niagara Falls flows across Canada and USA therefore there are a lot of activities happening on both sides of the border line. Maid of the Mist is boat riding from New York side. The boat carries passengers and starts the tour from New York side and end on that side as well.

It was observed that the new Maid of the Mist VI was 80 feet long and it weighs 145 tons. It is capable of carrying 582 passengers. The prices vary on the basis of season. The best time of boating through Maid of the Mist is between June and August. Similarly, there are schedules set for every tour. That is why it is better to book your schedule before time.

Maid of the Mist
Maid of the Mist

#11 of 12 Things to do in Buffalo New York – Enjoy at Allentown Art Festival

Buffalo, New York is a colorful and a radiant city. It’s sustainable weather conditions make it extremely attractive for a lot of visitors. In addition to natural attraction there are a lot of artistic collections in the area as well. Allentown artistic gallery in Buffalo contains a lot of historic drawing and painting material. Each year in June the volunteers of Allentown Art Festival arrange the festival in the honor of year anniversary. This historic event is yet going to be celebrated on the 13th and 14th June of year 2020. Booking in advance will save you from hassle.

Allentown Art Festival
Allentown Art Festival

#12 of 12 Things to do in New York – Watch Devil’s Hole State Park

As the name already suggests Devil’s Hole State Park is an adventurous park in Niagara region. This park is the suggested park by the locals if you are interested in picnics and lake-side view. The park is normally filled with a lot of people as it gives the view of the Niagara’s Devil Hole. Devil’s Hole is the point that is descended by the stone staircase. The stone staircase leads to the base of the gorge. If you are taking pets in the park, then there is some specific policy. Only two pets are allowed and they must have to be supervised all the time. There are playgrounds, buildings, golf courses, boardwalks, pools and spray-grounds or guarded beaches in the park. Pets are not allowed to reach there.

Devil's Hole State Park
Devil’s Hole State Park

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