Things to do in Berlin (Top 21)

It is the capital of Germany. Berlin is a city of diverse rich culture, high-quality education, modern science, and contemporary arts. Unlike other capital cities around the world, it is well-known tourist destination withholding the world’s complex public transport network. Every place reminds us the history of what this city is been through in different reigns. This city is passionate, unpredictable and truly irresistible. It a city that never sleeps. It is the opportunity land for creative ideas; more money is being invested in startups businesses here than anywhere else in the world. Berlin runs along with two rivers Havel and Spree. It has the oceanic climate, mild summers, and wet winter. Berlin has a lot to offer, here is the list of Top 21 Things to do in Berlin Germany while you are in this valued city of Europe.

#1 0f 21 Things to do in Berlin –  Tour the Reichstag’s Dome

The Reichstag is home to Germany’s parliament, the Bundestag, and a free lift ride to its rooftop porch offers terrific panoramic views over the city and close-ups of the present day, Norman Foster-designed glass dome driving from the memorable building. Get a free audio guide and find out about encompassing sights, the building and the workings of the parliament while wandering up the dome’s spiraling slope.

Reichstag-Dome,Things to do in Berlin

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#2 0f 21 Things to do in Berlin – Brandenburger Tor (Brandenburg Gate)

The Brandenburger Tor is one of Germany’s most visited places to historic points and a symbol of the city of Berlin. Amid it’s over 300-year history, it has assumed a wide range of parts. It has been an image for peace, war, triumph, fear and war everywhere and since 1989 it remains for the reunification of Germany.

Brandenburger Tor, Things to do in Berlin

#3 of 21 Things to do in Berlin – Visit the Museum Island

It is said that Berlin has more museums than rainy days. Berlin has a lot of museums approximately around 200. At the tip of Spree River, Museum Island is a complex of five renowned museums – Pergamonmuseum, Bodemuseum, Neues Museum, Alte National Galerie, and Altes Museum. They collectively enjoy Unesco World Heritage site status. Museums hold over 6000 years of art and culture. Let’s have a look!

Check out Museum Quarter in Amsterdam and in Vienna.

#4 0f 21 Things to do in Berlin – Berlin Television Tower (Fernsehturm)

The Berlin Television Tower, which is referred to local people as the Fernsehturm, stands outs of the horizon at 368m, making it the tallest structure in Berlin. Founded in the 1960s, guests to the tower can appreciate a special 360° display of the city. Also the Main Tower in Frankfurt.

Berlin Television Tower (Fernsehturm), Things to do in Berlin

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#5 0f 21 Things to do in Berlin – Walk along the East Side Gallery

A vivid commemoration to opportunity, the East Side Gallery sits along the Spree River and is the longest outstanding segment of the Berlin Wall. Not long after its fall in November 1989, more than 100 artists from everywhere throughout the world transformed it into an outside exhibition shrouded in affirmations of peace and other, regularly politically disapproved of wall paintings. The wall forms the world’s largest open-air gallery.

East-Side-Gallery, Things to do in Berlin

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#6 0f 21 Things to do in Berlin – Explore the Berlin’s Jewish history

The Jüdisches Museum displays the tale of Berlin’s Jewish populace through the Museum’s own structure. The newly made eye-catching segment of the building was composed by uncertain Jewish designer Daniel Libeskind. Its shape depends on a detonating Star of David, with its inside spaces vanishing into edges, so the exhibition hall experience is more about the impacts of the space than the records and ancient rarities. Crosswise over Oranienburger Straße is the Neue Synagogue: worked in the late nineteenth century this building survived World War II, and its brilliant golden domes emerge from far off. See Places about Jewish History in

juedischesmuseum, Things to do in Berlin

For a greater amount of an enthusiastic path into history, walk night or day through the Denkmal für kick the bucket Ermordeten Juden Europas otherwise called the Holocaust Memorial. This dedication to the killed Jews of Europe appears as 2,711 squares of shifting statutes masterminded over the region of a lodging piece.

Holocaust-memorial, Things to do in Berlin

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#7 0f 21 Things to do in Berlin – Get lost at Potsdamer Platz

Once the clamoring heart of the city before the Second World War, then a dead zone from 1945 until the fall of the wall, the historical backdrop of Potsdamer Platz has been exciting most definitely. It changed totally after the fall of the wall in 1989 and is presently ruled by the nearness of the Sony Center, high rises, and unlimited shops. In addition, Potsdamer Platz is the primary place to be for stars and VIPs, and not just amid film celebrations.

potsdamer_platz, Things to do in Berlin

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#8 0f 21 Things to do in Berlin – Stroll around the Topography of Terror

The Topography of Terror (Topographie des Terrors) exhibition hall sits on the location of the Gestapo and SS Police’s previous central station amid World War II. By strolling the grounds and visiting the documentation focus, voyagers can find out about the monstrosities submitted by those German officers that once worked at this very place.

Topography of Terror Museum, Things to do in Berlin

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#9 0f 21 Things to do in Berlin – Visit The Berlin Wall Memorial and Documentation Centre

The Gedenkstätte Berliner Mauer (Berlin Wall Memorial) is situated in the locale of Wedding and Mitte on Bernauer Straße, comprising of the Memorial to the Victims of the Wall, a Documentation Center and the Chapel of Reconciliation. The surviving segment of the wall and watchtower empower guests to get a genuine vibe for the truth of the outskirt offices. The Memorial has been experiencing expansion work as of late. This is also a good place to take pictures.

Berlin Wall Memorial, Things to do in Berlin

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#10 0f 21 Things to do in Berlin – Stand in the Crosshairs of the Cold War

In spite of the fact that Checkpoint Charlie has, for the most part, declined into a traveler trap, it’s as yet a fundamental place to visit. The chief portal for nonnatives and negotiators between the two Berlins, it was here where the world remained on the precarious edge of WWIII when USA and Soviet tanks went head to head in 1961. A free open air displays narratives points of reference in Cold War history.

Checkpoint Charlie, Things to do in Berlin

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#11 0f 21 Things to do in Berlin – Catch the glimpse of Charlottenburg Palace/ Old Palace

Charlottenburg Palace is one of the points of interest of Berlin. The biggest and most delightful imperial royal residence as yet remaining in the capital, Charlottenburg was raised as the mid-year home of Sophie Charlotte, the main ruler of Prussia, who was likewise the namesake for the castle and the encompassing region. Ensuing eras of the imperial family extended and renovated the royal residence as indicated by the essence of their time. Subsequently, the royal residence contains inside embellishment mirroring a few structural styles: the old castle, with its superb elaborate state rooms and the renowned porcelain bureau, and the new wing worked by Frederick the Great in 1742. The acclaimed royal residence gardens contain the tomb of Queen Louise, the Belvedere with its widely acclaimed gathering of KPM porcelain and the new structure.

#12 0f 21 Things to do in Berlin – Admire the Magnificient Berliner Dom

Remain in a wonder of the extravagant outside of the Italian Renaissance-style previous regal court church, the Berliner Dom. The inside overflows with fine arts however affirmation is free just amid administrations.

Berliner-Dom- Things to do in Berlin

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#13 0f 21 Things to do in Berlin – Enjoy Picnic in a park

Berlin is mostly surrounded by forests, parks, and lakes. It has lots of greenery. The Tiergarten is the sprawling focal city stop with bunches of ways, lakes and sentimental corners. There are hiking trails too. Or, on the other hand, for something flighty, make a beeline for Tempelhofer Park, a previous air terminal turned open stop. Snatch a dispensable BBQ at the market and barbecue your bratwursts alongside the previous runway. Mauerpark, which was fashioned from the ‘demise strip’ once separating the two Berlins, is another awesome joint, particularly on Sundays when an open air karaoke kick vigorously.

tiergarten-park, Things to do in Berlin

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#14 0f 21 Things to do in Berlin – Escape to a Lake and get relax for a While

Believe it not, but it seems Berlin has more Bridges than Venice. Sharing the rivers of Havel and Spree, It has almost 70 natural and artificial lakes. People of Berlin row boats or swim to nearby lakes and rivers to cool off the summer heat.

lake in berlin, Things to do in Berlin

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#15 0f 21 Things to do in Berlin – Enjoy with Kids at Zoologischer Garten

Zoos are frequently top attractions for families. It’s Germany’s oldest zoo. With its 17,000 animals including about 1,500 numerous species, it’s one of the biggest zoos in the world. It was restructured after World War II. It was completely destroyed by only 91 surviving animals in that war. It opens daily, the zoo offers compressed hours in the winter months. The aquarium is also nearby if you are interested in marine life.

#16 0f 21 Things to do in Berlin – Enjoy the Lovely symphonies for free

Berlin is home to many Orchestras, Operas, and theater. Each Tuesday at 1 pm, the hall of the celebrated Berliner Philharmonie gets stuffed with established music fans with the expectation of complimentary lunchtime ambiance music shows. Understudies of the Hochschule für Musik Hanns Eisler likewise flaunt their attitudes at free presentations a few times week after week. Jazz frequents A-Trane, b-level, Quasimodo and Kunstfabrik Schlot has free stick sessions on various evenings.

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#17 0f 21 Things to do in Berlin – Shopping at Gendarmenmarkt

The Gendarmenmarkt is a standout amongst the most staggering squares in the city, found near Friedrichstraße, Berlin’s preventive shopping road in the focal Mitte area. Three of the most noteworthy cases of art in the capital city are to be found here: the Concert House composed by Schinkel and the German and French Cathedrals (the Deutscher Dom and the Französischer Dom).

Shopping, Things to do in Berlin

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#18 0f 21 Things to do in Berlin – Enjoy more Shopping at Kurfürstendamm

Amplifying the distance from the relics of the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church on Breitscheidplatz to Berlin’s rich Halensee neighborhood, the lovingly named Ku Damm is the most costly address in the capital city and home to the most select brands. Europe’s greatest retail chain KaDeWe is likewise arranged on the augmentation of the Ku-Damm, in the city referred to local people as the Tauentzien (short for Tauentzienstrasse).

Berlin is one of the world’s street art capitals with plenty of international artists who left their mark on local fronts, including Blu, Pure Evil, ROA, JR and Os Gemeos alongside local talent like El Bocho and Alias. Enjoy the art as you walk around, especially in eastern Kreuzberg, around Boxhagener Platz and the RAW Gelände in Friedrichshain, Kastanienallee in Prenzlauer Berg and Haus Schwarzenberg in Mitte.

#19 0f 21 Things to do in Berlin – Feast at food markets

Look at what gets concocted in nearby kitchens by ceasing gourmet delights at food markets of Berlin. One of the best and renowned food cuisines are served at Kollwitzplatz in Prenzlauer Berg, Markthalle Neun, and Turkish Market. A popular dish in Berlin is a Currywurst.A hot wiener cut in cuts with ketchup and curry powder. If you’re not into fast food then you should at least go to the Currywurst Museum to feed your culture hunger.

#20 0f 21 Things to do in Berlin – Walk around the flea market

Search out one of the numerous fleas advertises that set up around town on ends of the week. Regardless of whether you’re after vintage strings, GDR kitchenware or retro lighting, you’ll discover a flea market to your favor.

flea market, Things to do in Berlin

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#21 0f 21 Things to do in Berlin – Get lost in Party Paradise

Berlin is the city that really never rests. At times it appears just as Berliners are the lotus eaters of Germany, individuals who adore simply a decent time. The city’s inconceivable gathering range provides food for each taste, spending plan and age assemble. The locals believe “live and let live”. They drink, party, and then generate the super exciting creative idea. Also, visit the party destinations in Istanbul and Ibiza Spain.

party hard in berlin, Things to do in Berlin

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