Things to do in Beijing (Top 20)       

Beijing is the capital city of the People’s Republic of China and it is the second largest populous city in China after Shanghai. It has been the capital city of China for like eight centuries. The city is modern and has every facility for life. It is home to approximately 91 universities, including some universities ranked in top 60 worldwide. In 2015, Among the 500 Fortune Global companies, 52 companies have headquarters in Beijing. If we said that it is the political, economic and cultural center of China it would not be wrong. This city has ancient historical sites and landmarks too. It has seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Let’s check out the tourist attractions and top Things to do in Beijing.

#1 of 20 Things to do in Beijing – Visit the Forbidden City

Beijing is an antiquated capital city in the east. Taboo City is the perfect place for you to begin your Beijing visit by disclosing its puzzling face. Comprising of more than 9,000 rooms and spread more than 250 sections of land, this extensive castle complex was worked in the vicinity of 1406 and 1420, yet was burned to the ground, modified, sacked and remodeled endless circumstances, so the majority of the design you can see today dates from the eighteenth century and onwards amid the Qing Dynasty. Wear agreeable shoes as you need to walk a great deal! I exceedingly prescribe running with a guide. It truly is useful to have a guide clarify the stories behind the site and inform you concerning the vital authentic parts of the illegal city.

After you visit the Imperial Palace and leave the Gate of Divine Prowess, you can go into Jingshan Park, climb a bit and disregard the display of the Imperial Palace. At night, particularly in summer, Forbidden City is splendid. Hue lights from all bearings help Meridian Gate, the Gate of Divine Prowess, turret, royal residence divider and other fundamental royal residences.

#2 of 20 Things to do in Beijing – Stroll around the Tiananmen Square

Along with Times Square, Red Square, and St. Dwindle’s Square, Tiananmen Square is among the world’s most well-known open spaces. Practically anybody can perceive the Gate of Heavenly Peace decorated with a representation of Chairman Mao as an image of Beijing. Situated in the heart of Beijing City, it is the site for enormous parades and encourages, which is the biggest square of this kind on the planet. It feels like you definitely know this place when you arrive. Be that as it may, as you glance around, the endless size of the place begins to urge you. The square is the geographic, political, and visitor focus of the city, which makes it unavoidable. In spite of the fact that Tiananmen Square resembles a field of concrete (which it is), you’ll need to see it for the encompassing attractions. The Great Hall of the People, Chairman Mao’s Mausoleum, the National Museum of China, and the Forbidden City sit on the edges. In addition, taking a photo here is practically required to demonstrate you’ve been to Beijing.

At dawn and dusk, the raising and bringing down the function of the Chinese National Flag is definitely justified even despite the viewing.

Tiananmen Square, Things to do in Beijing

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#3 of 20 Things to do in Beijing – Visit the Temple of Heaven

It is situated in the southern piece of Beijing and has been a standout amongst the most sacred spots in the entire nation for over five centuries. It utilized as a complex of conciliatory structures for the Ming and Qing sovereigns and is the biggest one in Beijing among a few imperial holy places to Heaven, Earth, the Sun, the Moon and different gods or typical powers of Nature. On the off chance that you go to the Temple of Heaven in the early morning, you can see gatherings of individuals honing a wide range of kung fu and taiji. Many individuals cheerily engage each other with music, songs or unobtrusively playing cards. You can likewise rehearse with them on the off chance that you are so disposed. This is another great movement for the stream slacked.

What makes the temple so special are the exceptionally old trees – an endless supply of Chinese cypress, Chinese juniper and researcher trees. A portion of the cypresses is over 600 years of age. Dr. Henry Kissinger, when he went to the sanctuary, expressed that while the USA could reproduce the Temple of Heaven on the off chance that but it couldn’t make the trees!

Temple of Heaven, Things to do in Beijing

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#4 of 20 Things to do in Beijing – Hiking at the Great Wall of China

On the off chance that you are in a surge, you can get the most out of your visit to Beijing by climbing one of the segments of the Great Wall. The Great Wall winding crosswise over Beijing in its northern part is around 600 kilometers in length.

Along the collective length of the Great Wall around Beijing, there are real eight sectors including Badaling, Juyongguan, Huanghuacheng, Jiankou, Mutianyu, Gubeikou, Jinshanling, and Simatai. The majority of the areas of Great Wall in Beijing are very much safeguarded and for the most part the remaining parts from the Ming Dynasty, a time of immense development. For the moving of the Great Wall, solid footwear is required! In summer, please plan for sunblock, shades, and water. Check out our article on Land based – Rock Climbing too.

Great Wall of China, Things to do in Beijing

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#5 of 20 Things to do in Beijing – Visit the Ming Tombs

This is a stunning site for some reasons. To begin with, it is outside Beijing, so you have an opportunity to get away from the city and see a touch of the field. Second, it is generally close to the Great Wall, so you can visit both in one day. Third, the tomb itself is an eye-opener. About 50 kilometers northwest of the downtown Beijing, known as the “13 Tombs”, this is the internment site of 13 out of 17 sovereigns of the Ming Dynasty. There are only two tombs which have been exhumed and open to the general population: Dingling and Changling. Changling is the principal tomb to be fabricated. It took 2 years for the redesign and was opened in 1958. Dingling has been uncovered so completely that one needs to get into the entombment chamber itself.

Be that as it may, it is an exceptionally soak descend and individuals who have issues with their heart or bows are not recommended to visit the underground tomb. For wheel-seat clients or the individuals who would prefer not to dive deep inside a tomb, I prescribe Changling Tomb.

Ming Tombs, Things to do in Beijing

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#6 of 20 Things to do in Beijing – Relax at Beihai Park (Beihai Gongyuan)

After the solid wildernesses of Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City, go to close-by Beihai Park for a much-needed refresher. Regardless of whether you’re under a tree sitting above the lake or in an antiquated pagoda, you’ll see why this green space has been a safeguarded haven for over a thousand years. After some time, the recreation center has procured an ever increasing number of landmarks. “Beihai Park has such a large number of elements that you can stall out in one place and acknowledge you haven’t seen 3/4 of the whole stop!” claims one VirtualTourist client. Not-to-be-missed highlights incorporate the Temple of Everlasting Peace, White Dagoba, and the Circular City.It is said that the recreation center is inside strolling separation of the Forbidden City’s north entryway.

Beihai Park, Things to do in Beijing

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#7 of 20 Things to do in Beijing – Check out the lovely Chinese Imperial Summer Palace

As the biggest regal garden in China, Beijing’s Summer Palace is really a recreation center like supreme withdraw spread out more than 10 square miles. The Summer Palace in northwest rural Beijing is the biggest and most entire majestic garden existing in China. Once a late spring retreat for rulers, this 290-section of a land stop is as yet a withdraw for the sightseers, who can unwind here or stroll around old structures, manors, sanctuaries, spans and immense lake. Summer Palace essentially comprises of Longevity Hill (Washoushan) and Kunming Lake. Quite a bit of it is secured by Kunming Lake. With the skillful plan and creative engineering and reconciliation the quintessence of Chinese garden expressions, the Summer Palace has a title of Imperial Garden Museum.

It is a magnificent garden most totally held with wealthiest scenes and concentrated structures. The Summer Palace was added to the world social legacy list in 1998. Also, check out the Hapsburg summer residence Schonbrunn Palace in Vienna.

Chinese Imperial Summer Palace , Things to do in Beijing

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#8 of 20 Things to do in Beijing – 798 Art District

At the point when individuals consider stylish artistic neighborhoods, Soho will probably strike a chord than Beijing, yet Chinese Contemporary Art could be the following enormous thing. Works from Chinese specialists Ai Weiwei and Wenda Gu are taking off the racks, and Christie’s and Sotheby’s can’t get enough. The 798 is at the focal point of this blast.

The real area is a blend of exhibitions, historical centers, shops, and bistros. it is sufficiently substantial that it is difficult to see everything in an evening, yet it is extraordinary for scrutinizing and investigating. There are occasions and openings oftentimes, and you can attempt and check their site to perceive what’s going on amid your visit.

Expressions of the human experience are blasting in Beijing. You just need to visit the Dashanzi Art District to witness this innovative surge. The epicenter of this creative blast is 798 Space (otherwise called Factory 798), an old hardware fabricating site and distribution center. Initially composed by East Germans in the 1950s, the stern engineering flawlessly compares the luxuriously brilliant substance of craftsman’s studios. The two-million-square-foot scene brags displays, restaurants, and bars, making it a one-stop look for hip local people and inquisitive visitors. As this space has topped off, artists (and designers) have begun up around 798 Space.

#9 of 20 Things to do in Beijing – Visit the Hutong neighborhood

In the old Beijing Hutong ranges, you can locate the antiquated transportation instruments now still safeguarded for travelers as the fundamental movement device of going by Hutongs – Beijing remarkable old city paths. The areas of narrow maze-like bending boulevards speak to the “genuine living” of Beijing, where paths associate with yards of customarily reduced homes. Pedicab voyages through the Hutongs cover the attractions that regularly incorporate the Drum Tower, patio neighborhoods, and Prince Gong’s house.

There are heaps of numerous little eateries, bars, and hotels. From the highest point of the Bell Tower, you can neglect the encompassing Hutongs. The most intriguing piece of the Hutong visit is strolling through “Pipe Tobacco Alley” close to the Bell Tower. On this visit, you will appreciate the genuine individuals’ Beijing. On the flip side of Pipe Tobacco Alley have some of Beijing’s chic bistros.

hutong, Things to do in Beijing

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#10 of 20 Things to do in Beijing – Walk Around the Olympic Sites 

Usain Bolt of Jamaica broke the world record by winning both the 100 and 200 gold decorations at the Olympics; at the Water Cube (the National Aquatics Center), Michael Phelps of America leaves a mark on the world with 8 Gold Medals in Beijing. With the 2008 Olympic still stuck in our brains, explorers appreciate making the journey to Olympic Park.

A visit to the Beijing Olympic Green sitting at the north end of the Beijing city’s pivot is an eye-opener for your Beijing trip. Esteemed China’s turning out gathering, the 2008 Olympic Games put Beijing on the planet spotlight, and the city put on the most wonderful Olympic-show to date. Beijing cut out immense tracts of land to develop this global stage. The energy has since passed, and the recreation center and some of its offices have been repurposed for open utilize. The surviving structures incorporate the National Stadium, the National Aquatic Center, and the Olympic Forest Park. New structures, similar to the National Convention Center, have changed the recreation center’s scene.Also check out the Olympic sites in Athen, Greece too.

olympic sites beijing, Things to do in Beijing

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#11 of 20 Things to do in Beijing – Visit Lama Temple

The main sanctuary in Beijing to have its own metro stop, the Yonghe Lamasery, or Yonghegong, or lama Temple is the most good looking and great Buddhist sanctuary in the city. Lama Temple was implicit the 33 Qing Kangxi years (1694) and it is presently the biggest and best saved Lamasery of Yellow Sect in Beijing. It was the home of Emperor Yongzheng before his rising to the honored position. Fabricated at first in 1694 amid the Qing Dynasty, this building was the living arrangement of Emperor Yongzheng when he was only a ruler. Nonetheless, in 1744 the Qing Dynasty formally changed the status of the abode to that of a lamasery, thus Yonghe Lamasery turned into the national focal point of Lama Organization.

Lama Temple, Things to do in Beijing

#12 of 20 Things to do in Beijing – Get acquainted with history at National Museum of China

The shows in this historical center conveniently layout the country’s past for guests, both local and remote. After an enormous remodel, the office revived in the spring of 2011 with refreshed showcases and an inside facelift. Among the many fortunes, you’ll discover whole rooms devoted to jade, porcelain, and bronze artifacts.The format and inside plan are magnificent and welcoming. What truly struck taking a gander at the displays were the quality, protection, and age.

#13 of 20 Things to do in Beijing – Tour the Capital Museum

Beijing’s new Capital Museum is situated on Fuxingmenwai Dajie, the western expansion of Beijing’s Chang’an Jie.The historical center is a five-story building taking into account a greatest of 13 simultaneous shows, which can be seen in around 5 hours at the cost of 20 yuan (US$2.50) per guest. Going to Beijing Capital Museum, you may appreciate the detailed works on the planet, encounters creative relaxation, perceive the Chinese wide and profound culture and long history.

#14 of 20 Things to do in Beijing – Eat the Beijing Roast Duck

Beijing duck is the neighborhood kind of Beijing. Climbing the Great Wall, getting a charge out of Beijing Opera and appreciating Beijing Duck are the three “musts” for those meeting Beijing interestingly, which you can’t miss.  The customary strategy for cooking Beijing Duck has a background marked by over a hundred years and gloats an awesome notoriety right up ’til the present time. On the off chance that you ask which is the best Beijing duck house in Beijing, diverse individuals will offer you distinctive answers. Really it is a significant individual taste of which one is the best.

other traditional soups and other different cuisines are also available easily around the city.

Beijing Roast Duck, Things to do in Beijing

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#15 of 20 Things to do in Beijing – Enjoy Beijing Opera

Beijing Opera is various adapted activity, including singing, moving, exchange and aerobatic battling to recount a story or present distinctive characters and their sentiments of satisfaction, outrage, distress, amazement, dread, and pity.

In Peking musical show there are four fundamental sorts of parts: sheng (male) dan (youthful female), jing( painted face, gomale), and chou (jokester, male or female). The characters might be steadfast or tricky, excellent or revolting, great or terrible, their pictures being strikingly exhibited.

Peking opera, Things to do in Beijing

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#16 of 20 Things to do in Beijing – Admire the Architecture of National Centre for the Performing Arts 

With the Great Hall of the People to its east, the National Center for the Performing Arts is situated in Chang’an Avenue, Beijing. The NCPA (initially named National Grand Theater), composed by French modeler Paul Andrew, incorporates the fundamental building (containing three performing scenes: the Opera House, the Concert Hall, the Theater), the submerged passages, the underground carport, the manufactured lake and the green space. It covers a range of around 118,900 sq meters (around 142,203 sq yard), and the aggregate zone of the building is around 217,500 sq km (around 260,127 sq yard). The entire venture began from December 2001. After over 5 years’ development, it was at long last finished in September 2007. Presently it is accepted to be the most profound design in Beijing (the most profound place of the inside is – 32.5 meters, equal to the stature of a 10-story building.). It exhibits a sharp balance to its surroundings with its oval outside, which makes it extremely attractive.

Ensembles, the move appears ballet productions, shows, musical shows and different sorts of exhibitions are every now and again organized in the National Center for the Performing Arts. On the off chance that time is permitted, you can appreciate any demonstrates that you like. The NCPA going by visit incorporates craftsmanship shows, topical exercises, and additionally offices. You will both value the glorious compositional style and appreciate the significant art condition of topical displays here.

National Centre for the Performing Arts , Things to do in Beijing

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#17 of 20 Things to do in Beijing – See the Kung Fu moves at Beijing Red Theater

Beijing Red Theater, initially the Chongwen Worker’s Palace, is situated at 44, Xingfu Dajie, Chongwen District. Consistently it exhibits an amazing show of the prestigious Chinese Kung Fu (hand to hand fighting). The show, named the Legend of Kung Fu, takes after the narrative of a young man attempting to satisfy his fantasy of turning into a Kung Fu ace.
This kid is called Chun Yi (immaculate one) and was sent to a Buddhist sanctuary to be a minister at a youthful age. At first, the youthful friar experienced considerable difficulties used to the strict teach of the sanctuary until he ended up plainly keen on the staggering energy of Kung Fu. From that point on he buckled down on Kung Fu and made awesome accomplishments while in transit to growing up. In any case, the youthful Chun Yi couldn’t limit his regular yearning to pursue a youthful marvel, so he endured incredible lament and losing his approach to self-development. Chun Yi rebuffed himself extremely lastly come back to the method for looking for illumination. Toward the finish of the show, Chun Yi is commended for being an incredible Buddhist ace of Chinese Kung Fu.

Kung Fu moves at Beijing , Things to do in Beijing

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#18 of 20 Things to do in Beijing – Tour the mini World at The World Park

Beijing’s World Park offers the excitement of worldwide goes without the bother of really voyaging. Only 10 miles from downtown Beijing and Tienanmen Square, China’s World Park allows guests to see more than 100 of the planet’s best-known points of interest including the Great Pyramids, the Eiffel Tower, and the Statue of Liberty but all in small. Replicas at the World Park are worked with meticulous tender loving care, and a large portion of the historic points have been developed utilizing materials planned to emulate the firsts. The recreation center is isolated from five mainlands isolated by four modest “seas”, proposed to imitate the world’s genuine geographic design. Visitors can ride far and wide in smaller than normal speedboats, take the overland course in battery worked autos, or board the recreation center’s monorail for a cross-country travel via prepare.

#19 of 20 Things to do in Beijing – Check out the Silk Market (Xiu Shui Street)

The main incredibly famous market distinctly set apart on the world’s top traveler outline; the eyes of remote vacationers, on a standard with the Great Wall, Forbidden City, and Beijing roasted duck it is the Silk Street. 20 years prior, a gathering of youngsters seeking after the future, set up shabby outside stores from straightforward asphalt by the utilization of this prime area nearby the consulate locale. They predominantly sold silk apparel.

The old market has been destroyed. The new market is currently open to the general population. The new building has a territory of 30,000 square meters, known as the New Silk Alley Market. There are 1,600 corners in the new building.

Silk Market (Xiu Shui Street), Things to do in Beijing

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#20 of 20 Things to do in Beijing – Spent night at Sanlitun Bar Street

Sanlitun Bar Street is a standout amongst the most “prosperous” amusement road in Beijing nightlife. Nonnatives living in Beijing and in addition neighborhood big cheeses regularly visit the bar road.

Each shining night, the road has abounded with individuals clamoring, brilliant hues against the foundation of city commotion and extravagance. Sanlitun Bar Street has been constantly given a “smoke and mirrors” feeling. No one can see the genuine face of it, and no one can give the road an unmistakable business position. Also, visit our articles about Tokyo and Nepal while You explore about Asia.

Sanlitun Bar Street, Things to do in Beijing

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