Things to do in Bangkok

#1 of 25 things to do in Bangkok – Enjoy full day bike ride with lunch

Bangkok is one of the most attractive place for tourists. The most adventurous things to do in Bangkok are biking alongside the Gulf of Thailand and boating. You can explore the natural beauty of Bangkok by enjoying a ride on the bike and pedaling through the Thai countryside. While riding on the bike, you can make your way to the Gulf of Thailand. There you can view epic crystal waters, visit a mangrove conservation center, and can see charming fishing villages as you make a trip by bike, boat, and train.

biking in Bangkok - Things to do in Bangkok
Cycling in Bangkok

#2 of 25 things to do in Bangkok – Enjoy boating through Chao Phraya River

In order to start your journey, meet your guide for a bike fitting before cycling to the local train station. Take a ferry or a boat and en route cross the Chao Phraya River. After that take the back roads to the station, there a train takes you away from the hustle and bustle of crowded Bangkok. Relax and enjoy the views. This landscape slowly changes from busy city streets to green pastures. A sense of tranquility falls over you. You may sense calmness and relaxation.  Make a journey using ferry is also one of the best things to do in Bangkok. After reaching the train station, just take a look at the local market before before taking a ferry across the river to start cycling again.

Boating - Chao Phraya River Things to in Bangkok
Boating – Chao Phraya River

After that travel down dirt roads bounded with mangroves, fish farms, and salt pans. You can witness the interesting things in here. Moreover, you can even see mudskipper fish jumping high out of the water in order to try their best to gain your attention.

#3 of 25 things to do in Bangkok – Enjoy viewing the nature through Mangroves forest

After arriving at the Gulf of Thailand, enjoy delicious lunch at a restaurant on the water’s edge. There, the scenes are not only beautiful but also the food especially the sea food tastes amazing. The sight offers illustrious views of the sea. After eating lunch, take some time to relax, then sit back on your bike and pedal to the Mangrove Conservation Center. There you will learn about what local environmentalists are doing to protect these areas. Preserving the nature is the finest things to do in Bangkok.

Mangroves forest - Things to do in Bangkok
Mangroves forest – Bangkok

#4 of 25 things to do in Bangkok – Relax and hop up on the train

The last stop of your trip ends as you ride your bike through one final village on your way to the train station. Now hop aboard to rest your legs on the final stretch back to Bangkok. You have not only visited Bangkok, but has also burned a lot of calories. All in all you have made a healthy tour.

Train ride - Things to do in Bangkok
Train ride – Bangkok

#5 of 25 things to do in Bangkok – Visit Wat Phao to witness the reclining Buddha

Wat Phao is the home to reclining Buddha that stands at fifteen meters tall and forty six meters long, the feet alone are measured at over five meters. It is a tourist attraction place. You will also enjoy the unique act of Buddha in reclining position. On your way towards the temple you will witness 108 bowls and you may need to buy the coins to fill the bowls. The reason behind filling these bowls is that Buddha successfully completed 108 positive actions in order to be perfect.

Reclining Buddha - Things to do in Bangkok
Reclining Buddha

#6 of 25 things to do in Bangkok – Witness the Grand Palace

The Grand Palace covers almost 214,000 sq meters. It is a famous tourist spot. People who visit Bangkok must also visit the Palace. It was the home of the King as well as the place where government of Thailand carry out their work. Due to its large area coverage, it takes a lot of time to take a complete tour of the palace. Just beware of the potential scams outside of the palace. You are only asked to pay the entrance fee.

Grand-Palace-Bangkok - Things to do in Bangkok

#7 of 25 things to in Bangkok – Take a trip to the Chatuchak Market

This is one of the largest markets in the world with over 8000 stalls covering 27 acres of space. If you are shopaholic kind of person then you must make a trip of this place. You will find stalls of every kind in here. The market just opens at Saturday and Sunday. Thus attracts great number of visitors a day ranging from 100,000 to 200,000. To avoid getting lost in the market, you need a guide or map with you. Following image is the aerial view of the market.

Chatuchak bangkok market - Things to do in Bangkok
Chatuchak bangkok market

#8 of 25 things to do in Bangkok – Rush through the city on Sky train

When you are in Bangkok and touring a lot of different places, you need to see everything within your  short period of time. For this, the sky train dashing across the city high above the usual traffic will take you to the parts of Bangkok, you want to be. The carriages are air-conditioned and you will find peace and relaxation while your travel.

Sky-train - things to do in Bangkok
Glimpse of Sky-train Bangkok

#9 of 25 things to do in Bangkok – Visit the National museum of Bangkok

Museum is a place that holds and preserves the heritage of a state. It is one of the most attractive place to the visitors. National museum of Bangkok preserves the cultural heritage and allow visitors to witness it. It was opened by King Rama V to show off all the gifts that his father had given to him. You can see a variety of interesting things in here such as Chinese weapons, puppets, precious stones, clothing and textiles and Khon masks. If you visit the museum on a Thursday, you will receive a tour in English. This is done in order to give you a greater understanding of everything in the museum.

National Museum Bangkok - things to do in Bangkok
National Museum Bangkok

#10 of 25 things to do in Bangkok – Climb-up the Sathorn Unique tower

A few years ago when the financial crisis hit the world, this 49 story building was under construction. Due to this, the construction was stopped and never touched again. As a result, this skyscraper was abandoned. Now it is made a tourist attraction place. If you are on an adventurous trip then just pay some money to the guards standing down and start climbing up to the tower. The view from the top is worth spending time to climb up the building.

Sathorn Unique Tower - things to do in Bangkok
Sathorn Unique Tower

#11 of 25 things to do in Bangkok – Relax in Lumpini Park

Parks have always been a place to relax your mind and soul. Away from the daily hustle and bustle of the city, Lumpini Park provides calmness and purification to mind and soul. Its name is predominantly originated from the name of Lord Buddha who was born in Nepal. The area of this park is almost 500,000 sq meters. You may witness Thai generation practicing Thi Chi and a number of people relaxing under the shades of trees. It is indeed a good place to witness the nature in this park.

Lumpini park - things to do in bangkok
Lumpini park

#12 of 25 things to do in Bangkok – Eat your dream Chinese dish at Chinatown

If you are a tourist and wandering here and there in search of food in Bangkok then you must have to visit Chinatown. In here you may find almost every kind of food item. Some says that if you want to search for gold, this market is best for it too.

China town Bangkok - things to do in Bangkok
China town Bangkok

#13 of 25 things to do in Bangkok – Enjoy street food

People in Thailand prefer to eat outside rather cooking meals at home. Therefore, there a lot of street food places where the locals as well as the tourists enjoy the street food. The rates are reasonable and within range. There are stalls selling all kinds of food items including fresh salads, all cooked in front of you.

Street food Bangkok - things to do in Bangkok
Street food – Bangkok

#14 of 25 things to do in Bangkok – Witness Muay Thai (Kick Boxing)

Typically Thais love boxing. Biggest fight happens at the stadiums of either  Lumpini or Ratchadamnoen. Muay Thai is the national sport of Thailand. Tourists who come to visit Bangkok, must witness the fight. Most of the times the intensity of the fight reaches the fever pitch. Mostly players land in the ring with betting on their names.

Muay Chai - things to do in Bangkok
Muay Chai Bangkok

#15 of 25 things to in Bangkok – Visit the Dusit Zoo

Dusit zoo is the oldest zoo in Thailand. It has been open for over sixty years. Approximately 1600 animals include inside the zoo. Zoo has always been an attractive spot for the the visitors. The animals might include monkeys, alligators, lions, tigers, penguins and kangaroos. This zoo is a working zoo and has animal’s facilitation center in case if animals get ill.

Dusit zoo - things to do in Bangkok
Dusit zoo Bangkok

#16 of 25 things to do in Bangkok – Water fight while Songkran

Songkran is the traditional new year festival that is celebrated between every 13th and 15th of April. People who are the followers of Buddha believe that showering water in the beginning of the new year will wash all the sins. Therefore, April being the new year in Buddhism, people of Thailand create this a festival. Everyone fights with water guns and throwing water over each other. If you are a tourist and travelling during April, then you will also become the part of this water fight.

Water fight - Songkran - things to do in Bangkok
Water fight – Songkran

#17 of 25 best things to in Bangkok – Explore the nightlife of Bangkok

The nightlife of Bangkok is different from its morning hustle bustle life. At night, there are clubs and pubs for adults. People who want to enjoy nightlife with like – minded people can explore these clubs.

Bangkok nightlife - things to do in Bangkok
Bangkok nightlife

#18 of 25 things to do in Bangkok – Witness the Bangkok puppet show

Usually in the puppet show the puppeteers do not appear on the stage. However, in Bangkok whenever the show starts, the puppeteers appear on the stage wearing mask. The orchestra in background plays the folk music and the show tells the tales of famous events of the past. If you are a tourist you must have to witness this show.

Puppet show - Bangkok - things to do in Bangkok
Puppet show – Bangkok

#19 of 25 things to do in Bangkok – Visit Jim Thompson House

Thai Silk is the kind of Silk that you cannot find anywhere in the world. This house belongs to Jim Thompson who introduced Thailand to the silk craft. As you walk around the house you will not only learn the history of The Thai Silk Company but also the fascinating history of Jim Thompson himself.

Jim Thompson House - Things to do in Bangkok
Jim Thompson House – Bangkok

#20 of 25 things to do in Bangkok – Witness Wat Arun

Bangkok is full of Buddhist temples. There are more than 130,000 temples, Wat Arun is the most famous of them all. The name is given after the God of Dawn. Wat Arun situated on the bank of Chao Phraya River. It is 79 meters tall. The tower is covered in ceramic tiles and colored porcelain making for an incredible sight when you catch it in the right light. The color seems to be Bright Golden.

Wat Arun Temple - things to do in Bangkok
Wat Arun Temple

#21 of 25 things to do in Bangkok – Party on Durain

People might like it or hate it. Durain is the fruit that appears to be horny and not a fruit at all. However, from the inside the fruit looks and tastes like butter. It is so fluffy and yummy. One of the coolest thing to do while your journey in Bangkok is to try this fruit.

Enjoy Durain - things to do in Bangkok
Durain – Bangkok

#22 of 25 things to do in Bangkok – Witness Erawan Shrine

This location of the Shrine is in one of the busiest areas of Bangkok. Being the Brahman Shrine it attracts a lot of visitors. Various people around the Globe come here to pay gratitude. The construction of this Shrine took place in 1950’s. The shrine itself is a four faced Brahma god and people rush there and lay floral garlands in the hope their wishes will come true.

Brahma Shrine - Things to do in Bangkok
Brahma Shrine

#23 of 25 things to do in Bangkok – Have a visit to Vimanmek Mansion

Mansions and historical buildings have always been an eye-catching view for the tourists. It is the world’s largest teak wood building. It was used as a Royal residence for many years then left empty. The mansion is a place in which a lot of artifacts are displayed. Although you are only allowed to take photographs on the ground floor. However, as soon as you enter in the house, you are not allowed to take photos.

Vimnamek Mansion - things to do in BAngkok
Vimnamek Mansion Bangkok

#24 of 25 things to do in Bangkok – Witness the MBK shopping Center

MBK Center or Ma Boon Khrong Center is the eight story big shopping center in Bangkok. It contains 2000 shops, restaurants and service outlets. It also includes the 4-story Tokyo departmental store. The elevators of Siam Paragon are certainly in a connection to the MBK center. If you are a tourist in Bangkok and wish to explore the products of Thailand then you must visit this center.

MBK Center - things to do in Bangkok
MBK Center – Bangkok

#25 of 25 things to do in Bangkok – Visit Wat Bowonniwet Vihara

Wat Bowonniwet is certainly one of the greatest Buddhist temple in Vihara Phra Nakhon district, Bangkok, Thailand. A lot of people came to visit Bangkok only to pay homage to Buddha. There are certainly a lot of Buddhist temples in Bangkok. Wat Bowonniwet is a place of a lot of Buddhism followers.

Wat Bowonniwet - things to do in Bangkok
Wat Bowonniwet Bangkok

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