Things to do in Amsterdam (Top 25)

Amsterdam is a small city and considered as the financial center of Netherlands. It is located in Province of north Holland. It is one of the greatest romantic and colorful cities in Europe, more like a twin brother of London and Paris. It was a small fishing village back in the 12th century but later became one of the important ports in Europe in 17th-century Dutch golden period. As a financial, commercial and cultural capital of Netherland, this city is considered as Alpha city. World renowned Philips and ING companies have their headquarters in this city along with many other Dutch companies.  This city has the lot to offer including the oldest Stock Exchange, the museum¸ cannabis coffee shops, 17th-century canals, 19th century Defence Line of Amsterdam and its popular red light districts. Let’s have a look on top 25 Things to do in Amsterdam.

#1 0f 25 Things to do in Amsterdam – Rent a bicycle

It is said that there are more than 800,000 bicycles in Amsterdam. That is a bigger number of bicycles than individuals in this city. Cycling in Amsterdam is a lifestyle, made less demanding by the city’s top-notch system of cycle courses and level scene. Amsterdam consistently beats the competition in arrangements of the world’s most cycle-accommodating urban communities, and there’s no better approach to investigate the city’s avenues, canals, and attractions than by pedal power. Cycling in Amsterdam is protected; charming and empowering so join local people and bounce on your bicycle.

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#2 0f 25 Things to do in Amsterdam – Visit The Anne Frank House

The Anne Frank House as Anne Frank Huis in the Dutch language is the place Anne Frank and her family hide amid the German occupation in World War II. It’s an authentic gallery displaying Anne’s life, the mystery attaches and a show on segregation and oppression. An exhibition hall with a gathering and story that is certain to inspire.

#3 0f 25 Things to do in Amsterdam – Indulge in the beauty along Museumplein(Museum Quarter)

It is home to the Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh Museum and the Stedelijk Museum of Modern Art, Museumplein is the social pulsating heart of Amsterdam. As of lately, it’s been renovated to a world class standard, the verdant nineteenth-century area of Oud-Zuid is an artistic perfect world, and the open square between the structures beats with movement throughout the day. With outdoors presentations, markets and a vast paddling pool to plunge your toes into on hotter days. In the winter months, the square changes with an incomprehensible open air ice arena for ice skating. Get away from the rush at Amsterdam’s greatest historical centers by looking at a portion of the city’s lesser-known, however, no less commendable museum galleries, for example, FOAM photography gallery, the terrific Tropenmuseum, and the Willet Holthuysen, where you can explore the consummately safeguarded home of a rich Golden Age family.

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#4 0f 25 Things to do in Amsterdam – Get lost in The Rijksmuseum

The Rijksmuseum is a Dutch national art and history gallery that constituents more than 8,000 shows of centerpieces and verifiable antiques highlighting the rich and storied culture of the Dutch. It is the most well-known museum in the Netherlands. It grandstands the works of celebrated internationallyArtists, Frans Hals, Vermeer, and Rembrandt, just to give some examples.

#5 0f 25 Things to do in Amsterdam – Tour the Van Gogh Museum

This gallery houses the biggest accumulation of works from Vincent Van Gogh in the whole world.Van Gogh is one of the most celebrated painters ever and the world. It involves 200 paintings, 400 drawings, and 700 letters by Vincent van Gogh.

#6 0f 25 Things to do in Amsterdam – Take a Canal Cruise

Made in the seventeenth century to keep the ocean under control, Amsterdam’s UNESCO ensured canal belt is the quintessential picture-perfect vision of Amsterdam and an unimaginably lovely sight by both day and night. When the scaffolds are lit up by pixie lights and the entire territory goes up against an otherworldly vibe. Gliding along the channels by guided vessel visit is an extraordinary approach to get the texture of the city, and you’ll learn heaps of captivating realities en route, for example, the tilting homes along the canal are known as ‘moving houses’. The other important place is nine streets of canals which are the best shopping destination.

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#7 0f 25 Things to do in Amsterdam – Discover Amsterdam’s independent shopping streets

While numerous guests make a beeline for the bustling chain-store heart of Kalverstraat, those up to date get their retail treatment at one of the cities all the more privately enhanced shopping centers. The most surely understood of these is De Negen Straatjes or ‘The Nine Streets’ ate a curious warren of cobbled avenues that interface the primary trenches amongst Leidsegracht and Raadhuisstraat. Here you’ll discover more than 200 retailers, including a fine determination of autonomous boutiques, vintage shops, and claim to fame stores offering everything from originator dresses to carefully assembled beauty care products. You’ll locate a comparable shopping knowledge with fewer groups on the hip Haarlemmerdijk, the Utrechtsestraat, or the delightful Czaar Peterstraat in Amsterdam East. In case you’re searching for gifts to bring home, skirt the vacationer traps and shop for real Dutch outline and quality Amsterdam brands at the Local Goods Store in De Hallen or the I amsterdam Store in Central Station.

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#8 0f 25 Things to do in Amsterdam – Enjoy Picnic in the Vondelpark

There are over 30 parks in Amsterdam. Given so much space to green parks, You will always get your own special space to indulge with nature while outing in Amsterdam. For the ideal picnic or get relax, go to the Vondelpark. The biggest green space in Amsterdam, the recreation center is named after its best-known writer Joost van nook Vondel (1587-1679), whose controversial play Lucifer made the religious forces of the time get serious about living. However, it keeps on flourishing in the mid-year when individuals accumulate to smoke, drink and devour here. The park is likewise something of a social center, with various sculptures including one by Picasso.From June to September, music and youngsters’ activities occur at the Vondelpark Openluchttheater. Also Check out the parks in Oslo, Norway and Islamabad, Pakistan.

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#9 0f 25 Things to do in Amsterdam – See Dam Square

Situated in the authentic focus of Amsterdam is the place you will discover Dam Square. There is such a great amount to do and see around this range, for example, going to the Royal Palace, the Nieuwe Kerk (New Church) and the National Monument. You’ll have numerous choices for shopping and my record-breaking most loving thing to do, observe a few people. On the off chance that you get ravenous looks at’t Nieuwe Kafe. It’s sensibly estimated, ignores Dam Square and they serve quite great breakfast and lunch. Also, Check out the Plaza Mayor in Spain and St Mark Square in Venice.

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#10 0f 25 Things to do in Amsterdam – Catch the Glimpse of Royal Palace

Opened as a town lobby in 1655, this building turned into a royal residence in the nineteenth century. The insides glimmer, particularly the marble work getting it done in a story trimmed with maps of the world in the considerable burgerzaal which involves the heart of the building. Get a free sound visit at the work area after you enter; it will clarify all that you see in clear detail. Ruler Willem-Alexander utilizes the castle just for functions.

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#11 0f 25 Things to do in Amsterdam – Amsterdam Tulip Museum & Floating Flower Market

The tulip has been presented in the Netherlands amidst sixteenth century from the Ottoman Empire. Until today, this blossom remains the Dutch top pick, one of the symbols of the nation. A little private historical center right over the scaffold from the Anne Frank House demonstrates the historical backdrop of the Dutch interest with the tulip and offers in its shop different knobs of the loveliest existing blossoms. The most prominent place to buy tulips and bulbs in Amsterdam is at the Bloemenmarkt. It is the world’s only floating flower market with its novel location and beauty. It is lined along the Singel canal with colorful flower stalls.

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#12 0f 25 Things to do in Amsterdam – Visit Amsterdam Neighborhood

To encounter the genuine Amsterdam, venture out of the touristy focus and find the city’s many enchanting neighborhoods, each with their own particular identity. From the vivacious food, drink and shopping hotspots of De Pijp to the nineteenth-century style of De Plantage and the energetic multiculturalism of Oosterpark, there’s such a great amount to find when you stray from the well-trodden way. Make a beeline for our Amsterdam neighborhood manual for discover more. Probably the most well-known Amsterdam markets incorporate the Albert Cuypmarket in De Pijp.

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#13 0f 25 Things to do in Amsterdam – Have a look into Cultural Arty Jordaan

Frequently referred to as Amsterdam’s most enchanting neighborhood, meandering into the Jordaan has a craving for venturing back in time. Initially, a regular workers zone, the Jordaan’s limited lanes, and interesting structures now make up one of Amsterdam’s most alluring quarters, specked with free artistry displays, collectibles shops, yard gardens and barometrical bars and eateries. Dump the guide and lose yourself in the maze of tight paths that sprawl eastwards from Prinsengracht channel known as the 9 Streets; one of Amsterdam’s most remunerating shopping encounters.

#14 0f 25 Things to do in Amsterdam – Tour the Red Light District

Amsterdam’s Red Light District has developed a famous notoriety on the worldwide stage. Be that as it may, when you visit, you’ll find that the fact of the matter is somewhat unique. It resembles a little, cutesy form of Las Vegas. Arranged in a harsh triangle shaped by the Central Station, it’s the most established some portion of the city. Be that as it may, its authentic centrality has been to a great extent darkened by the prominence of window-shopping in the territory. Along with its roads, the multi-social group of whores, addicts, preachers, artist and cops openly intermix, displaying an abnormal sort of social comfort. As a vacationer, obviously, you’ll be a minor voyeur.

#15 0f 25 Things to do in Amsterdam – See the Coffeeshops

On the off chance that you are contemplating Starbucks, this may not be the regular Starbucks coffee you’re searching for. Another mainstream thing Amsterdam is known for is its legitimization of marijuana.  There are simply hundreds of them all over the city. You’ll have no issue finding weed in Amsterdam. But make sure that you go to a “coffeeshop.” Not a “coffee shop,” “café,” or “coffee house.” Cafés are usually alike of a bar, and coffee shops not selling marijuana are called koffiehuis which translates to the coffee house in English. Amsterdam Cannabis Cup is an occasion that permits judges to test and vote in favor of their most loved cannabis assortments and is likewise held in Southern California, Denver, San Francisco and Portland.

#16 0f 25 Things to do in Amsterdam – Eat local food around 30 food stalls in a former tram depot

Situated in the hip Oud-West neighborhood, De Hallen is a fresh out of the box new community for expressions of the human experience, artworks, mold, and food in an as of late restored mechanical building dating from 1902. De Hallen houses a silver screen, free stores, and a boutique lodging, and also the great Food Hallen a sustenance and drink paradise where guests can chomp their way through a determination of upmarket road food from one of the numerous merchants situated around a focal bar. The popular food in Amsterdam is raw fish. They serve this dish with a small flag on it. It is their tradition.

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#17 0f Things to do in Amsterdam – Visit the EYE across the IJ

Ruling the view from the southern shore of the IJ behind Central Station, this striking white building has quickly turned out to be one of Amsterdam’s most notable historic points since it opened in Spring 2012. A flat out must for film fans, the EYE Film Institute houses a changeless presentation space which grandstands reviews and contemporary shows, and additionally a limitless film library, silver screen and remarkable eatery bar with a porch sitting above the water.

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#18 0f 25 Things to do in Amsterdam – Catch a ride at Amsterdam Central Station

Amsterdam Central Station is Amsterdam’s fundamental railroad station, situated in the heart of the city. The station itself is one of Amsterdam’s most noteworthy structures and it utilized by more than 250,000 travelers every day.

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#19 0f 25 Things to do in Amsterdam – Have a selfie around the “I amsterdam letters”

Situated by the Rijksmuseum, the “I Amsterdam” letters speak to an announcement of incorporation for the majority of the inhabitants of the city regardless of their identity or where they originate from. You’ll see it gets extremely swarmed around this motto as individuals are moving to the highest point of the letters to get that immaculate photograph. Those letters are explorers in their own privilege and move around to numerous areas inside Amsterdam.

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#20 0f 25 Things to do in Amsterdam – Go Beer tasting under a windmill

There are eight outstanding windmills left in Amsterdam. This isn’t any windmill for under the sails of this striking historic point is Brouwerij’t IJ. It’s an honor winning artistic microbrewery with an extensive open air drinking patio and 30-minute guided tasting visits. The bottling works create a scope of the natural standard and regular beers that you’ll discover in numerous Amsterdam bars, however, nothing tastes very comparable to lager blended on the premises.

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#21 0f 25 Things to do in Amsterdam – Heineken Experience

Heineken is a standout amongst the most famous beer on the planet. Get a direct glimpse at the preparing procedure and adventure through the historical backdrop of Heineken brew and the Heineken family. Know that, you must be than 18 years of age or joined by a grown-up. Otherwise, obviously, you won’t get the opportunity to taste any liquor less than 18 years old.

Heineken Experience , Things to do in Amsterdam

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#22 0f 25 Things to do in Amsterdam – Visit The Resistance Museum (Amsterdams Verzetsmuseum)

The Dutch Resistance Museum holds an entrancing accumulation of memorabilia recording the exercises of Dutch Resistance laborers in World War II. The exhibition hall is situated in a working in the Plantage neighborhood of Amsterdam. Some portion of the exhibition hall is devoted to the more youthful guests and elements stories, things and different things that were a piece of the youngsters’ life amid that period.

Verzetsmuseum-, Things to do in Amsterdam

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#22 0f 25 Things to do in Amsterdam – Check out the Museum of Bags and Purses

There is about a collection of more than 4000 bags dating from the late Middle Ages until today in this museum. It’s truly a great experience and fun museum to visit, especially for ladies.

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#23 0f 25 Things to do in Amsterdam – See the Electric Ladyland Museum

This is the unique museum of which no different exists in the whole world. It’s the principal historical center of fluorescent art and stuns numerous by its lovely art and hues. Low-valued and considered by many to be an extraordinary and noteworthy visit.

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#24 0f 25 Things to do in Amsterdam – Check out night Parties at Leidseplein

Leidseplein is the most famous square in all of Amsterdam. It can likewise be considered as Amsterdam’s nightlife center point as you’ll discover a large number of the most famous bistros, bars, clubs and eateries around the square or the encompassing roads. Fun both during the day as well as incredible beginning stage at night to consider the nightlife.

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#25 0f 25 Things to do in Amsterdam – Relax at city beach

Obviously, there is no genuine ocean in Amsterdam. Be that as it may, at the fake island “IJburg” there is a city beach called “Blijburg” where you can swim and sunbathe. What’s more, yes, Holland is not popular for its decent climate. Yet, that implies that when the sun, at last, chooses to appear, all Dutchies surge out to get a tan and have some good times.


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