Things to Do During the Day for Teenage Boys & Girls

Keeping yourself busy when you are a teenager is a challenging task, otherwise, you will get easily bored. Teenage boys and girls cannot be only indulged in electronic devices all day long as sooner or later they are going to get bored with playing video games. A teenage boy/ girl need to acquire a taste in the activities which keep them busy and active during the day. It is also important that they begin to learn from small things in their early age. So, thinking about the things to do during the day?

Here are few ideas to do and make the best of your time during the day after school.

Outdoor Activities (Things to do during the day)      

Wherever you live, Spring is a beautiful weather to enjoy and explore outdoor activities. It is neither chilly nor hot but pleasant and colorful during the day.

outdoor activities,


1. Grow Plants:

It is the perfect season to start growing plants. You can take help of your parents for this.

All you have got to do is to find a place for vegetable or flower garden. It could be your own backyard. If you do not have the place like that you can use pots of different sizes to satisfy your needs. Use tools properly under the supervision of your parents.

Kids Growing plants, Things to do During the day

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Grow the seeds in mud and check daily to water them and for their growth until they are fully grown. After they are fully grown you can enjoy fresh vegetables for food or flowers for home decoration.

Adopting this hobby will take time after school so you would not be bored during the day.

2. Scavenger Hunt:

You and your friends can plan a scavenger hunt after school. It would be a good thing to do for curious and adventurous teens.


Scavenger Hunt , Things to do during the day

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3.Ride a Bike or Swim:

You can ride a bike five miles or swim for five miles daily and start challenging your friends too. That way you can be a part of healthy fitness competition and good exercise.


Swimmig, Things to do During the day

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kids riding bicycles, Things to do during the day

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4. Music & Dance:

Kids who like to dance can take dance classes. Girls are mostly into being a ballerina. Meanwhile, others can play musical instruments as per their choices. That would a good thing to do during the day.

  Things to do during the day, Music      Things to do during the day, Dance

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5. Join Gym:

Light workout in the gym would be a relaxing thing to do during the day after school.

gym workout, things to do during the day  Credit: Anonymous

6. Horse Riding:

You can go for horse riding, I mean falling off a horse is no fun but if are still feeling adventurous, you have got to try this one for sure into the list of thing to do during the day.

horse riding, Things to do during the day

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7. Drive a Car:

As a teen, it is very appealing to drive a car and restricted too but it is still a fun idea. So just drive to the bunch of known hotspots along the way and add fun memories to you things to do during the day collection.


drive car, Things to do during the day

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8. Volunteer Work 

You can babysit a toddler and give his/her parents a break for an hour or you can take an old lady’s dog for a walk voluntarily during day time. Sometimes doing such things makes you feel better.


voluteering, things to do during the day

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9. Get Engage in Sports:

They say “Mens sana in corpore sano” “A sound mind in a sound body” so teen kids must participate in organized sports like football, baseball, cricket, hockey, tennis etc. It is valuable for them to be a team player and be disciplined.

   Things to do during the day, Sports sports, things to do during the day sack race, things to do during the day

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10. Go to a Historical Place:

As a teenager, you can visit a nearby historical place with your family or friends that way you can be well informed with the history and it will be a good thing to do during the day. You can take photos there for good memories.

You can search the historical sites on the internet and get directions for convenience. Check out our articles about best things to do in Rome, Venice, Amsterdam, Dubai and Nepal.

hostorical place in montreal, things to do during the day

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Girls love shopping. They just want to have fun, be trendy and fashionable. Shopping will be considered as great things to do during the day.


shopping, things to do during the day

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11. Throw a Party

Who doesn’t love good food? You can throw a lunch party at some place, have good food, fun, and few games too.


kids party, Things to do during the day

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Indoor Activities (Things to do during the day)                       

It’s important to have a plan for those rainy days or baking hot days when you are not supposed to go outside of your home during the day.

Here are some things to do during the day inside you home that can keep you busy.

1. Make Something:

You can make handicrafts in your leisure time during the day. There are a lot of tutorials on the internet for different kinds of things as 5-minuteCrafts, Nifty, Bright side etc. They provide DIY (Do it yourself) videos for convenient learning.


You can learn and make anything you want in less time during the day.

2. Spend Some time on Internet:

You can spend a quality time on internet playing games so you can also learn one or two basic things behind these games like graphic designing etc. You can get new ideas for different things. It helps you to connect with new technology and updates.

 Things to do during the day, surfing Internet 

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3. Learn a New Skill:

When you are growing up to adulthood, it is good to learn some new skills. You can start by establishing a budget of your own and learn a few things about managing it from your parents.



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4. Reading:

Joseph Brodsky said “There are worse crimes than burning books. One of them is not reading them”

Try to read books during the day. You can read short story books, magazines, and newspaper. These are easily accessible. You can also buy books from the nearby bookstore or go to the school library.

The Books we read shape our character and their influence penetrates deep down the mind and inspires us to do great things.


book reading, Things to do during the day

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5. Engage in Household Chores:

You can be a responsible teenager if you clean your room, drawers, set everything in place and take out garbage by yourself once in a while.

6. Spend Time with your Family:

You should spend some time with your family too. It is very important and it will connect you more with your family.

You can play with your baby siblings, help out your mother to set up the table for dinner etc.


things to do during the day

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7. Cooking:

You can try a few cooking recipes like cupcakes, cookies, smoothies and fries in your leisure time during the day. For advice, just clean your mess in the kitchen and do not leave it for your mother.

8. Painting:

You can take your simple drawings to the whole new level of art by using paint.

Things to do during the day


9.Watch a Good Movie:

You can catch a good movie and TV shows as per your interests with or without your friends or family at home. Watching good stuff can inspire you in a lot of ways.

movies, things to do during the day

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10. Watch Sunset / Sunrise:

Those who love nature can enjoy sunset/ sunrise in different ways than usual people. They can also take pictures of their photography collection.

 sunset, Things to do during the day

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11. Photography:

A lot of teenagers and adult are into photography now a day. It is a good hobby during the day. You can use your smartphone for this purposes otherwise if you have a professional camera then it is too good. There are new features and apps to edit the pictures to get the required results. Some of them are free.