30 Popular picnic places in Karachi

Karachi is known as the “City of Lights”. Filled with rich cultures and surrounded by great sites to see and enjoy for the full family any time of the year. Karachi is the largest city in Pakistan. Having the most diverse population withing Pakistan. Many years ago Karachi wasn’t as advanced as it is today. Before we didn’t have as many developed options to visit but today the city’s covered with wonderful and clean picnic places in Karachi for all ages.If your looking for some of the best and famous picnic places this is the right city to be in. Known for its amazing places you can find all different kinds of great hot spots here to enjoy your day at the city’s unique beaches and parks.

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#1 of 30 Popular places in Karachi – Hawks bay picnic places in Karachi:

Hawks bay beach is situated a couple kilometers away from Sandspit beach. It is truly a natural beauty. It is the best destination for those who are interested in enjoying their weekend picnics with friends and their family.There are a lot of fun packed activities to be done while on the beach such as swimming, fishing, camel, and horse riding. During the summer this is a special place where you can come and relax from the hassles of everyday life and problems. Hawks bay offers an extraordinary picnic place in Karachi view for all eyes to see and enjoy.

Hawks bay - picnic places in Karachi

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#2 of 30 Popular places in Karachi – Port Grand:

Port Grand Food and Entertainment Complex is considered to be a recreational area built in Karachi Sindh, Pakistan. It has a 19th-century native jetty bridge which connects the city’s port trust to Keamari.The complex was opened to the public for the very first time in May 2011, with the existing governor of that time period.Also, the complex is the perfect hub of shopping, dining, cultural and coastal recreational activities in the city.Port Grand is situated on Napier Mole Bridge a site that is very significant to the history of Karachi and has played a crucial role in making it the city it is today.The Port stretches along 1,000ft of Karachi’s ancient 19th century Native Jetty Bridge and spreads over an area of 200,000sq.ft.This port is packed with a wide range of different fast foods that most love to eat.Children really know how to enjoy themselves in the sand by making cute sandcastles. While other tourists enjoy endless things to do in picnic places in Karachi.

port grand - picnic places in Karachi

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#3 of 30 Popular places in Karachi – Bagh Ibne Qasim:

Meaning “Garden of the son of Qasim” is a beachside park which is located in the heart of Karachi, Pakistan. It’s near Clifton beach and it’s thought to be the city’s largest urban park, covering 130 acres and is visited by over 10 million people per year.An exciting fact about the park is that certain events take place in the park include the Sindh Festival and many other larger public events due to its large ground sized space. The former President Musharraf had ceremonially opened it on February 27, 2007.All of these facts make it a frequently visited park and picnic places in Karachi.

bagh ibne qasim - picnic places in Karachi

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#4 of 30 Popular places in Karachi – Karachi Zoo:

Karachi Zoo is likewise referred to be at the Karachi Zoological Garden. It is situated on Nishtar Road and Agha Khan III Road. It was set up in 1878 and was called as Mahatma Gandhi Garden the Zoo, however after the 1947 freedom of Pakistan, its name was formally changed to Karachi Zoo. In this zoo, you will discover the attractions like Elephant House, Reptile House, Natural History Museum, Mughal Garden Karachi Municipal Aquarium and Veterinary Hospital.

Karachi Zoo - picnic places in Karachi

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#5 of 30 Popular places in Karachi – Pakistan Maritime Museum:

Pakistan Maritime Museum is a well known maritime exhibition hall and stops in Karachi. It is otherwise called a Bahria Auditorium is situated close PNS Karsaz. The historical center depends on six displays and furthermore contains appealing dioramas, wall paintings, help design, antiquated weapons, and taxidermy and smaller than usual canvases. This gallery likewise based PC framework which gives data about legacy and history of our maritime office. The historical center is open day by day for guests at the time of 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM.

Pakistan Maritime Museum - picnic places in Karachi

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#6 of 30 Popular places in Karachi – Arabian Sea Country Club:

Bedouin Sea Country Club is another must visit put in Karachi. It is a recreational club with fairway and every other game diversion. This club has greens, steam shower, and the wellness focus. The fundamental fascination of this club is the universal standard cricket ground which is utilizing for household matches.

Arabian Sea Country Club - picnic places in Karachi

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#7 of 30 Popular places in Karachi – PAF Museum:

PAF Museum is another most acclaimed exhibition hall in Karachi. It is a flying corps exhibition hall and stops arranged close Karsaz flyover on Shahra-e-Faisal. The primary fascination of this historical center is that there are numerous flying machine, radar, and weapons which are shown in the recreation center territory. The exhibition hall likewise highlights warrior airship and scale models of WWI, WWII, and current flying machine. The exhibition hall was built up in 1990 and it is interested in guests day by day from 8:30 AM to 10:00 PM.

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#8 of 30 Popular places in Karachi – Churna Island:

Churna Island is otherwise called Charna Island situated close Mubarak Goth, Kemari Town in Karachi. Churna Island is a little island in the Arabian Sea. The Churna Island is presently prominent for scuba plunging, free jumping, submerged photography, trekking, speed drifting, outdoors, climbing, knee boarding, stream skiing, snorkeling and considerably more. This island is exceptionally lovely place in Karachi that individuals must need to visit once in an existence.

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#9 of 30 Popular places in Karachi – Mohatta Palace:

Mohatta Palace is the most well-known and delightful place in Karachi where individuals come and appreciate the alluring grand perspectives. The building is in pink shading in a blend of Jodhpur stone and neighborhood yellow stone of Gizri. The Mohatta Palace comprises of the historical center where you will see the statue of a few legends like Queen Victoria and Soldiers of Raj. This historical center is open for guests from 11.00AM to 6:00 PM and shut on Monday.

Mohatta Palace - picnic places in Karachi

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#10 of 30 Popular places in Karachi – Do Darya:

Do Darya is the place in Karachi where individuals come and appreciate feasting with loved ones. Do Darya is the prevalent nourishment road point in Karachi now a day. There are such a variety of renowned eateries are putting forth Pakistani and worldwide sustenances that individuals can appreciate with the perspective of the ocean. This place is the must going by the place in Karachi for guests.

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#11 of 30 Popular places in Karachi – Mazar-e-Quaid:

Mazar-e-Quaid is additionally called Jinnah tomb. It is situated in Jamshed Quarter, Numaysh in Karachi. It is the resting spot of the author of Pakistan Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah, Liaquat Ali Khan, Madar-e-Millat Fatima Jinnah and first Prime Minister of Pakistan. This place is exceptionally excellent place in Karachi where individuals come and make the most of their night with family. It is likewise the best cookout point for the family in Karachi.

Mazar-e-Quaid - picnic places in Karachi

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#12 of 30 Popular places in Karachi – Day trip to Cape Mount Beach:

It is likewise named as Cape Monze, this shoreline is situated close to the Gadani shoreline and Hub River. To access the quiet water and smooth sandy shoreline there is a long staircase. This shoreline is a like portal into another nation. It is the most wonderful place that must be seen.

Cape Mount Beach - picnic places in Karachi

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#13 of 30 Popular places in Karachi – Gadani:

In Gadani there is not the typical mix of sand and shakes; Gadani is a center point of shipbreaking industry. Gadani’s shipbreaking yard is one of the biggest on the planet. On the ground, boats are run intentionally and around there are totally beautiful.

Gadani - picnic places in Karachi

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#14 of 30 Popular places in Karachi – French Beach:

Between the Hawk straight and Paradise Point, French Beach is found. It is encompassed by the limit divider which gives you security and just chooses` gatherings to need to construct huts there it is the best spot for nonnatives. It is a bumpy shoreline and waves are making amazing scenes that are enjoyable.

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#15 of 30 Popular places in Karachi – Manora Island Beach:

Manora Island Beach, with the land, it is associated through Sand Pit. It is additionally a home of the Pakistan’s biggest bonfire is likewise the most celebrated outing spot for families. For the individuals who are searching for little experience alongside sandy and long shorelines.

manora beach - picnic places in Karachi

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#16 of 30 Popular places in Karachi – Paradise Point:

The main thing about this Paradise Point shoreline is that it has a normally twisted an entrance of the stone. From hundreds of years, water has beat over the cliff making a curve. That can be gotten to when the tide is low. There are wonderful eateries with camel and steady rides.


#17 of 30 Popular places in Karachi – Sandspit Beach:

It is situated at the southwest of Karachi. It is known out to be a standout amongst the most renowned traveler spots. It is one of the quiet shorelines from the times of October to March and harsh amid the storm. You can discover here an extraordinary assortment of marine life growth and crabs are found here. It is known as a standout amongst the most prevalent home bases and unwinding spot in Karachi.

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#18 of 30 Popular places in Karachi – Masjid – e-Tooba:

Masjid-e-Tooba is another excellent and alluring spot for the guests. It is likewise called the Gol Masjid since it is vault molded and presumably considered as the biggest arch formed mosque in the World. The distance across of the arch is around 236 feet. It is situated in Defense society close korangi town.

masjid toba - picnic places in Karachi

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#19 of 30 Popular places in Karachi – Clifton Beach:

The Clifton Beach is a stunning spot for the vacationers. It is situated in the Arabian Sea and gives astonishing scenes which are exceptional for any individual who visits this shoreline. There is the bundle of diversions for the sightseers like steady riding, camel riding, and Restaurants. General is an astonishing outing place in the city of Karachi.

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#20 of 30 Popular places in Karachi – Bhambore:

Bhambore is stunning spot and arranged around 64 kilometers from Karachi. This is a decent place to rest and engage himself. Muhammad Bin Qasim crushed Raja Dahir in 712 AD and caught the entire territory of Bhambore. The guests can appreciate from this place because of the novel look of the Bhambore. Here are a little historical center and an old mosque which draws in the vacationer.

Bhambore - picnic places in Karachi

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#21 of 30 Popular places in Karachi – Haleji Lake:

Haleji Lake is a stunning and alluring spot to watch and around 52 miles from Karachi. It is, in reality, a heaven for the fowl mates since a large number of feathered creatures move from Siberia in winter. That is the reason close around 222 types of winged creatures like ducks, pigeons, greenish blues, waders, and strokes can be found here.

Haleji Lake - picnic places in Karachi

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#22 of 30 Popular places in Karachi – Frere Hall:

Frere Hall is an old building which was built amid the British guidelines in 1865. It is one of the stunning spots in Pakistan to visit. Really, the Frere lobby was worked to pay the tribute of the British individual sir Henry Bartle Edward Frere because of the very pinnacle of work in the Economic improvement of Karachi.

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#23 of 30 Popular places in Karachi –  Hindu Gymkhana:

Hindu Gymkhana is a memorable and the excellent place for the visitors to visit. It is the wonderful blend of the Mughal and the Hindu Style. The Hindu Gymkhana was built in 1925. Presently the Gymkhana is utilized as a national foundation of performing craftsmanship. This foundation was built up to save and instruct the performing craftsmanship and music picnic places in Karachi.

Hindu Gymkhana - picnic places in Karachi

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#24 of 30 Popular places in Karachi – Safari Park:

This place is situated in Gulshan-e-Iqbal Town. It is a type of the zoo for the children. It is set up .on Main University Road that is covering a region of 300 sections of land. It was set up at a cost of $2 million and become best picnic places in Karachi.

Safari Park - picnic places in Karachi

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#25 of 30 Popular places in Karachi – Nisar Shaheed Park:

This is one of the delightful and thus one of the greatest parks of Karachi. It is arranged close to the place of “High schooler Talwar” Clifton picnic places in Karachi.

Nisar Shaheed Park - picnic places in Karachi

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Especially for Kids:

#26 of 30 Popular places in Karachi – Arena:

An Arena is one of its kind satisfaction places that gives fun and amusement to kids and grown-ups alike. Arranged on primary Karsaz Road, the picnic places in Karachi is stick stuffed at all circumstances, offering an assortment of exercises and sustenance outlets under a solitary rooftop. At Arena, kids can appreciate physical exercises, for example, ice skating, paintball, knocking down some pins, shake moving and also unleash their well-informed side in the gaming zone. With coin-worked rides for more youthful kids, guardians can rest guaranteed that their children, regardless of what age gathering, will get solid measurements of delight at Arena.

Arena - picnic places in Karachi

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#27 of 30 Popular places in Karachi – Sindbad Wonderland:

Sindbad Wonderland offers an extremely temperate wellspring of diversion, fun, and stimulation for offspring of any age. This delight office includes electronic amusements, water rides, a crazy ride, knocking autos and 4D silver screen, all of which are top choices among the children. The expansion of restaurants inside the premises contributes towards making it a definitive place for you and your children’s diversion picnic places in Karachi.

Sindbad Wonderland - picnic places in Karachi

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#28 of 30 Popular places in Karachi – Eat-A-Boo:

Eat-a-Boo is an eatery leisure outlet for children between the ages of 2 to 8. With its agreeable, clean and glowing feel, youngsters get an opportunity to sustain their tummies with flavorful dinners of their decision, play amusements, move to music and watch 3D films. It likewise gives a different zone to celebrate and compose thrilling birthday parties and picnic places in Karachi.

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#29 of 30 Popular places in Karachi – Go Aish:

Go Aish is an experienced resort right nearby Safari Park. This place is for children who adore brave exercises. With required security measures and cutting-edge hardware set up, Go Aish furnishes youngsters with the exciting encounters of divider climbing, quad biking, and paint-balling, which are once in a while found in whatever another amusement picnic places in Karachi.

go aish - picnic places in Karachi

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#30 of 30 Popular places in Karachi – Kidz Club:

Kidz Klub, situated in Clifton Block-4, is an amusement and advancement place for children matured 0 to 10 years. They offer kids the fun recess under supervision. In the event that you have a pressing assignment to do and pondering where to leave your children then kidz club is the best picnic places in Karachi.

kidz club - picnic places in Karachi

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