Facilities provided by PIA - Pakistan International Airlines
Facilities provided by PIA – Pakistan International Airlines

PIA is Pakistan International Airlines. The main Hub of PIA is in Jinnah International Airport Karachi. However, the secondary Hubs for PIA are in Lahore as Allama Iqbal International Airport and New Islamabad International airport in Islamabad. PIA basically connects 50 destinations all around the world. PIA is Pakistan’s first International Airline. Being the first International Airline, it is the most popular one as well. People would usually like to travel through PIA because of its name and facilities. In order to know the kind of facilities provided by PIA, let us read the following description.

#1 of 10 facilities provided by PIA – Utilizing the Training center

The training center is three story building. The building contains air conditioners as well as all the necessary equipment. The area of the building is 52,200 sq ft. The training facilities might include the following:

  • Aircraft Cabin Mockup,
  • Cock-pit Systems Simulators (used in the transition and recurrent training of pilots and other operational crew),
  • Grooming Room,
  • SABRE System (Reservation/Check-in),
  • Laboratories,
  • Library, and
  • Workshops

#2 of 10 facilities provided by PIA – Environment of the Classes

The environment of the class of the training center is up-to-date. Each class is well-equipped and well-furnished. There is proper connection of all necessary aviation items with the system. The teachers who teach the subject are also capable ones. All the classrooms till the third floor certainly have modern and latest training aids. PIA introduced the facility of Computer Based Training (CBT) in 1992. It contains various courses in order to train the crew members.

In CBT, all the air crafts for flight operations training will include. This is a huge step from PTC and a good thinking from their side. The advanced course in Quality Management was also introduced in 1994. PIA training center introduced this course. The world is shifting gears towards computer now. Therefore, it is necessary to cope with the world. In order to do that, PIA has introduced a number of Computer based courses to its members so that each one of the member must be the competitive one.

#3 of 10 facilities provided by PIA – Auditorium for various activities

Auditorium is a place in which various functions take place. PIA is a hub in which a number of national aviation programs usually takes place. The auditorium contains the seating capacity of 150 audiences. The auditorium is fully air-conditioned. Furthermore, it is well-equipped with proper sound system, multimedia and facility of Wi-Fi. The auditorium is constructed on modern designed architectural style.

Auditorium for various activities-Facilities provided by PIA
Auditorium for various activities

Being the central Hub for training the staff of Domestic and International airlines, the auditorium have a lot of modern day equipment. Following activities happen in the auditorium:

  • seminars
  • lectures
  • award ceremonies
  • corporate events

#4 of 10 facilities provided by PIA – Mockup training facility

PCAA (Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority) has approved the facility of Mock Ups in PIA Training Center. This is used in order to do evacuation drills for operator as well as training for third-party. Moreover, Mock Up consists of B777 and A320 cabin training devices and B 777 training evacuation slide. This facility is also used for Aviation First Aid and Security LRBL (Least Risk Bomb Location) trainings.

#5 of 10 facilities provided by PIA – Mini Airport for training

The Hub of PIA comes with a number of facilities. Government give funds for all these facilities thus making PIA one of the world’s best airlines. In order to train its crew and cockpit members, PIA has established a Mini Airport within the range of airport. Moreover, in order to train the newly inducted employees, the trainers uses Mini Airport. These employees are basically of Passenger Services Division. In this way, the fresh trainees will feel the pleasure of job at an airport. After going through class room trainings, the teaching of scenarios and case studies at mini airport regarding the following things:

  • Piece & Weight Concepts of Free Baggage Allowance
  • Check in Systems
  • Customer Services
  • Dangerous Goods Regulations
  • Excess Baggage Ticket (EBT)
Mini Airport for training
Mini Airport for training

Besides all that, Mini Airport provides hands on training to the freshly inducted employees. This will help them a lot professionally before they enter into live system.

#6 of 10 facilities provided by PIA – PCCA approved rooms and facilitation center

PTC have a total of 55 classes. Each of the classes are well-equipped as well as air-conditioned. However out of these 55 classes only 23 got approval from PCAA (with the capacity of 24 and 28, for Type and Basic engineering courses). This approval make PIA one of the best learning centers for aviation students from national as well as International level. There are computers, multimedia projectors and all required training aids in all the classrooms. All rooms have air conditioners in them. A comfortable environment for all the trainees.

#7 of 10 facilities provided by PIA – PTC Information Resource Center (IRC)

PTC is basically PIA Training Center. PTC offers a number of other Resource Service Center. The library of PTC Information Resource Centre plays a vital role in giving information on the courses related to Aviation. The classes are at PIA Training Center. The courses held in PTC are as per requirement of any Aviation Industry. Now-a-days, it has certainly become vital for all the educational institutes to have fully equipped classrooms. There are high tech computers in the resource room. The facility of wi-fi is also there in resource room. Both trainees and instructors can avail benefit from these services.

#8 of 10 facilities provided by PIA – Benefits involve in IRC Library

The accommodation capacity for holding students in IRC (Library) is almost 25 students. It is for individual as well as group study. It provides its readers over 5000 books. These books are based on both technical and non-technical literature. Instructors will have these books. The courses might include the following related books:

  • engineering change orders,
  • technical notices,
  • service bulletins,
  • service letter,
  • evaluation notices,
  • PCAA literature,
  • services information bulletins,
  • maintenance manuals,
  • amendments of overall manuals,
  • ICAO & IATA literature and
  • amendments of all manuals of aircrafts

Furthermore, PIA have received the latest Boeing 777 A/C, 320 A/C & ATR A/C Literature as well. In order to complement, IRC has an online access to local and international magazines as well as journals.

#9 of 10 facilities provided by PIA – Hygienic and clean Cafeteria

The cafeteria of PTC is fully air conditioned. It has the capacity to accommodate approximately 150 persons. It provides facilities of clean food, coffee and tea to both the passengers and the crew members. PTC cafeteria is one of the world’s best airport cafeteria. It is used for official lunch as well as refreshment. It is furnished with fine dining facilities. The arrangement and design of the furniture for dining is specifically for professional diners. It also provides quality food and refreshments for employees, trainees and visitors at reasonable rates.

Hygienic and clean Cafeteria
Hygienic and clean Cafeteria

#10 of 10 facilities provided by PIA – Physical Fitness or Gym

Physical fitness now-a-days is of great importance. If the pilot or any member of the crew is not fit or healthy then it will have a negative impact on the outside world. PTC has a Physiology Lab. In this lab, all PIA employees will get physiological guidance. As working inside the plane that is flying in the needs to maintain balance, therefore keeping the balance and the posture is very important. These activities can be done with the help of posture balancing equipment which is installed on the 2nd floor of PTC for the use of all employees of PIA.

It is important to keep the co-ordination between body and mind. The objective of this lab is to provide guidance. The guidance from the trainers will enhance the alacrity. It will also help to improve the ability to express one self and to coordinate functions of body and mind. In order to bring about the awareness is to achieve a high level of unity of mind and body in a disciplined environment. The major aim of PTC is to achieve a high level serene attitude towards life leading to higher productivity, most notably in our profession.

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