Tokyo, Japan’s busy capital, mixes the ultramodern and the traditional, from neon-lit skyscrapers to historic temples.  Want to know about the cost of living in Tokyo (Japan), See the table below.

Cost of Living in Tokyo (Japan) is given below in detail:

Expenses TypeCost (Local Currency)
Lunch One Person (including a drink) in the business district¥1,113
Fast Food Combo Meal at Restaurant (Big Mac Meal or similar)Â¥890
500 grams (1/2 kg) of boneless chicken breast¥575
1 liter of whole fat milk¥215
1 dozen (12) Large eggs¥302
1 kilogram of tomatoes (2 lbs)Â¥593
0.5 kg (500 grams) local cheese¥1,020
1 kg of apples (2 lb.) Â¥915
1 kg of potatoes (2 lb.)Â¥410
0.5 litre domestic beer at a supermarket (16 oz)Â¥272
1 bottle of good quality red table wine¥2,155
2 liters of Soft Drink (Coca-Cola)Â¥233
2 people meal (Bread only)Â¥210
Monthly rent of a 900 Sqft furnished accommodation in Posh area¥396,520
Monthly rent of a 900 Sqft furnished accommodation in Average area¥249,547
 2 people Household Utilities for 1 month (heating, electricity, gas) for 914 sq. ft. apartmentÂ¥22,907
Monthly rent of a 480 Sqft furnished studio in Posh or Expensive area¥282,773
Monthly rent of a 480 Sqft furnished studio in Average area¥168,361
1 person Household Utilities for 1 month (heating, electricity, gas) for (480 Sqft) studio¥12,116
1 month Internet Connection (8 mbps¥4,197
40 inch flat-screen TV Â¥61,005
Microwave 800 to 900 Watt made by Bosch, LG, or similar brands¥16,931
Laundry detergent (3 litres~ or 100 oz.)Â¥733
Cleaning hourly rate¥2,213
1 jeans pair from Levis or similar brand¥7,874
Single warm weather dress at Top brand like Zara, H&M or similar¥3,941
Single pair of shoes for sports like Nike, Adidas, or similar brands¥8,901
Single pair of men’s leather formal shoesÂ¥16,161
1.4 cc base vehicle price (Volkswagen Golf)Â¥3,382,880
1 liter 0.25 gallon) of gas/fuel¥152
Public transport monthly ticket Â¥12,153
Business day taxi usage, 8 km. i.e. 5 miles¥3,024
 6 days cold treatment medicine like Tylenol, Coldrex, or similar brandsÂ¥1,177
Antibiotics Box (12 doses)Â¥1,271
Private Doctor Visit (15 minutes)Â¥5,501
32 tampons (1 Box)Â¥970
Deodorant or roll-on  (50ml ~ 1.5 oz.)Â¥599
Hair shampoo & conditioner(400 ml ~ 12 oz.)Â¥503
Toilet paper 4 rolls¥166
Toothpaste tube¥203
Men’s haircut at the VIP areaÂ¥3,659
Average dinner for two at a pub¥4,993
2 movie tickets¥3,338
2 tickets to best seats at a theater¥10,513
Dinner for two people at an Italian restaurant in the the VIP area including appetizer, main course, wine and dessert¥10,276
One cocktail drink at a downtown club¥1,259
Coffee (Cappuccino) in the VIP area of the city¥506
1 beer at a neighbourhood pub (500ml)Â¥582
128GB iPad with supported Wi-Fi Â¥50,846
1 minute of prepaid mobile tariff (no discounts included)Â¥38
1 month of  business district gym membershipÂ¥9,693
1 pack of cigarettes (Marlboro)Â¥468