Air Based – Bungee Jump

Bungee Jumping

is one of top things to do if you are not afraid of heights because it involves jumping from a high spot at the same time connected to an ample elastic cord. The high structure is normally a fixed thing like a building, a bridge or crane anyhow it is besides possible to leap from a movable machine or object for example a hot-air-balloon or helicopter, that has the plenty of rope to go with the tide above the ground. The eagerness come from the free-falling and the rebound. When the human jumps, the elastic rope stretches and the jumper flies upwards further as the elastic rope recoils, and continues to go up and down and all over and keeps going until the force stops. At the end they pull you back safely.
Normally, the bungee jump is done on water surface so you touch it and it also helps the newbies gather some confidence because (Look there is water beneath! You wont Die!) effect. Bungee jumping is definitely one of the best things to do which is not even that expensive. It is probably a Cad 100 or Usd 75 $ in North America.

Credits: devinsupertramp

Reverse bungee jump

In “Catapult” (Reverse Bungee Jump or Bungee Rocket) the ‘jumper’ take up the ground. The jumper is secured and the elastic rope is stretched, previously released and sporting the jumper up facing the air. This is regular achieved via as a choice a crane or a stretch attached to a (semi-) permanent structure. This simplifies the process of stretching the cable and late lowering the contractor to the ground.


“Bungy Trampoline” uses, as its made up one mind suggests, syllabary from bungy and trampolining. The plaintiff begins on a trampoline and is fitted facing a biggest slice of the cake harness, which is attached by bungy cords to two steep poles on either side of the trampoline. The bungy cords are tightened, allowing a higher dash than could normally be obligated from a trampoline alone.


“Bungee Running” involves no bias crime as such. It merely consists of, as the name suggests, running from head to foot-side and bring up the rear (often inflatable) mutually a bungee elastic rope attached. One periodic has a Velcro-backed ball point that marks how easily the wall to wall carpeting got already the bungee cable pulled back. This thing can from day-to-day be hung at fairs and carnivals and is often practically popular by the whole of children.


Bungee censure off a ramp. Two rubber cords – the “bungee” – are tied during the participant’s heart to a harness. Those bungee cords are of the same opinion to elate cables overall which they can drag due to dismissed pulleys. The participants bicycle, sled or ski earlier jumping.

SCAD Diving

SCAD diving (Suspended Catch Air Device) is evocative to bungee attack in that the plaintiff is discarded from a pitch, anyhow in this amendment there is no cord; rather the participant casual falls directed toward a net

scad diving
Scad Diving. Credits: Anonymous
bungee jump man
bungee jump. Credits: Carla Lane